February 3, 2011

Well, here it is, the day after the first day of Chinese New Year.

As far as I’m concerned – big deal. This is a Chinese holiday, and really has no impact on my life. Well, that’s not entirely true. The only impact on me, is that, because it is a holiday for the Taiwanese people, then I have no work. All my classes have been cancelled from February 2 until 7. My first day back will be February 8, once everyone else is back to work.

I’ve spent the day cleaning up a bit around the house. The cats all seem to be happy that I’m home all day. It may be my own impression, but the way they are all around me all the time, no matter where I go in the house, makes me believe that they are happy. Also, there haven’t been any hisses or scraps or fights amongst them.

Arabela and Eloise have been getting into ‘hissy fits’ lately. Until these past few years of having Eloise, Cornelia, and Arabela, I have only had a female cat one other time, but only for a few months. Another story that I may recall another time. Nonetheless, I’ve always had male cats.

Having read a lot of information about cats and watching documentaries, females of the feline world, are the hunters; the protectors; the bosses. The males are only good for one thing, and then that’s it. It is very common for females of the same family to live together – grandmother, mother, daughter – but the males, once old enough, are basically kicked out to fend for themselves once they are old enough to do so. Interesting.

With my three females, as you may recall, Arabela and Cornelia are sisters. As with any siblings, they have their little tiffs once in a while, but nothing worth writing home about. Now that Arabela is ‘coming of age’, and even though all my cats are spayed or neutered, they still have that sense of protecting their ‘space’, especially with the girls.

Territory is everything. And for some odd reason, Arabela and Eloise are the two who just can’t seem to get along. Every evening, for about half an hour, they start growling at each other. The others all sit around and watch them. It’s is actually quite comical.

The first time I heard it, I was a bit worried. I’ve tried over the past couple of months to break it up, but they just run to another part of the house and carry on. Now, I just let them have at it. By the time I head to bed, Arabela, Eloise, Cornelia, Ignatius, and Simba all crawl onto the bed with me, curl up, and fall asleep.

Eloise is the older of the two, so I just assume they are vying for dominance. It’s easier to just let them growl at each other, get it out of their systems, until the next evening. It is a little disconcerting at times, hearing them, but they have to work out their own problems.

Tonight, I decided to have a barbecue on my rooftop. There is a lot of wood that I have up there that I got from my neighbour when they cut down their tree. It’s all dried out quite nicely, and it does burn rather quickly for its size. However, it was kind of nice to enjoy the evening by myself.

Being Chinese New Year, everyone else I know would be at their parents homes for the holidays, and since a) Chinese New Year is not my holiday, and b) my parents are several thousand kilometers away, I figured I may as well enjoy myself.

After getting the fire going quite nicely, I decided I may as well use the fire for a barbecue. I wrapped up some veggies in tin foil, a couple of pork chops, and a bottle of champagne. Why not? I wasn’t going anywhere anyway, and no classes in the morning.

I also let the cats out on the roof with me. All of them that is, except for Eloise. I still don’t trust her after the incident last summer when she hopped into a neighbour’s home. So, she is not allowed out on the roof. The others for now, are still good kids, and stay on the roof.

All in all, a somewhat uneventful day.


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