February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Betty Debra Jane Jacklin – my ‘big, little’ sister.

Now that the holidays are over – Christmas, New Year’s, Chinese New Year – now we begin, as far as my family is concerned (and that I’m aware), all the birthdays and anniversaries.

February 12 is Debra’s birthday. Then, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, February 20 is my other sister’s birthday, Robin, February 21 is one of my brother’s birthday, Doug, and then my birthday on March 13.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate housework? Yes? No? Oh, I’m sure I have once or twice…

I figured that since I have another weekend off, and not a heck of a lot to do, and no where to go, and also that everyone else is not going anywhere either, since they’ve all just gotten over their holidays, I may as well do some more housework – yuck!

You know, it’s only been a little over 7 days since I cleaned up the house. Here I am, AGAIN, cleaning up. First step, clean the cat boxes. After years and years of having cats, I still hate cleaning their box. I realize it has to be done, and I do it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. And, as long as their boxes are cleaned out, then they don’t ‘do their business’ on the floors. I won’t go into that any further… it’s not necessary!

Anyway, once the boxes are cleaned, then begin the laundry. Five loads of laundry. How can one person wear so many clothes in one week?? I suppose, if I had a washer the size of my mother’s, I’d only have one or two loads. The washers I have, and I do have two, are actually quite small. They only hold about 1 pair of jeans, 3 or 4 t-shirts, and socks and underwear. Add in shirts, bathrobe, bedsheets, pillow cases, towels… five loads is not inconceivable.

So, while two loads are starting, then comes the sweeping of the rooms. Ah, but first, since all the sheets are off the bed, may as well flip the mattress. Anyone who has a bed, realizes that after a bit of time, you need to flip the mattress… either upside down, or just flip it over. This time – flip over.

Hang up the first load. Start load number three, and continue sweeping down the stairs. Now on the third floor, sweep the office and spare room. Down the next set of stairs, and sweep the second floor. Down the final set of stairs, and sweep the kitchen and living room. At this point, my back now hurts, or is at least cramped. Time for a break.

Back upstairs to hang load numbers 2 and 3, and put in loads 4 and 5. Now, to start the mopping.

There is something that has always kind of ticked me off in this country. Now, it could just be my own thing, but it does tend to bug me – although I would never say anything. Okay, so anyone reading this here in Taiwan, will now know… uh oh!

Anyway, it is customary in this country to remove your shoes when you walk into someone’s home. I suppose it is sort of customary anywhere, but more so I noticed here.

When you go to someone’s home, this is not so much a concern, as it is at a school or kindergarten. In my opinion, schools and kindergartens are not cleaned as well as people clean their homes.

When I first started working in these places, I would notice by day’s end that my feet were almost black. So, I would then start to wear socks. Then, to maintain a bit of fashion sense, I suppose, I would wear white socks with runners. I mean, c’mon! However, again, by the end of the day, granted, my feet were clean, by over a period of time, my socks were becoming grey! No amount of bleach would clean them.

So, I stopped buying white socks, and started by grey socks. Now, I just buy black socks! Why fight it.

Back to the house. When I mop my floors, it’s a three-stage process. I think I’d have to thank all those restaurants I’ve worked in over the years – wet mop, soap mop, dry mop. Same thing. The first mopping I do is either just hot water or sometimes with bleach. The second mopping, is soapy water. The final mopping, is just water again. The third time cleans up any soap residue that may be left on the floor. I have to remember that I do have six little babies walking around on all fours. I don’t want them getting sick when they clean their tootsies…

This time, as a final thing, I decided to sweep the floors one more time. Although I do try to sweep every spot on the floors, there is always a little bit of dust left, or ‘the hairs that don’t land’ when I’m doing the initial sweep. Once the floors are damp from the mopping, those ‘hairs that never land’ (aka cat fur) and the fact the mop tends to get to areas where the broom can’t, there is still a bit of stuff to sweep up.

Then, make the bed, straighten things out again, and pass out! I’ve thought many times, and have asked people many times to call a home-cleaning person to come to my home at least once a month or more often. The only thing that this person would have to do is the floors! Sweeping and mopping. No need to clean windows… no need to clean bathroom… no need to do laundry. All that I can do myself. In fact, keeping the bathrooms clean are probably the easiest chore of all to do. Here in Taiwan, most people’s showers are open to the whole of the bathroom. It’s quite easy, each day while showering, to take 30 seconds to wash down the sink, toilet, and rinse the floor.

Some people don’t like laundry. Some don’t like dishes. I don’t like floors!

Well, that’s it, that’s all… for today.


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