February 2, 2011

Hello again…

I’ve discovered a new app for my iPhone. It’s called ‘Justin.TV’. There is also a website, which is kind of cool.

It is a free app (good), and it is not necessary to register, however, I did. This way, you can ‘follow’ certain broadcasts when it goes ‘live’, that is, it is broadcasting.

The one thing about living here in Taiwan that I miss, is watching English television. Oh sure, there are 5 or 6 channels that broadcast in English, but they always have the Chinese subtitles, and like any television broadcast, you have to sit through commercial breaks. Actually, commercial breaks are good times to grab a snack, feed the cats, or go to the washroom, but they are nuisances.

I wasn’t exactly sure how this system works, however, I get the general idea. People from around the world, use their computers or cellphones to broadcast. These broadcasts can be anything from what they are doing in their personal life, to recorded programs from television.

Now, I am what I refer to as, a closet trekkie! I’m not the type who dresses up as a Klingon and goes to conventions. However, I do really like these series. I always have. Ever since I started watching the original Star Trek series (Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones, etc.) to The Next Generation, Voyager, DS9, all the movies… I have really enjoyed this series. A quick search soon found that there are a few broadcasts on Justin.TV broadcasting these series 24/7!

For me, a coup! Now, I could watch all my favourite Star Trek shows, anytime I like. The other ‘benefits’ for me, is that there are no subtitles, and no commercials! After a few months now, I’ve seen just about every episode, but that doesn’t matter.

I’ve also done a few other searches, and found some more of my favourite series being broadcast. Golden Girls. Ever since that program started, it was hilarious. Again, I’ve probably now seen ever episode. Now, I’m searching and watching Supernatural.

Not every television program produced is broadcast. I have yet to find M*A*S*H being broadcast anywhere. Sometimes, finding a searched show may prove positive, but then when activated, it is in another language, since it is being broadcast from another country.

The only downside, at times, is that like the real thing (television, that is), it can become addictive. I find now that I always have a small screen up and running while I do my work. Talk about multi-tasking. Watch my favourite shows, while I do my work.

Yesterday I wrote about what’s been happening in the past few months since my last entry in August 2010.

Since my return from my trip to Canada, everything is pretty much the same as it had been BEFORE my holiday. Classes are getting back to normal. My roomies have moved out, and now the only people living in this home are myself, and my six babies.

I’m sure that I’m not the only person to say or to have ever said this, but it seems that the older I get, the quicker time seems to zip on by. Here I am writing about what’s happened in the past 5 months, and yet those past 5 months seem to have just zipped by without so much as whisper.

I may as well get caught up. Christmas again went by. I helped to train the students at Giraffe English (my new ’employer’), to put on a Christmas show – “A Christmas Carol”. It was decided this year, that rather than the various classes put on their own ‘skits’, students would be chosen from various classes to participate in one play.

I was also asked to assist and train the students to perform this play. In all, about 45 students were ‘invited’ to participate, and about 23 were willing. As with any ‘invitation’, you always send out twice as many invites as you expect to actually show up.

After a few months of practice, the students performed the play for their their parents. If I say so myself, for the amount of practice time, these students did incredibly well. I also must say, that I was very proud of each and every one of them. I’d also like to thank Janice, the manager at Giraffe-Nanmen, for giving me this opportunity. I do hope that we are able to do this again next year.

New Year’s followed just as quickly. From as far back as I can remember, Christmas always seemed to take a long time in coming. Once that was over, New Year’s comes rather quickly, and a whole different ‘feel’ to things occurs. And then, back to normal life.

Today, February 2, 2011, is the first day of Chinese New Year. This year, is the year of the rabbit. More precisely, it is the year of the WHITE rabbit. Kinda makes me think of “Alice in Wonderland” (hahah). Nonetheless, a search on Yahoo! will produce many links as to what this year is all about. Search at your own leisure and desire.

Well, that’s it, that’s all for today.


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