August 24, 2010

Another in the ‘Sentence Series’…

I’d like to be famous for…

Who hasn’t, at one point in their life, dreamt of being famous. Whether it be for inventing something that everyone would use, singing, acting… There’s a lot more to being famous, than having the world know who you are.

A few years ago (I don’t remember how long, and don’t really WANT to know how long ago), there was a movie and television series called, “Fame“. In the movie version, Irene Cara sang a song (go figure), called “Fame“. For a bit of a ‘flashback’, here’s the ‘official’ Irene Cara music video from WAY BACK THEN!

This movie was about a girl who wanted to dance. The series focused on people who were wanting to break into the music and entertainment industry. I must admit, I enjoyed watching this series, and the movie. It showed a side of ‘fame’ that, if you are thinking as a younger person, this is what ‘fame’ is all about.

However, I have discovered over the years, that there is more to fame than just entertaining people. Fame can be accomplished by a simple act of kindness. Fame can be accomplished by being the best in your chosen field of work. Fame can be accomplished by being a menace to society in general. Fame can be accomplished by being who you are!

Think about it. How many people can you name, who are not your friend, relative, classmate, or co-worker? Answer a few of these questions:

1. Who is the leader of your country?
2. Who is the inventor of the telephone?
3. Who ‘took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks’?
4. What president was assassinated in a theatre?
5. Who won the first season of “Survivor”?
6. Who is the present Pope of the Catholic Church?
7. Who is the artist who cut off their ear?
8. What is the name of the most successful band of all time?
9. Who is the song, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, about?

All of these people have gained FAME of some sort, otherwise, people would not know who they are. You may not know the answer to all these questions, and I probably don’t either. It’s not a test to see how smart you are, but rather a realization that fame comes in many forms.

Your grandmother could be considered famous for her baking. Your brother could be famous for his artistic abilities. Your friend could be considered famous for how they handle a classroom. Your partner could be considered famous for, well, only YOU can answer that one!!

Fame doesn’t mean ONLY being able to sing a song, or being an actor. It doesn’t mean leading a country. It doesn’t even mean saving a life. Someone in your life considers you famous for some reason, just as you consider THEM famous for something else.

Back to the question though. What would “I” like to be famous for? Hmm… I want to be famous for being the oldest living human being on the planet. Sounds crazy. When I ask people how old they want to be when they die, first I get shock that I would even ask such a question, but everyone does have an answer. Surprisingly, most people don’t really want to live beyond 80!

I want to live to be at least 200!! As long as I have my wits about me, and can still move and think and not have to be on life support, sure, I’d love to be 200. A dream – yes. A reality? Not likely. Granted, humans do live longer now than say 100 years ago, but are we able to live to be 200? No one is there yet. So, there’s still hope!


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