March 3, 2011

Well, I am trying to keep my sanity about me.

Things are starting to get a bit out of control, but, like the professional I’d like to believe I am, I am keeping my personal life, classes, and business dealings separate. I can’t allow my dealings with my employers, interfere with my classes. I can’t allow my personal life to interfere with my business dealings. Personal life… that’s hilarious!

My personal life consists of cleaning house, doing laundry, eating, and lesson planning. Yay.

I’ve also decided that, for now, and this may get some people wanting more (which is good, I suppose), I can’t go into what is happening with my business dealings. Once things calm down, no matter what decision I decide to go with, then perhaps I can share.

SO, what to write about. Hahaha.… “If your pet could talk, what would it say about you?”

Good question. I suppose, it would depend on which pet!

You all know that I have six cats, so, perhaps I could start with Gabriel.

“Thank you for rescuing me that rainy, cold night a few years ago. You’ve always made sure that I had food, kept the litter box clean, and let me sleep with you. It was a bit lonely for a while until the other two (Simba and Eloise) came into the house. When you were away teaching, I had someone to play with. We were a good family. You raised me from a kitten, into the handsome cat I am now.”


“I realize that when I first came to your home, you didn’t really want me. I know, I know. It’s not that you didn’t want me per se, but that you didn’t realize that I was a gift to you. You already had Gabriel, and didn’t want another cat. However, over time, you’ve accepted me as part of the family. Gabriel and I got along very well. Had I stayed where I was, I would have been relegated to a life in prison. I would have been in that cage forever. Although you did have me ‘fixed’, I think that it has actually kept me young and active. You also seem to have a never-ending supply of food for us. I might be a bit overweight, but then again, who isn’t, right?”


“When I was brought in to that vet so many years ago, I thought for sure, that was it for me. I was very sick, had been living on the streets, and wasn’t very old. I remember you asking the vet what was going to be my fate. I also remember your reaction, and was a bit apprehensive when you decided to adopt me. However, you gave me a safe haven. You made sure that I grew up healthy and strong. Sure, I’ve done a few crazy things over the years, but you still love me. For that reason, I will always be your ‘body guard’! I’m a bit sad that you don’t allow me outside anymore, but I suppose I had that coming. I must apologize for my feelings toward Arabela, but she is a crazy cat. That doesn’t change the love I have for you.”


“When my sister, Cornelia, suggested that we get inside that scooter a long time ago, we just wanted to go on an adventure. We had no idea that we would be living with such a decent human. I’d like to go into the story of how we were living, but that really is unimportant. What is important, is that I have a great life in your home. You protect us, keep us out of harms way, and allow us to go anywhere and do anything we like. Yes, my sister and I are still kids, and at times, I have to fight for my place in this home with Eloise. She really is a good cat. She was like a mother to us when we were young, but now, we have to share you with her. I think she gets a bit jealous when I sit on your lap. However, I really like the evenings, when we all get to sleep together on the bed. I feel very comfortable, and at peace. Thanks for deciding to let us live with you.”


“Like my sister, Arabela, I want to say thanks. Thanks for the home. Thanks for adopting us. Thanks for making sure we are safe. Thanks for the love. Thanks for the food. I know I’m not most easy cat to get along with. I have to fight with the others sometimes, to get a few minutes of your time. You always seem to give each of us a bit of your time and love. I also know that you are a bit ticked with me because I don’t like dry food. I like the moist food. It is soooo yummy! Oh, and I should say, that in the mornings, when I crawl all over you, it’s not really that I want food. It’s that I want to make sure you are up – but breakfast time is a good motivation to keep you awake! I really do love you, though!”


“I really, really love you. A few years ago, when I was put into a box, and taken somewhere, the next time the box was opened, I saw your face. I was scared. I didn’t know what was happening. All I knew was that you weren’t my mom. You picked me up so gently, and held me close and safe to you. I remember you talking, although I wasn’t really listening. Later, I could feel the box moving. The next thing, the box was opened again, and I was in your home. You protected me from the other cats that were around. I was so scared. I didn’t know who these other cats were. I had never seen them before. They were big, and they were all looking at me. You held me, and kept me safe. Over the years though, I have learned how to get along with everyone. They all seem to like me as well. But, my heart belongs to you. I don’t know what would have happened at that other place. All I know, is that you always have time for me. I really enjoy sitting on your lap. You always give me kisses. Then again, I do the same with you. You always talk to me. I may not understand you, nor you I, but I think we have a deeper understanding. I get the feeling that I am your favourite. You’ve mentioned about how much I remind you of another cat you used to have – Mhoram is it? I’ve seen the picture, and that cat does look similar. I don’t really know how to say it, but I really do love you. You have shown so much love to me. I hope we are together for a long time.”

Okay, so this is what I imagine they would say. A bit gushy, but, I could also say the same back to each and every one of these cats. At times, it’s like having kids running around. They all have their own personalities, their likes and dislikes, and yet, I wouldn’t give up any of them, for anything. I kind of dread the day when I have to give them up for one reason or another. I don’t dwell on that future date.

Each of them has brought something into my life. Each of them loves me in their own way, and yet, I try to give each of them their own time with me. Every day, they all get at least one kiss and hug from me, to show them that they all are equal in my eyes.

I try my best to make sure they have a comfortable, good life. I try my best to make sure they all realize that I love them all. At times, I think they feel that I am just one of them.

Gabriel, Simba, Eloise, Arabela, Cornelia, and Ignatius. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for the love and the good times. You all will be with me forever! Long life and happiness to you all!


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