February 28, 2011

First off, a short video for your viewing pleasure. You may have to cut and paste it to your browser… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE_USPTmYXM&feature=player_embedded

Today, being a day off for Peace Memorial Day in Taiwan, was another of those damn ‘house-cleaning and laundry’ days. You know, once I get into the ‘mode’ of doing these mundane chores, I keep going. Five loads of laundry later, and sweeping floors 4 and 3, emptying and cleaning and refilling the cat boxes, AND cleaning out their food bowls (all NINE of them), I finally had time to relax and do some computer work.

Yeah, right!

Computer work. First off, all my lessons plans were finished over the weekend. All my photocopying for now is up-to-date, and all my extraneous work for future classes is all caught up. I had to sit and wonder – how the hell did all that happen over this weekend? I guess I really don’t have that much of a life.


First thing, put up the pop-up screen for Golden Girls, and then do some Facebook stuff. Once all the games were caught up, and I was out of energy in CityVille, time to do a bit of websurfing – see what is interesting elsewhere in the world.

I looked over my stats on wordpress.com to see how things were going. I must have a hit a chord this weekend with my readers. The first thing I noticed was that I had received about 20 hits on my blogs. Little wonder, I suppose. I did a lot of writing today and yesterday. Some of the stuff I wrote about probably got the phones warmed up in Canada, considering there was a lot of snow this past week – at least, that’s what I have read!

I also noticed that I got some hits from some very obscure links. One was from something called ‘blogsurfer.us’. Okay, so let’s see what that is all about.

After looking over the site for a bit, I decided to register my blog. WOW! Cool site. Towards the end of the day, my stats showed that almost 40 more readers had looked at my blog!

I have tried in the past to register on other sites similar to this – where they will promote your blog. I’ve noticed that unless you write about that Beiber character or Lady Gag-Gag, that the blog basically gets lost, or no one is interested. Okay, so I’m not a little kid, and I’m not into “Madonna-wannabes”, not that I was that much of a Madonna fan anyway.

However, this particular blog promotion site is incredible. So, you will notice, off to the right side of the display, there is a link to ‘Blogsurfer.us”. If you so desire, and personally, I would not object to anyone doing this, tap the spot that says, “Move this blog to #1”! Hahaha… It won’t actually move it there, but it will move my blog to the upper level.

I don’t expect that I will become as popular as people droning on about Justin Beiber or Lady Gag-Gag, but I will enjoy seeing the numbers increase. Perhaps it will keep up my desire to continue writing.

So, what else can I say about today. Not a heck of a lot. Nothing interesting really happened. It was a rather blah day. The sun was shining, the cats were quiet, laundry got done, floors swept, and that’s about it. Other than seeing the link provided above about the space shuttle, today may as well have been a regular Sunday… wait, today is Monday!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!



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2 responses to “February 28, 2011

  1. Sandra Livingston

    I clicked for u and it showed you on #2 on the blog roll, curious to see how long it stays there!!
    Good Work William!!
    You Are Famous (for a little bit anyways).

  2. very good content that allows me to see something more thanks to you and your website is very informative with content up to my expectation.

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