March 10, 2011

This video you may have to cut and paste. A couple of guys went through the Cabot Trail on, apparently, March 6, 2011, and took this two minute video of the amount of snow.

Even though I had taken a bit of time off from writing, I and a friend, Gary, took a three-day trip around the Cabot Trail in September, 2010. Granted, it hadn’t started to snow yet, thank god, otherwise, this is what we would have faced.

It seems that Canada, at least in Ontario and Nova Scotia (and likely all points in between) have had a rather crazy winter this year. Every time I get on Facebook these days, there’s another message from someone about the snow. Many of my friends and relatives on Facebook have posted various photos of the snowfalls this year. And people wonder why I’m happy in Taiwan!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am Canadian. Winter and snow go together as much as summer and sunshine. In an area such as southern Ontario, the one thing I did appreciate is that we truly did have four seasons. Unlike Taiwan, where it seems there’s only two seasons, growing up I do remember the differences between the four seasons.

I suppose, had I grown up here in Taiwan, my perception of the four seasons would have been different. The children in my classes seem to be able to distinguish the seasons, where I can’t. To me, it’s either cool and cloudy, or sunny and hot. You wake up one day, and it’s time to turn on the air conditioner. Then, it seems like it’s time to put the thick comforter on the bed. No changing leaves… no harvesting apples… cool and cloudy, or sunny and hot.

Plinky’s question: Name an author you’d like to have lunch with.

Well, since there really are only two authors I consider my favourites, they are Stephen King and Charles Dickens.

From as far back as I can remember, Stephen King was always a favourite of mine. Unbeknownst to me (now I sound like Dickens!!), my mother and brother were also avid readers of his works.

I can’t remember exactly which book I read first, but over the years, or at least, up until I left for Taiwan, I have read all his books, or as many as I could get my hands on.

I have seen a couple of the movies that were created from his books (Carrie and Cujo). There may have been a couple of other movies, but those two stick out in my mind. Why? I believe that the mind is a better thing than movies. I love to watch movies, but, movies made from books, just don’t have the same, um, feel to them.

When I read a book, my mind forms images of the people, the surroundings, as most of us [hopefully] do. In novels, where there are no ‘pictures’, such as the “Thomas Covenant” series, I still, to this day, have images of what Saltheart Foamfollower, Mhoram, and Thomas Covenant look like.

What would I want to ask him? Good question. I think I’d rather just have lunch with a favourite author. As I am not an author myself, nor any aspirations at this point of being an author, I don’t think it would be appropriate to ‘pick his brains’ about how he became and author, why he decided to do this work, what prompted him to write [story]… I’m sure he’s had enough people over the years ask him these questions.

About the only real request I would have of him, would be to sign a copy of one my favourite books of his, It. Then, have a couple of tequila shooters, and find out what city, Derry, Maine is based on!

As for Charles Dickens, since he passed away quite a while ago, it would be difficult to have lunch with him now. However, if there was a way to resurrect him, I think I would rather go back to HIS time, and have lunch.

Reading the various stories of Charles Dickens, has given me the image of what England must have been like in the mid-1800s. I think my lunch with him, would be more of an afternoon walkabout or a day travelling around with him. For this guy, I’d like to see what he looked at, where he went, to inspire him to write stories like, “A Christmas Carol” and “David Copperfield“.

I’d like to see if England in the mid-1800s was as he described it. At one point in all our lives, we’ve seen a movie (other than “A Christmas Carol“) that shows England during these times. I guess, I just find it surreal, until I can see it for myself.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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