February 17, 2011

You know, sometimes Plinky.com comes up with some very thought-provoking questions, and other times, downright silly.

A question I came across this time was, “What superhero would you want to be rescued by?” Now, what do you think? Thought-provoking or silly?

According to Wikipedia.org, a superhero is: “…a type of stock character possessing “extraordinary or superhuman powers” and dedicated to protecting the public…” The reference also states a couple of history facts which I was unaware. The word itself dates back to its first usage in 1917, and yet the first ‘prototypical’ superhero, Superman, debuted in 1938.

I’m sure that everyone has their own ‘superhero’ in their life. Whether it be a cartoon character from our childhood, or perhaps a real person in our day-to-life. So, perhaps the definition of a superhero has changed since 1938. To me, a superhero is someone would be someone who is a friend, willing to listen to you, share your life and experiences, and above all, non-judgmental. A person who laughs with you, supports you, is a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough, and is willing to accept you for who you are.

Well, that’s my opinion.

Doing a bit of further research, I was kind of curious just how many ‘superheroes’ there have been since 1938. We all know the ‘basic’ superheroes: Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc. To my EXTREME surprise, the list is a hell of lot larger than I could have guessed. Some links have the list of superheroes broken down by men, women, comic books… the list was incredible. So, after a bit of reformatting, below is one particular list I found of superheroes. Many of them, I personally, have never heard of. I suppose some are from other countries as well. So, for one of the longest blogs I’ve ever published, here is the list I have.

3-D Man, 8-Ball, Aardwolf, A-Bomb, Abominable Snowman, Abomination, Abominatrix, Abraxas, Absalom, Absorbing Man, Abyss, Access, Achebe, Achelous, Achilles, Acrobat, Adam II, Adam X, Adaptoid, Administrator, Adonis, Adrenazon, Adversary, Advisor, Aegis, Aegis, Aero, Jamal Afari, Aftershock, Agamemnon, Agamotto, Aged Genghis, Agent, Agent Axis, Agent Cheesecake, Agent X, Agent Zero, Aggamon, Aginar, Agon, Agony, Agron, Aguja, Ahab, Ahura, Airborne, Aireo, Air-Walker, Ajak, Ajax, Ajaxis, Akasha, Akhenaten, Alaris, A’lars, Albert, Albino, Albion, Alchemy, Alcmena, Aldebron, Alex, Caleb Alexander, Carrie Alexander, Algrim the Strong, Abdul Alhazred, Alibar, Alkhema, All-American, Liz Allan, Allatou, Avery Allen, Alpha the Ultimate Mutant, Marlene Alraune, Theodore Altman, Amalgam, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Amazon, Amergin, American Ace, American Dream, American Eagle, American Samurai, Americop, Ameridroid, Aminedi, Ammo, Amon Ra, Amphibian, Amphibion, Amphibius, Amun, Anaconda, Anais, Analyzer, Anarchist, Ancient One, Andromeda, Anelle, Angar the Screamer, Angel, Angel Dust, Dirk Anger, Angler, Ani-Mator, Animus, Annalee, Annex, Annihilus, Anole, Anomalito, Anomaloco, Answer, Anteus, Anthem, Anthony Serba, Anti-Cap, Anti-Venom, Ant-Man, Antro, Anubis, Anvil, Anything, Apache Kid, Ape, Ape-Man, Ape-X, Aphrodite, Apocalypse, Apocryphus, Apollo, Aquarian, Aquarius, Aqueduct, Aquilla, Arabian Knight, Arachne, Aragorn, Araki, Aralune, Araña, Carlos Araújo Carvalho, Ralph Arbunkle, Arcade, Arcanna, Archangel, Archer, Architect, Arclight, Ares, Argo the Almighty, Arides, Ariel, Aries, Arishem the Judge, Arizona Annie, Arkin the Weak, Arkon, Arlok, Armadillo, Armageddon, Armor, Armory, Arnim Zola, Aron the Renegade Watcher, Arsenal, Arsenic, Artemis, Artie, Ashema the Listener, Mike Asher, Askani’son, Asmodeus, Asp, Astra, Vance Astro, Astron, Astronomer, Vance Astrovik, Asylum, Atalanta, Atalon, Athena, Atlas, Atom Bob, Atom-Smasher, Att-Lass, Attuma, Atum, Aunt May Parker, Auntie Freeze, Auric, Aurora, Autolycus, Avalanche, Avarrish, Avatar, Avona, Awesome Android, Azazel, Baal, Gailyn Bailey, Joey Bailey, Paul Bailey, Sunset Bain, William Baker, Balder, Robbie Baldwin, Balthakk, Balor, Bandit, Bantam, Betty Ross Banner, Robert Bruce Banner, Banshee, Baphomet, Barbarus, Barnacle, Baron Blood, Baron Brimstone, Baron Macabre, Baron Mordo, Baron Samedi, Baron Strucker, Baron Zemo, Baroness Blood, Barracuda, Clint Barton, Base, Basilisk, Bast, Bastion, Ruth Bat-Seraph, Batragon, Batroc the Leaper, Battering Ram, Battlestar, Battleaxe, Battletide, Batman, Robin, Batwing, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, Beast, Beautiful Dreamer, Benny Beckley, Bedlam, Bedlam II, Jerome Beechman, Beetle, Beetle II, Behemoth, Bela, Belasco, Bella Donna, Belathauzer, Morris Bench, Bengal, Bereet, Berzerker, Bes, Beta Ray Bill, Bevatron, Beyonder, Bi-Beast, Bible John, Big Bertha, Big Daddy, Big Man, Big Wheel, Bill Foster, Binary, Bird-Brain, Bird-Man, Douglas Birely, Bishop, Kate Bishop, Bison, Bizarnage, Blackbird, Carmilla Black, Black Bolt, Black Box, Black Cat, Black Crow, Black Death, Black Dragon, Black Fox, Black Goliath, Blackheart, Blackheath, Black Jack Tarr, Black King, Black Knight, Blacklash, Black Lama, Black Mamba, Black Marvel, Blackout, Black Panther, Black Queen, Black Talon, Black Tarantula, Black Tom Cassidy, Black Widow, Blackwing, Blackwulf, Blade, Allison Blaire, The Blank, Blaquesmith, Brass, Blastaar, Blaze, Johnny Blaze, Siena Blaze, Blazing Skull, Sally Blevins, Blind Faith, Blind Justice, Blindside, Blindspot, Bling, Blink, Blip, Blistik, Blitziana, Blitzkrieger, Baron Von Blitschlag, Blizzard, Blizzard II, Blob, Blockbuster, Bloke, Blonde Phantom, Emil Blonsky, Blood Brothers, Blood Rose, Blood Spider, Bloodaxe, Bloodhawk, Bloodlust, Bloodlust II, Bloodscream, Bloodshed, Bloodsport, Elsa Bloodstone, Ulysses Bloodstone, Bloodstorm, Bloodtide, Bloodwraith, Astrid Bloom, Blowhard, Blue Bullet, Blue Marvel, Blue Diamond, Blue Shield, Blue Streak, Blur, Agent Bob, Bob Diamond, Bobster, Elias Bogan, Bogeyman, Tito Bohusk, Bombshell, Boneyard, Alexander Bont, Boobytrap, Book, Boomer, Boom Boom, Boom Boy, Boomerang, Boomslang, Boost, Bora, Bounty, Bounty Hunter, Bova, Box, Box IV, Brian Braddock, Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, Jamie Braddock, Meggan Braddock, Isaiah Bradley, Brain Cell, Brain-Child, Brain Drain, Brainchild, Abigail Brand, Betty Brant, Brass, Bres, George Washington Bridge, Brigade, Briquette, Eddie Brock, Brother Nature, Brother Tode, Brother Voodoo, Brothers Grimm, Abe Brown, Bruiser, Brunnhilda, Brutacus, Brute I, Brute II, Brute III, Brynocki, Edward “Ned” Buckman, Bucky, Bucky III, Bug, Bullet, Bullseye, Bulldozer, Burner, Burstarr, Bushman, Bushmaster, Butterball, Buzz, Buzzard, Byrrah, Bethany Cabe, Caber, Cable, Cadaver, Luke Cage, Caiera Caiman, Cagliostro, Cain, Caliban, Callisto, Godfrey Calthrop, Calypso, Heather Cameron, Canasta, Cancer, Candra, David Cannon, Cannonball, Cannonball I, Cap ‘N Hawk, Caprice, Capricorn, Captain Atlas, Captain America, Captain Barracuda, Captain Britain, Captain Fate, Captain Germany, Captain Marvel, Captain Omen, Captain Savage, Captain Ultra, Captain UK, Captain Universe, Captain Wings, Captain Zero, Caregiver, Caretaker, Cardiac, Jake Cardigan, Cardinal, Carnage, Carnivore, Carolyn Parmenter, Guido Carosella, Carrion, Joe Cartelli, Peggy Carter, Sharon Carter, Cassandra Nova, Sean Cassidy, Theresa Cassidy, Tom Cassidy, Cassiopea, Frank Castle, Cat, Cat-Man, Catiana, Cayman, Cecilia Reyes, Celestial Madonna, Centennial, Centurion, Centurious, Centurius, Turner Century, Cerberus, Cerebra, Cerise, Cethlann, Ch’od, Chaka, Challenger, Chamber, Chameleon, Champion of the Universe, Chance, Changeling, Chaos, Charcoal, Charlie-27, Charles Xavier, Charon, Cheetah, Chemistro, Lila Cheney, Chet, Chi Demon, Chief Examiner, Chimera, Isaac Christians, Choice, Chondu the Mystic, Chrome, Chronos, Chthon, Chtylok, Citizen V, Clea, Clearcut, Clive, Cloak, Cloud 9, Cloud, Clown, Coach, Coachwhip, Cobalt Man, Cobra, Cody Mushumanski Gun Man, Coldblood, Coldfire, Cold War, Kasper Cole, Colonel America, Collective Man, Collector, Colleen Wing, Rusty Collins, Colonel, Colossus, Comet, Comet Man, Commander Kraken, Commando, Conan the Barbarian, Condor, Curtis Connors, Conquer Lord, Conquest, Conquistador, Constrictor, Contemplator, Contessa, Contrary, Controller, Valerie Cooper, Copperhead, Copycat, Coral, Adrian Corbo, Jared Corbo, Cordelia Frost, Abraham Cornelius, Corona, Corruptor, Corsair, Tom Corsi, Fabian Cortez, Cottonmouth, Courier, Count Abyss, Count Nefaria, Cowgirl, Crazy Eight, Graydon Creed, Cuchulain, Victor Creed, Carl “Crusher” Creel, Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Chrichton, Kenneth Chrichton, Crime-Buster, Crimebuster, Crime Master, Crimson, Crimson and the Raven, Crimson Cavalier, Crimson Commando, Crimson Cowl, Crimson Craig, Crimson Daffodil, Crimson Dynamo, Crimson Dynamo V, Crippler, Crooked Man, Crossbones, Crossfire, Crown, Crucible, Crusader, Crusher, Crystal, Cutthroat, Cybele, Cybelle, Cyber, Cyborg X, Cyclone, Cyclops, Cypher, Derrick Slegers Speed, D’Ken, D’Spayre, Robert da Costa, Dagger, Dakimh the Enchanter, Damballah, Margo Damian, Damon Dran, Lorna Dane, Danielle Moonstar, Dansen Macabre, Danvers Carol, Daredevil, Dark Angel, Dark Beast, Dark-Crawler, Dark Phoenix, Darkstar, Darkdevil, Darkhawk, Darkoth, Leila Davis, Tex Dawson, Wilbur Day, Daytripper, Dazzler, Dead Girl, Deadhead, Deadly Ernest, Deadpool, Laura Dean, Death, Death Adder, Death’s Head I, Death’s Head II, Death’s-Head, Deathbird, Deathlok, Deathwatch, Death-Stalker, Deathurge, Decay, Decay II, Defensor, Valentina Allegra De La Fontaine, Delilah, Delphi, Delphine Courtney, Dementia, Demiurge, Demogoblin, Demogorge the God-Eater, Demolition Man, Destiny I, Destiny, The Destroyer, Destroyer, Destroyer of Demons, Devastator, Devil Dinosaur, Devil-Slayer, Devos the Devastator, Jean DeWolff, Diablo, Diamanda Nero, Diamond Lil, Diamondback, Diamondhead, Digitek, Maxwell Dillon, Dionysus, Dirtnap, Discus, Dittomaster, DJ, D-Man, Dmitri Bukharin, Doc Samson, Doctor Arthur Nagan, Doctor Bong, Doctor Demonicus, Doctor Doom, Doctor Dorcas, Doctor Droom, Doctor Druid, Doctor Faustus, Doctor Glitternight, Doctor Leery, Doctor Minerva, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Spectrum, Doctor Strange, Doctor Sun, John Doe, Domina, Dominic Fortune, Domino, Dominus, Domo, Donald Pierce, Donald Ritter, Deborah Ritter, Doorman, Doop, Doppelganger, Dr. Lemuel Dorcas, Dorma, Dormammu, Doug and Jerry, Dougboy, Doughboy, Douglas ramsey, Douglock, Dracula, Dragon Lord, Dragon Man, Dragon of the Moon, Dragonfly, Dragoness, Dragonwing, Frank Drake, Robert “Bobby” Drake, Drax the Destroyer, Dreadknight, Dreadnought, Dream Weaver, Dreaming Celestial, Dreamqueen, Dredmund Druid, Jessica Drew, Dromedan, Doctor Anthony Droom, Double Helix, Druid, Druig, Jericho Drumm, Bennet du Paris, Dum-Dum Dugan, Jacques DuQuesne, Dusk, Dust, Sybil Dvorak, Dweller-in-Darkness, Dyna-Mite, Earth Lord, Earthquake, Paul Norbert Ebersol, Ebon Seeker, Ecstasy, Echo, Ectokid, Ethan Edwards, Edwin Jarvis, Eel, Egghead, Ego the Living Planet, El Aguila, El Muerto, elathan, Electric Eve, Electro, ElectroCute, Electron, Eleggua, Elektra, Elektro, Elf With A Gun, Elfqueen, Eliminator, Elixir, Elsie-Dee, Elven, Elysius, Emma Frost, Empath, Empathoid, Emplate, En Sabah Nur, Enchantress, Energizer, Enforcer, Enigma, Ent, The Entity, Entropic Man, Eon, Epoch, Equilibrius, Equinox, Ereshkigal, Eric the Red, Eric Slaughter, Erg, Ernst, Eros, Eshu, Eson the Searcher, Miguel Espinosa, Nathaniel Essex, Eternal Brain, Eternity, Ev Teel Urizen, Evangeline Whedon, Ever, Everyman, Evilhawk, Executioner, Exodus, Exploding Man, Exterminator, Ezekiel, Fafnir, Fagin, Falcon, Fallen One, Brian Falsworth, Jacqueline Falsworth, John Falsworth, Famine, Fan Boy, Fandral, Fang, Fantasia, Fantomex, Farallah, Hensley Fargus, Amahl Farouk, Fasaud, Fashima, Fatale, Fateball, Father Time, Fault Zone, Fearmaster, Feedback, Feline, Fenris, Fenris Wolf, Feral, Fer-de-Lance, Feron, Philip Fetter, Fever Pitch, Fight-Man, Fin, Fin Fang Foom, Firearm, Firebird, Firebolt, Firebrand, Firefrost, Firelord, Firepower, Firestar, Richard Fisk, Wilson Fisk, Trevor Fitzroy, Fixx, Fixer, Flag-Smasher, Flambe, Flashfire, Flash Thompson, Flatman, Flex, Flubber, Marvin Flumm, Fly, Flygirl, Flying Tiger, Foggy Nelson, Fontanelle,Foolkiller, Forbush Man, Force, Forearm, Foreigner, Forge, Forgotten One, Lee Forrester, Don Fortunato, Dominic Fortune, Bill Foster, Jane Foster, Tom Fouster, Foxfire, Frank Castle, Frank Drake, Frankenstein’s Monster, Frankie and Victoria, Frankie Raye, Franklin Richards, Freak, Freak of Science, Freakmaster, Freakshow, Spike Freeman, Freebooter-Brandon Cross, Free Spirit, Freedom Ring, Frenzy, Frey, Frigga, Frog-Man, Adrienne Frost, Deacon Frost, Cordelia Frost, Emma Frost, Rumiko Fujikawa, Fury, Jacob “Jake” Fury, Nick Fury, Fusion, Futurist, G-Force, Devil Hunter Gabriel, Gabriel the Air-Walker, Gaea, Gaia, Galactus, Galaxy Master, Gambit, Gammenon the Gatherer, Gamora, Ganymede, Gardener, Mac Gargan, Gargantua, Gargantus, Gargouille, Gargoyle, Garokk the Petrified Man, Jonathan “John” Garrett, Sean Garrison, Gatecrasher, Gateway, Gauntlet, Gavel, Gaza, Gazelle, Gazer, Geb, Gee, Geiger, Geirrodur, Gemini, Genis-Vell, Gertrude Yorkes, Ghaur, Carter Ghazikhanian, Carter Ghazikhanian, Georgianna Castleberry, Ghost, Ghost Dancer, Ghost Girl, Ghost Maker, Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider 2099, Ghoul, Giant-Man, Gibbon, Gibborim, Kyle Gibney, Gideon, Gregory Gideon, Gideon Mace, Giganto, Gigantus, Donald “Donny” Gill, Ritchie Gilmore, Gin Genie, Shi’ar Gladiator, Gladiator, Gladiatrix, Glamor, Glitch, Glob, Glob Herman, Gog, Gloom, Glorian, Goblin Queen, Goblyn, Martin Gold, Melissa Gold, Golden Archer, Goldbug, Goldeneye, Golden Girl, Golden Oldie, Golem, goliath, Mikula Golubey, Gomi, Googam, Goom, Gorgeous George, Gorgilla, Gorgon, Gorilla Girl, Gorilla-Man, Gorr, Gosamyr, Grand Director, Grandmaster, Greer Grant, Grappler, Grasshopper I, Grasshopper II, Graviton, Gravity, Great Gambonnos, Great Video, Green Goblin, Green Goblin IV, Gregory Gideon, Gremlin, Grenade, Elaine Grey, Jean Grey-Summers, Dr. John Grey, Nate Grey, Rachel Grey, Grey Gargoyle, Sara Grey, Grey King, Griffin, Grim Hunter, Grim Reaper, Benjamin Jacob Grimm, The Grip, Grizzly, Grog the God-Crusher, Gronk, Groot, Grotesk, Groundhog, Growing Man, Guardsman, Gunthar of Rigel, Jebediah Guthrie, Joshua Guthrie, Melody Guthrie, Paige Guthrie, Samuel Guthrie, Gwen Stacy, Gypsy Moth, Henry Peter Gyrich, Hack, Hag, Hairbag, Halflife, Franklin Hall, Thomas Halloway, Halloween Jack, Bart Hamilton, Hamilton Slade, Hammer Harrison, Hammer and Anvil, Justin Hammer, Justine Hammer, Hammerhead, Jim Hammond, Hangman, Hank McCoy, Hank Pym, Hanna Levy, gen Harada, Hardcase, Hardcore, Hardnose, Hardshell, Hardwire, Felicia Hardy, Hargen the Measurer, Quincy Harker, Agatha Harkness, Harmonica, Harness, Harold H. Harold, Harpoon, Harpy, Harrier, Jonas Harrow, Harry Leland, Harry Osborn, Hate-Monger, Haven, Havok, Hawkeye, Hawkeye II, Hawkshaw, Alex Hayden, Hazard, Molly Hayes, Haywire, Hazmat, Headknocker, Headlok, Heart Attack, Hebe, Hecate, Hector, Heimdall, Hela, Helio, Hellcat, Helleyes, Hellfire, Hellion, Hellrazor, Damion Hellstrom, Patsy Hellstrom, Hephaestus, Hepzibah, Her, Hera, H.E.R.B.I.E., Hercules, Hermes, Hermod, Hero, Hero for Hire, Herr Kleiser, Hideko Takata, High Evolutionary, High-Tech, Hijacker, Hildegarde, Him, Hindsight Lad, Hit Girl, Hit-Maker, Hitman, Hit-Monkey, Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin II, Cameron Hodge, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Hoder, Hogun, Holocaust, Holly, Honcho, Honey Lemon, Hood, Ned Horrocks, Hornet, Phineas T. Horton, Horus, Howard the Duck, James Howlett, Hrimhari, Hub, Hugh Jones, Hulk, Hulk 2099, Hulkling, Human Cannonball, Human Fly, Human Robot, Human Top I, Human Top II, Human Torch I, Human Torch II, Humbug, Humus Sapien, Huntara, Robert Hunter, Stevie Hunter, Hurricane, Husk, Hussar, Hybrid, Hybrid II, Hyde, Hydro, Hydro-Man, Hydron, Hyperion, Hyperkind, Hyperstorm, Hypnotia, Hyppokri, Hippolyta, Icarus, Iceman, Icemaster, Hisako Ichiki, Idunn, Iguana, Ikaris, Ikonn, Ikthalon, Illusion, Immortus, Impala, Imperial Hydra, Impossible Man, Impulse, In-Betweener, Indra, Indech, Inertia, Infamnia, Infant Terrible, Infectia, Inferno, Infinity, Shola Inkosi, Interloper, Invisible Girl, Invisible Woman, Inza, Ion, Iridia, Ironclad, Iron Cross, Iron Fist, Iron Lad, Iron Maiden, Iron Man, Iron Man 2020, Iron Monger, ISAAC, Isbisa, Shirow Ishihara, Isis, It – The Living Colossus, J2, Jackal, Jackdaw, Jack Flag, Jack Frost, Jackhammer, Jack-in-the-Box, Jack Kirby, Jack of Hearts, Jack O’Lantern, Jackpot, Jade Dragon, Jaeger, Harald Jaekelsson, Jaguar, J. Jonah Jameson, John Jameson, Dr. Marla Jameson, James Jaspers, Jann, Janus, Jarella, Jaren, Edwin Jarvis, Jason, Jazz, Jean Grey, Madison Jeffries, Jeffrey Mace, Jekyll, Abner Jenkins, Jerry Jaxon, Jessica Jones, Jennifer Walters, Jens Meilleur Slap Shot, Jester, Jigsaw, Jim Hammond, Jimmy Woo, Jocasta, Foe Fixit, Daisy Johnson, John Sublime, Jonny Ohm, Jolt, Jon Spectre, Angelica Jones, Jordan Merasty Seberius, Gabe Jones, Hugh Jones, Rick Jones, Joseph, Conrad Josten, Erik Josten, Madeline Joyce, Joystick, Bonita Juarez, Jubilee, Judas Traveller, Eugene Judd, Jude the Entropic Man, Juggernaut, Jumbo Carnation, Junkpile, Junta, Justice, Justin Hammer, Kaine, Kala, Jennifer Kale, Kaluu, Kamal, Kamo Tharnn, Kamuu, Garrison Kane, Kang the Conqueror, Kangaroo, Karima Shapandar, Karkas, Karla Sofen, Karma, Karnak, Karnilla, Karolina Dean, Karthon the Quester, Cletus Kasady, Kate Neville, Katu, Benazir Kaur, Ka-Zar, Kehl of Tauran, Keith Kilham, Kelda, Kem Horkus, Dan Ketch, Robert Kelly, Key, Khaos, Khonshu, Khoryphos, Kiber the Cruel, Kick-Ass, Kid Colt, Kid Hult, Kid Nova, Kierrok, Killer Shrike, Zebediah Killgrave, Erik Killmonger, Killpower, Killraven, Kilmer, Kimura, Kincaid Cessily, Jane Kincaid, Benedict Kine, Hannibal King, Kingpin, King Bedlam, Kingo Sunen, Kirigi, Kirtsyn Perrin Short Stop, Kismet, Kismet Deadly, Kiss, Kiwi Black, Kkallakku, Kl’rt, Klaatu, Klaw, Kleinstocks, Knickknack, Misty Knight, Kofi Whitemane, Kogar, Kohl Harder Boulder Man, Korath the Pursuer, Korg, Kormok, Korrek, Korvac, Korvus, Kosmos, Ivan Kragoff, Kraken, Krakkan, Krang, Kraven the Hunter, Alyosha Kravinoff, Sergei Kravinoff, Kristoff Vernard, Kristoff von Doom, Kro, Krystalin, Kubik, Kukulcan, Kurse, Kwannon, Kylun, Kymaera, Lacuna, Lady Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike, Lady Killer, Lady Lark, Lady Lotus, Lady Mandarin, Lady Mastermind, Lady Octopus, La Lunatica, Lancer, Landslide, Cassie Lang, Steven Lang, La Nuit, Larry Bodine, Lament, Lasher, Ebenezer Laughton, Layla Miller, Lazarus, Leader, Leap-Frog, Leash, Remy LeBeau, Leech, Ned Leeds, Lee Forrester, Betty Brant Leeds, Left Hand, Left-Winger, Legacy, Legion, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, Leir, Lemuel Dorcas, Leo, Leonus, Letha, Levan, Hannah Levy, Alexander Lexington, Lianda, Libra, Lifeforce, Lifeguard, Lifter, Lightbright, Lightmaster, Lighting Rod, Lightspeed, Lila Cheney, Lilandra Neramani, Lilith, Lin Sun, Lonnie Thompson Lincoln, Link, Lionheart, Chan Luichow, Live Wire, Living Brain, Living Colossus, Living Diamond, Living Eraser, Living Hulk, Living Laser, Living Lightning, Living Monolith, Living Mummy, Living Pharaoh, Living Planet, Living Tribunal, Living Totem, Lizard, Llan the Sorcerer, Lloigoroth, Llyra, Llyron, Loa, Carlos Lobo, Lockdown, Lockheed, Lockjaw, Locksmith, Locus, Locust, Lodestone, Logan, Loki, Longneck, Longshot, Looter, Lord Chaos, Lord Dark Wind, Lord Pumpkin, Lorelei, Lorelei II, Lorelei Travis, Lorna Dane, Lorvex, Loss, Chen Lu, Lucas Brand, Lucifer, Ludi, Aleksander Lukin, Willie Lumpkin, Luna, Lunatica, Lunatik, Lupa, Lupo, Lurking Unknown, Lyia, Karl Lykos, Lynx, M, Myron MacLain, Gideon Mace, Jeffrey Mace, Mach-IV, Machine Man, Machinesmith, Machine Teen, Al MacKenzie, Mary “Skeeter” MacPherran, Moira MacTaggert, Mad-Dog, Mad Dog Rassitano, Mad Jack, Mad Jim Jaspers, Mad Thinker, Mad Thinker’s Awesome Android, Madam Slay, Madame Hydra, Madame MacEvil, Madame Masque, Madame Menace, Madame Web, Madcap, Artie Maddicks, James Madrox, Pryor Madelyne, Maelstrom, Maestro, Magdalena, Magdalene, Maggott, Magician, Magik, Magilla, Magique, Magma, Magneto, Magnum I, Moses Magnum, Magnus, Magus, Maha Yogi, Mahkizmo, Major Mapleleaf, Makkari, Malekith the Accursed, Malice, Karl Malus, Mammomax, Man-Ape, Man-Beast, Man-Brute, Man-Bull, Man-Eater, Man-Elephant, Man-Killer, Man-Spider, Man-Thing, Man-Wolf, Manbot, Mandarin, Mandrill, Mandroid, Mangle, Mangog, Manikin, Mari Mountain Marko, Manslaughter, Manta, Mantis, Mantra, Marc Spector, Mark Gervais, Marduk Kurios, Margali Szardos, Maria Hill, Mariko Yashida, Mario Alejandro, James “Jimmy” Marks, Cain Marko, Flint Marko, Keen Marlow, Marrina, Marrow, Martha Johansson, Martinex, Marvel Boy, Marvel Girl, Marvel Man, Mar-Vell, Krista Marwan, Mary Jane Watson, Mary Zero, Milos Masaryk, Masked Marauder, Masked Marvel, Masked Rose, Louise Mason, Masque, Mass Master, Master, Master of Vengeance, Master Khan, Master Man, Master Menace, Mastermind (I), Mastermind of the UK, Mastermind (II), Master Mold, Master Order, Master Pandemonium, Alicia Masters, Matador, Match, Matsu’o Tsurayaba, Matt Murdock, Mauler, Maur-Konn, Mauvais, Maverick, Max, Maxam, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Maximus, May Parker, May “Mayday” Parker, Mayhen, Henry “Hank” McCoy, Namor McKenzie, Meanstreak, Meathook, Mechamage, Medusa, Mekano, Meggan, Meld, Melee, Seamus Mellencamp, Meltdown, Melter, Mentallo, Mentor, Mentus, Mephisto, Mercurio, Mercury, Mercy, Merlin, Mesmero, Metal Master, Metalhead, Meteor Man, Meteorite, Meteor Man, Meteorite II, Micro, Microchip, Micromax, Midas, Midgard Serpent, Midnight, Midnight Man, Midnight Sun, Miek, Mikado and Mosha, Mikey, Mikhail Rasputin, Milan, Miles Warren, Layla Miller, Mimic, Mimir, Mindmeld, Mindworm, Miracle Man, Mirage I, Mirage II, Misfit, Miss America, Missing Link, Mister Buda, Mister Doll, Mister Fear, Mister Hyde, Mister Jip, Mr. M, Mister Machine, Mister One, Mister Two, Mister Sensitive, Mister Sinister, Mister X, Misty Knight, Mist Mistress, Mockingbird, MODAM, MODOK, Modred the Mystic, Mogul fo the Mystic Mountain, Moira Brandon, Moira MacTaggert, Mojo, Mole Man, Molecule Man, Molly Hayes, Molten Man, Mondo, Mongoose, Trip Monroe, Monsoon, Monstra, Monstra the Mighty, Moon-Boy, Moon Knight, Moondark, Moondragon, Moonhunter, Danielle Moonstar, Moonstone, Mop Man, Morbius, Karl Mordo, Mordred, Morg, Morgan Le Fay, Morlun, Morning Star, Morph, Morpheus, Moses Magnum, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Night, Mother Superior, Motormouth, Mountjoy, Mr. Clean, Mr. Fish, Mr. Justice, Ms Marvel, Ms MODOK, Ms Steed, M-Twins, Multiple Man, Rex Mundi, Ororo Munroe, Matt Murdock, Murmur, Murmur II, Mutant Master, Mutant X, Fred Myers, Mys-Tech, Mysterio, Mystique, N’astirh, N’Gabthoth, N’Garai, Naga, Nameless One, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Namora, Namorita, Nanny, Elektra Natchios, Nate Grey, Nathaniel Essex, Nathaniel Richards, Native, Nebula, Nebulo, Nebulon, Nebulos, Necrodamus, Necromantra, Ned Leeds, Needle, Luchino Nefaria, Nefarius, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Nekra, Foggy Nelson, Greer Grant Nelson, Nemesis, Neophyte, Neptune, Network, Neuronne, Neurotap, Kate Neville, Walter Newell, New Goblin, Nezarr the Calculator, NFL Superpro, Nicholas Scratch, Nicholas Maunder, Red Claw, Nick Fury, Nico Minoru, Nightcrawler, Nighthawk, Night Nurse, The Night Man, Nightmare, Night rider, Nightshade, Night Thrasher, Nightwatch, Nightwind, Nikki, Niles Van Roekel, Nimrod, Ningal, Adri Nital, Taj Nital, Nitro, Kiden Nixon, NM-E, Nobilus, Peter Noble, Nocturne, Noh-Varr, Nomad, Norman Osborn, Norns, Norrin Radd, Dakota North, Northstar, Nosferata, Nova, Nova-Prime, Cassandra Nova, Novs, Michael Nowman, Nox, Nth Man – The Ultimate Ninja, Nth Man, Neutron, Nuke, Nuklo, Null – The Living Darkness, Numinus, Nut, Night Claw, Alfie O’Meggan, Solomon O’Sullivan, Obituary, Obliterator, Oblivion, Occulus, Ocean, Ocelot, Dr. Otto Octavius, Oddball, Odin, Aleta Ogord, Ogre, Ogress, Miguel O’Hara, Omen, Omega Red, Omega I, Omega the Unknown, Omerta, One Above All, Oneg the Prober, Onslaught, Onyxx, Ooze, Optoman, Oracle, Orator, Orb, Orbit, Orchid, Ord, Order, Orikal, Orka, Orphan, Orphan-Maker, Ishmael Ortega, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Oscar Armando, Osiris, Outlaw, Outrage, Overkill, Overmind, Overrider, Ozone, Owl, Ox, Ozymandias, Karen Page, Paibok, Paladin, Paradigm, Paragon, Paralyzer, Paris, Ben Parker, Mary Jane Parker, May Parker, Richard Parker, Mary Parker, Arthur Parks, Pasco, Paste-Pot Pete, Patch, Pathway, Patriot I, Patriot II, Paul Patterson, Payback, Reeva Payge, Frank Payne, Peace Monger, Peepers, Penance, Penance II, Peregrine, Perfection, Perseus, Persuader, Persuasion, Perun, Pete Wisdom, Peter Criss, Peter Parker, Dominic Petros, Petruski, Phade, Phantazia, Phantom Blonde, Phantom Eagle, Phantom Rider, Phalanx, Phage, Phastos, Phat, Ellie Phimster, Phoenix, Photon, Phyla-Vell, Alexander Goodwin Pierce, Donald Pierce, Piledriver, Pipeline, Piper, Pip the Troll, Piranha, Pisces, Pistol, Desmond Pitt, Pixie, Pixx, Plague, Plantman, Plasma, Plazm, Plug, Plunderer, Pluto, Poison, Polaris, Poltergeist, Porcupine, Portal, Possessor, Postman, Postmortem, Virginia “Pepper” Potts, Poundcakes, Powderkeg, Alex Power, Jack Power, Dr. James Power, Julie Power, Katie Power, Margaret Power, Power Broker, Power Man, Power Princess, Power Skrull, Powerpax, Powerhouse, Presence, Pressure, Prester John, Martin Preston, Pretty Persuasions, Preview, Primal, Prime, Prime Mover, Primevil, Primus, Princess Python, Proctor, Prodigy, Professor Power, Professor X, The Profile, Projector, Prometheus, Protector, Proteus, Prototype, James Proudstar, John Proudstar, Prowler, Katherine “Kitty” Pryde, Madelyne Pryor, Psi-Lord, Psyche, Psycho-Man, Psyklop, Psylocke, Puck, Puff Adder, Puishannt, Pulse, Puma, Punchout, Punisher, Punisher 2099, Puppet Master, Puge, Purple Girl, Purple Man, Dr. Henry Pym, Pyre, Pyro, Quagmire, Quantum, Quasar, Quasar II, Quasimodo, Quicksand, Quicksilver, Quincy Harker, Quentin Beck, Quentin Quire, Raa of the Caves, Racheld van Helsing, Norrin Radd, Radioactive Man, Radian, Radion the Atomic Man, Radius, Rafferty, Rage, Raggadorr, Rainbow, Rama-Tut, raman, Ramrod, Doug Ramsey, Ramshot, Rancor, Daniel Rand, Randall Shire, Random, Ranger, Calvin Rankin, Ransack the Reject, Illyana Rasputin, Mikhail Rasputin, Piotr Rasputin, Rattler, Ravage 2099, Raving Beauty, Rawhide Kid, Rax, Mark Raxton, Frankie Raye, Raza, Razor Fist, Razorback, Rebel, Reaper, Recorder, Red Ghost, Red Guardian, Red Lotus, Redneck, Red Nine, Red Queen-Hope Pym, Red Raven, Red Ronin, Red Shift, Red Skull, Red Skull II, Red Wolf, Redeemer, Redwing, Reed Richards, Reignfire, Ben Reilly, Reject, Remnant, Remy LeBeau, Reptyl, Revanche, Cecelia Reyes, Katherine Reynolds, Rhiannon, Rhino, James Rhodes, Ricadonna, Richard Rider, Franklin Richards, Jonathan Richards, Nathaniel Richards, Susan Richards, Rick Jones, Ricochet, Rictor, Richard Rider, Regellian Recorder, Right-Winger, ringer, Ringleader, Ringmaster, Ringo Kid, Rintrah, Riot, Riot Girl, Ripfire, Rl’nnd, Robbie Robertson, Robert Kelly, Rocket Raccoon, Rocket Racer, Rock, Rock Python, Rodstvow, Steve Rogers, Rogue, Roma, Rom the Spaceknight, Ronan the Accuser, Rose, Marsha Rosenberg, Betty Ross, General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, Arkady Rossovich, Roughhouse, Roulette, Royal Roy, Ruby Thursday, Ruckus, Rune, Runner, Rush, The Russian, Rusty Collins, Ryder, John Ryker, S’byll, Sabra, Sabreclaw, Sabretooth, Sack, Sage, Sagittarius, Saint Anna, Saint Elmo, Sally Floyd, Salvo, Leonard Samson, James Sanders, Basil Sandhurst, Sandman, Sangre, Miguel Santos, Sasquatch, Satana, Satannish, Saturnyne, Sauron, Savage Steel, Sam Sawyer, Samuel “Starr” Saxon, Sayge, Scaleface, Scalphunter, Scanner, Scarecrow, Scarecrow II, Scarlet Beetle, Scarlet Centurion, Scarlet Scarab, Scarlet Spider, Scarlet Spiders, Scarlet Witch, Mark Scarlotti, Schemer, Johann Schmidt, Herman Schultz, Silver Scorpion, Scimitar, Scintilla, Scorcher, Scorpia, Scorpio, Scorpion, Scourge of the Underworld, Scrambler, Nicholas Scratch, Scream, Screaming Mimi, Screech, Scrier, Sea Urchin, Sebastian Shaw, Sebastien T. C. Bass, Seeker, Amanda Sefton, Sekhmet, Selene, Senor Muerte, Senor Suerte, Sentry, Senator Robert Kelly, Sepulchre, Shadowman, Anthony Serba, Sergeant Fury, Serpentina, Sersi, Set, Seth, Shadow-Hunter, Shadow King, Shadow Slasher, Shadowcat, Shadowmage, Shadrac, Shalla-Bal, Shaman, Shamrock, Shang-Chi, Shanga, Shanna the She-Devil, Gregor Shapanka, Shape-Shifter, Shaper of Worlds, Shard, Sharon Friedlander, Shathra, Shatter, Shatterfist, Shatterstar, Sebastian Shaw, Shinobi Shaw, She-Hulk, She-Thing, She-Venom, Shellshock, Shen Kuei, Shinchuko Lotus, Shriker, Shingen Harada, Shiva, Shiver Man, Shocker, Shockwave, Shola Inkosi, Shooting Star, Shotgun, Shriek, Shroud, Shrunken Bones, Shuma-Gorath, Sibyl, Sidewinder, Siege, Sif, Sigmar, Sigyn, Sikorsky, Raymond Sikorsky, Samuel Silke, Silly Seal, Silhouette, Silver, Silver Dagger, Silver Fox, Silver Sable, Silver Samurai, Silver Squire, Silver Surfer, Silverclaw, Silvermane, Frank Simpson, Ezekiel Sims, Sin, Sin-Eater, Nekra Sinclar, Rahne Sinclair, Sinister, Sir Steel, Siryn, Sise-Neg, Skein, Skids, Skin, Skinhead, The Skull, Skull the Slayer, Skullfire, Skullcrusher, Skunge the Laxidazian Troll, Skyhawk, Skywalker, Slab, Frederick Slade, Hamilton Slade, Slapstick, Sleek, Sleeper, Sleepwalker, Slick, Slipstream, Sligguth, Slither, Sludge, Slug, Sluggo, Sluk, Slyde, Marrina Smallwood, Smart Alec, Smartship Friday, Smasher, Dmitri Smerdyakov, Tabitha Smith, Samuel Smithers, Smuggler I, Smuggler II, Alistair Smythe, Spencer Smythe, Snowbird, Snowfall, Karla Sofen, Solara, Solarman, Solarr, Soldier X, Solitaire, Solo, Songbird, Son of Satan, Soulfire, Space Phantom, Space Turnip, Marc Spector, Spectra, Spectral, Specialist, Speed, Speed Demon, Speedo, Spellbinder, Spellcheck, Sphinx, Sphinxor, Spider Doppelganger, Spider-Girl, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Slayer, Spider-Woman I, Spider-Woman II, Spider-Woman III, Spider-Woman IV, Spidercide, Spike, Spike Freeman, Spinnerette, Spiral, Spirit of ’76, Spitfire, Spoilsport, Spoor, Spot, Sprite, Sputnik, Spyder, Spyke, Spymaster, Spyne, Squirrel Girl, Squidboy, Claudette St. Croix, Marius St. Croix, Monet St. Croix, Nicole St. Croix, George Stacy, Gwen Stacy, Stacy X, Stained Glass Scarlet, Stakar, Stallior, Ezekiel Stane, Obadiah Stane, Star-Dancer, Star-Lord, Star Stalker, Star Thief, Starbolt, Stardust, Starfox, Starhawk, Starlight, Arno Stark, Tony Stark, Starr the Slayer, Starshine, Johothon Starsmore, Starstreak, Stature, Steel Raven, Steel Serpent, Steel Spider, Stegron, Chase Stein, Stellaris, Stem Cell, Stentor, The Stepford Cuckoos, Stevie Hunter, Steven Lang, Stanley Stewart, Stick, Stiletto, Stilt-Man, Stinger, Stingray, Stitch, Stone, Stonecutter, Stonewall, Storm, Franklin Storm, Johnny Storm, Susan Storm, Stephen Strange, Victor Strange, Stranger, Stratosfire, Straw Man, Strobe, Strong Guy, Strongarm, Baron Strucker, Stryfe, William Stryker, Stunner, Stuntmaster, Stygorr, Stygyro, Styx and Stone, John Sublime, Sub-Mariner, Sugar Man, Suicide, Sultan, Alexander Summers, Christopher Summers, Gabriel Summers, Nathan Summers, Rachel Summers, Scott Summers, Sunder, Sundragon, Sunfire, Sunpyre, Sunset Bain, Sunspot, Sunstreak, Sunstroke, Sunturion, Sun Girl, Super Rabbit, Super-Adaptoid, Supercharger, Superia, Super-Nova, SuperPro, Super Sabre, Super-Skrull, Supernalia, Suprema, Supreme Intelligence, Supremor, Surge, Surtur, Sushi, Svarog, Swarm, Sweetface, Swordsman, S’ym, Sybil Dorn, The Symbiote, Synch, Aleksei Sytsevich, Jimaine Szardos, Margali Szardos, Taboo, Tag, Tagak the Leopard Lord, Tailhook, Tantra, Glenn Talbot, Talisman, Tamara Rahn, Tana Nile, Tarantula, George Tarleton, Black Jack Tarr, Tarot, Tartarus, Taskmaster, Tatterdemalion, Tattletale, Tattoo, Taurus, General Orwell Taylor, Techno, Tefral the Surveyor, Tempest, Tempo, Tempus, Temugin, Tenpin, Termagaira, Terminator, Terminatrix, Terminus, Terrax the Tamer, Terrax, Terraxia, Terror, Terror Inc., Tess-One, Tessa, Tether, Tethlam, Texas Twister, Thakos, Thane Ector, Thanos, Thena, Thermo, Thing, Thinker, Thin Man, Thirty-Three, Tigra, Thog, Everett Thomas, Flash Thompson, Thor, Thorak, Thor Girl, Thornn, 3-D Man, Threnody, Tom Thumb, Thumbelina, Thunderball, Thunderbird, Thunderbolt, Thunderclap, Thunderer, Thunderfist, Thunderstrike, Thundra, Maynard Tiboldt, Tiboro, Tiger Shark, Tigra, Timberius, Time Bomb, Timeshadow, Timeslip, Tinkerer, Titan, Titania, Titanium Man, Toad, Toad-In-Waiting, Mark Todd, Tombstone, Tommy, Tommy Lightning, Tomorrow Man, Adrian Toomes, Topaz, Yuri Topolov, Topspin, Torgo the Vampire, Torgo of Mekka, Toro, Torpedo, Torrent, Torso, Tower, Toxin, Mortimer Toynbee, Trader, Trapper, Trapster, Carolyn Trainer, Seward Trainer, Chloe Tran, Judas Traveller, T-Ray, Tremolo, Trevor Fitzroy, Tri-Man, Triathlon, Trick Shot, Trioccula, Triton, Troll, Arlette Truffaut, Trump, Matsu’o Tsurayaba, Tugun, Tuc, Tumbler, Tundra, Turac, Turbo, Tutinax the Mountain-Mover, Two-Gun Kid, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, Michael Twoyoungmen, Tyger Tiger, Tyler Billings Bill, Farmer Man, Typeface, Typhoid, Typhoid Mary, Typhon, Tyr, Tyrak, Tyrannosaur, Tyrannus, Tyrant, Tzabaoth, Uatu, U-Go Girl, Ulik, Ultimo, Ultimus, Ultra-Marine, Ultragirl, Ultron, Umbo, U-Man, Umar, Uncle Ben Parker, Unicorn, Uni-Mind, Union Jack, Unseen, Unthinnk, Unus the Untouchable, Unuscione, Carmella Unuscione, Angelo Unuscione, Ursa Major, Urthona, USAgent, Ben Urich, Phil Urich, Ulysses, Utgard-Loki, Vagabond, Vague, Vakume, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Valinor, Valkin, Valkyrie, Valtorr, Vamp, Vampire by Night, Janet van Dyne, Rachel van Helsing, Katrina Luisa van Horne, Cornelius van Lunt, Vanguard, Vanisher, Vanth Dreadstar, Vapor, Vargas, Varnae, Vashti, Wendell Vaughn, Vavavoom, Vector, Vegas, Veil, Vejigante, Bram Velsing, Vengeance, Venom, Venomm, Sharon Ventura, Venus, Venus Dee Milo, Veritas, Vermin, Kristoff Vernard, Vertigo, Vesta, Vibraxas, Vibro, Victor Mancha, Victor von Doom, Victorius, Vidar, Vincente, Vindaloo, Vindicator, Viper, Virako, Virgo, Vishanti, Visimajoris, Vision, Vivisector, Vixen, Volcana, Volla, Volpan, Volstagg, Kristoff von Doom, Victor von Doom, Fritz von Meyer, Andrea von Strucker, Andreas von Strucker, Wolfgang van Strucker, Claire Voyant, Vulcan, Vulture, Kurt Wagner, Talia Josephine Wagner, John Walker, Mary Walker, Patsy Walker, Wallflower, Jennifer Walters, War, War V, War Eagle, War Machine, Warbird, Warbride, Warhawk, Warlock, Warlock I, Adam Warlock, Warpath, Miles Warren, Warrior Woman, Warstar, Warstrike, Warwolves, Scott Washington, Washout, Wasp, Watcher, Water Wizard, Watoomb, Mary Jane Watson, Weapon X, Wendigo, Werewolf by Night, Western Kid, Whiplash, Whirlwind, Whistler, White Fang, Aelfyre Whitemane, Kofi Whitemane, Whiteout, White Pilgrim, White Rabbit, White Queen, White Tiger, Debra Whitman, Wiccan, Wicked, Widget, Wild Child, Wildboys, Alex Wilder, Wildpride, Wildside, Wild Thing, Will o’ the Wisp, Eric Williams, Simon Williams, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Wind Dancer, Wind Warrior, Windeagle, Windshear, Colleen Wing, Wyatt Wingfoot, Winter Soldier, The Wink, Winky Man, Pete Wisdom, Romany Wisdom, Witchfire, Bentley Wittman, Wizard, Wiz Kid, Wolf, Wolfsbane, Wolverine, Wonder Man, Wong, Jimmy Woo, Woodgod, Worm, Warren Worthington III, Wraith, Wrath, Wrecker, Wreckage, Mr. Wu, Wundarr the Aquarian, Herbert Edgar Wyndham, Wysper, X-23, X-Cutioner, X-Man, X-Treme, Xandu, Charles Xavier, Xavin, Xemnu the Titan, Xemu, Xi’an Chi Xan, Xorn, Xorr the God-Jewel, X-Ray, Ymir, Zabu, Zach, Zaladane, Zarathos, Zarek, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, Zartra, Zebediah Killgrave, Zeitgeist, Heinrich Zemo, Helmut Zemo, Zero, Zero-G, Zeus, Ziggy Pig, Zip-Zap, Zodiak, Arnim Zola, Zom, Zombie, Zuras, Zzzax, Zathena

Now, believe me, this is not MY list! I have not read that many comic books or watched that many television shows or cartoons to have come up with this many superheroes. Sure, there are a few that I recognize, but, come on!

Back to the original question of what superhero I’d like to be rescued by? I suppose I’d have to say Superman. Who would I like to be? Hmmm, a toss-up – Superman or Spiderman… I can’t decide!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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