August 21, 2010

Another in the ‘Sentence Series’…

The person I trust the most is…

Interesting. The person I trust the most. Hmmm… again, another one of these ‘depends’ questions. No, not the diaper, the verb!

I’d have to say, in all honesty, that I would be the one that I trust the most. Now comes the ‘depends’ thing. If I want or need a translation in Taiwan, it depends on what the purpose. I have got two very good people that I can trust and depend on, to do translations for me in Taiwan. They are both unbiased, remain calm, and realize that I do have a bit of a temper or tend to get frustrated at times. So they are able to express, in a ‘Taiwan way’ what I need to express in a ‘Bill way’!

Whether it be translating for an employer, or the police (as was the case a few months ago), they helped me to a degree, they will never know. I can express my thanks and gratitude, but they really don’t realize just how much they helped me.

Now, when it comes to most anything else in my life, I am the one I trust the most. The way I look at it is, if the work doesn’t get done, or something happens that shouldn’t, or whatever the situation, I am then, the only person who is responsible. I hate using another person as an excuse.

If I forget to pay a bill, I am the one that wasn’t trusted to pay it on time. If I don’t get my photocopies done, then I am the one who wasn’t trusted with the task. Trust sometimes, is a very difficult thing to put into someone else’s hand.

In September, I am heading home for a 3-week vacation. I haven’t had a proper vacation (by my standards, anyway) in over 12 years! Sure, I have had long weekends, or a 4-day holiday here and there, but nothing that I would consider to be a ‘vacation’. During that time, I need someone that I can trust, to look after my affairs here in Taiwan – my belongings, my classes, my babies!

My belongings – well, I can’t or don’t really need anyone to take care of them. I will have my iPhone and laptop with me, so as far as anything else, as long as the house doesn’t burn down, or Tainan suddenly find itself under 20 meters of water, then everything should be okay.

As for my classes, that is taken care of. Only one school has asked that another teacher take over my classes while I am away. That has already been arranged, and as far as I’m concerned, since this other teacher has been a substitute teacher at this school in the past, I trust that things will be okay. I also trust that this teacher will fill me in on anything I need to know upon my return.

As for the babies, well, that is a big trust thing. I need to know that I can trust and depend on someone to look after 6 cats, 2 turtles, and a few fish while I am away. It will be very difficult for me to feed them while I’m half-way around the world.

My housemates have agreed to do this. As well, another friend of mine has agreed to look after them as well. Now, not that I don’t trust either of them, it is better to have a couple of people involved in the care of living creatures – just in case. Since the age ratio of humans to cats is approximately 1:7, me being away for 3 weeks, will seem like 21 weeks to the cats – or about 5 months! I know when I get back, they will be a bit ticked off with me, but that will slowly (or hopefully QUICKLY) dissipate once things get back to MY norm!

Trust is a big issue. It’s not something that I give freely. At the same time, once in a while, you have to place your trust in someone. If something tragic were to happen, say an accident, then you place your trust in the ambulance and hospital staff to look out for your well-being. So, sometimes trust is something that you have to sign over unwillingly.

The people that I have as good friends and that I trust in Taiwan, would probably be surprised to know that I have as much faith and trust in them as I do.

Now, my question back is, “Who trusts me??”


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