August 19, 2010

Another in the ‘Sentence Series’…

Something I’m not good at and need to improve on is…

Hmm, interesting. Anyone who knows me, can probably answer this question for me! Unfortunately, they may also be right. However, to complete this statement, I’d have to say my temper.

Then again, do I really need to? Or do I say this because other people tell me I should control it?

After 40some years, I know what my temper is like. I also know that it takes a LOT to get it going. I know what I feel like. I know what my body goes through. I know at times, I say things that, well, perhaps I shouldn’t.

However, knowing this is the key.

The next thing that I have to ask myself is, “Is it worth it, or necessary, to have a temper?” I guess it depends on who you are. Over my lifetime, I have known many, many people. Some for a short while, others for a long time. I have known people who have tempers, that when compared, make me look like a rock on the bottom of a lake. Others have made me seem like the most insane person on the planet.

Different times, calls for a different temper. I have discovered that sometimes, it really makes no sense to get overworked and let my temper get the best of me. At other times, having that bit of ‘craziness’ come out, has proven well. Again, knowing when to use that temper is the key factor.

A couple of examples. There is no sense in getting pissed off with a waiter about the hair on your dish. It’s better to, as life has shown me, to talk to the manager or supervisor. The waiter is not in a position to really do anything about it. And that goes for anyone who occupies a low-level position in any organization. Yelling at the clerk at 7-11 is fruitless. Unless the mistake is obviously their mistake, what can they do?

However, having this bit of temper can prove to be a godsend at times. When confronted with someone who doesn’t want to help you out in a situation, oh let’s say an advertised deal on a hotel room, sometimes getting a little ‘hot under the collar’ at the lobby desk will work wonders, especially if you can prove the circumstances. Taking my iPhone in to the repair shop 4 times in less than one year, and getting angry about it in front of other customers, has proven to be fruitful. Telling the neighbour next door, that she is an idiot and to mind her own f****** business, has proven to be quite effective – and proving that she DOES INDEED understand English!

During one extremely rainy day when I first moved into my present home, and having water literally pouring in and ruining everything in my storage area, proved to be good. The repairman showed up very quickly to fix the problem.

However, as with anything, there is a time and place for a temper. One must learn how to control it, and use it to their benefit, otherwise it can get the better of you.

Temper – to be or not to be… that is the question!


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