August 28, 2010

Another in the ‘Sentence Series’…

If I could time travel, I would go…

Wow, this is kind of cool. There are a few places in ‘time’ I’d like to go. Let’s see. For some reason, some time in the mid-1800’s. I’d like to see what life was really like in England during this time. I’d also like to go to a time that my parents were younger. I’d like to see what life would be like in the future, say 100 or 200 years from now.

The thing about time travel, is the argument about what your effect on that time period would be. Going to the past. Would that change what your present is like. Going to the future, would that change that future’s future?

I suppose it would depend on what you do while you were in these time periods. Did you interfere with something? Did you introduce something from the future or past (depending on where you went)?

How about traveling the way Scrooge did in “A Christmas Carol”. The three ghosts took Scrooge to three points in his life – the past, present, and future. At each of these points, he was invisible to what was happening around him. He could not interact with people, he could not change anything… he could only observe.

I think that would be the best way to time travel. This would also be really good at seeing what life would was like or what it could be like.

Going to the past, is easy enough. These would be, as the Ghost of Christmas Past mentioned, merely visions, shadows of the past. Things that once were. It would be virtually impossible to change anything.

Present would or could be a bit different. Given what you observe in the past, and seeing what is happening NOW, you could decide to make a different choice. This in turn, would change the future, right?

If you look at the future, and see what would/could happen based on your present choices, you could change certain things or choices to change the future.

If you were look at what the future could be like, and imagine it as throwing a ball against a wall. Unless you are a professional pitcher, throwing a ball at the exact same spot on the wall at each toss, is virtually impossible. The ball would hit different spots on the wall.

Looking at this way, each decision we make, each and every day, each and every minute of our lives, changes our future. What we do now, changes what will happen. That is a given. Do I have the chicken or the beef? Do I go to 7-11 or Family Mart? Do I have a coffee or a juice?

Each decision changes what will happen. Therefore, seeing what happens in the future, would be a lot to remember. Depending on how far into the future you go, would depend on how many different pieces of information you’d have to see over the times, and make the proper decision to change that outcome.

Just because I decide to have a coffee instead of a juice TODAY, could hardly change whether I will win the lottery next month or next week or next year! Whether I decide to accept a new private student will hardly make a difference as to where I’ll be teaching in a few years from now.

Looking at things this way, then really, what difference would it make whether you were visible or invisible anyway? Could one person really make a difference? And how long would you have to stay in that time to actually make the difference?

H.G. Wells story, “Time Machine”, was all about time travel. The one thing that I found interesting, was towards the beginning of the story, at least the movie version since I’ve never read the book, is that the main character repeats going to the past to save his fiancée.

The two were walking through a park, when they were attacked by a mugger. The mugger ended up shooting his fiancée, and the result was she died. He then started working on a machine that would take him back to that point, and try to change things so that he would be with his beloved.

However, no matter what change, big or small, he did, his fiancée still ended up dying. This makes me believe that, no matter what changes we think we can make to change either the past, present, or future, life goes on. Changing something small or insignificant will not change what will be.

Qué sera, sera – what will be, will be.


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