March 1, 2011

Time flies…

Here we are in March already. The third month of the year. Coincidentally, also the month of my birth. This year is my [mumble mumble-th] birthday. Most people would say this is mid-life, however, I’m hoping MY mid-life will be when I turn 100!

Birthdays… who really likes birthdays, anyway? All it really is, is a reminder that one is getting older. As kids, we enjoy our birthdays. A birthday party with our friends. A birthday cake with ice cream. Games, presents, everyone paying attention to us. I don’t care if that sounds egotistical, but it IS true. As we get a bit older, birthdays become times to celebrate with friends, enjoy an alcoholic beverage, presents, and everyone paying attention to us. Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern here…

However, there comes a point when birthdays become tedious, monotonous, and well, who really wants to be reminded that they’re now in a different box on questionnaires. Instead of being 20-29, we are now 30-39. This will be the final year I can check 40-[mumble mumble]! Hahah…

In Taiwan, however, due their celebration of birthdays, I now enter that next check box.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I actually don’t mind getting older. In fact, as I age, life changes. Okay, so I don’t get presents anymore. Who cares. Only my closest of friends know exactly when my birthday is. I may talk about my birthdate over the course of the year, but when the time approaches, I tend not to talk about it.

The best part of birthdays for me now is, the little surprises. The times when people I least expect, give me a gift or surprise me with a birthday cake. Okay, it is still fun to have all the attention. Call it egotistical, but everyone enjoys when others are fussing over you!

For me, and this may sound a bit vain, but who cares, I don’t feel my age. Oh sure, there are times when it dawns on me exactly how old I am, like when I’m sitting on the floor (uncomfortably, I might add) with my little kindergarteners. At class end, they all jump up, and run around, and I have to struggle a bit to get the cramping out, and the tingly feeling out of my legs before I can walk anywhere!

A couple of years ago, I saw a program on the Learning Channel or Discovery or one of these channels, about the average human life. They talked about the ‘footprints’ we leave during our lifetime – the amount of clothes we will go through, the number of vehicles we will own, the numbers of people we will encounter, etc. Another program along that line, which was for me, just as interesting, talked about what our bodies go through in our lives.

The facts that certain parts of our bodies change as we progress in age. For instance, blood cells are constantly replaced on a daily basis. Skin cells are constantly being replaced. Our hair constantly grows, thus the need for haircuts. But more interesting, was that things we don’t really think about, such as bone cells, are also replaced constantly. Unlike blood, where it is replaced on a daily basis, bone cells take longer.

Anyway, the point that this show was showing us, was that on average, it takes 7 years for our bodies to completely replace itself. SO, at the age of 7, we can say that we are a new person. At 14, 21, etc., etc.

Okay, so I’ll be 7 this year. Hahah… now I know why the older we get, we start putting fewer and fewer candles on the birthday cake. Think about it… when we turn 5 (for instance), placing five candles on a cake is no big deal. However, putting 40 candles on a cake, is quite literally, a fire hazard!

My whole point is that, even though I am getting older, I personally rejoice in the fact that, although I may chronologically be [mumble mumble], I only feel 35, and at some times, act 25!

When I look in the mirror, depending on the time of day, I feel I look my age, but thankfully, for the most part of the day, I don’t think so. I think I look younger. I feel younger. I act younger.

So what is age anyway? Just a number. I don’t think that your age has anything to do with you! As the saying goes, “… you are only as old (or young) as you feel…” Well, I have known people who are chronologically younger than myself, who, on the outside, look a hell of a lot older – and act that way as well. Then again, I have known others who are chronologically older, who don’t look nor act their chronological age. These are the people I admire.

For anyone who has watched Golden Girls or Hot In Cleveland, can attest to the fact that Betty White is a living example of how one can age, as we say, gracefully. If her real life is anything as fun as her television characters, then I think she will live a long life. George Burns did it!

My only wish for this year’s birthday, is that I will continue to be as healthy and youthful as I am today. I feel that a lot of my youthfulness is due to the fact that I enjoy what I do, I take time for myself, and (sorry parents everywhere), I don’t have children. I think I’d be a great parent, but I am glad I’m not. Kids are great, and they are an important part of the cycle of life, but six cats are enough.

Enjoy your life. Do what makes you happy. Make your own decisions and don’t let others tell you what to do. Don’t worry about getting older. It is a fact of life, and there is really nothing you can do about it… it happens. Live each moment as if it is your first… not your last! Believe in tomorrow, and look forward to tomorrow. Make those future plans. Never say how ‘old’ you are… say how ‘young’ you are!

You are only as young as you feel!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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One response to “March 1, 2011

  1. Pat

    Make each birthday a celebration…of things accomplished, new friends, awesome cousins. GOOD health. I plan to really love my birthday this year. Missed your blog..glad you are back

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