August 14, 2010

Another in the ‘Sentence Series’…

One thing I’d really like to know is…

Again, another really good topic. I’ve actually forgotten some of the topics that are in my little bag of essay starters. Well, here goes…

One thing I’d really like to know is, where do people keep their brains when their not using them?

As I always seem to have to say nowadays, is a clause that NOT ALL PEOPLE are like this. However, there are a lot that I wonder about. People who:

– drive along the wrong side of the road
– windowshop while driving
– do not turn on lights on their vehicles at night
– walk on the road without a care in the world
– need minute details when being told something
– butt in front of others in a line-up
– seemingly don’t care for anyone else other than themselves
– walk on roadways with their child closest to traffic
– blame others for their own problems
– believe their children are angels while all others are not
– chat on cell phones while driving
– pass on the left side of another vehicle
– drive monster vehicles in an area that doesn’t need them

I could go on, but I think you’re getting the point. Now, there are times that I feel that I am in the ‘right’. Someone else may ask where my brain is. And they would probably be justified, at the time, to think that. However, as I’ve discovered of myself over the years, for as many times as I question someone else’s behaviour, I have to call into question my own behaviour.

Let’s take a few of the examples above. I will admit that ON OCCASION, I have driven along the wrong side of the road. I don’t make a habit of this, and especially when traffic density dictates that it is unwise. Yes, at 2am in the morning, after heading to McD’s for a late night snack, I have driven along the left side of the road. However, at 2am in the morning, there is not a lot of traffic coming at me! I question people when they do this during rush hour, or when there is a lot of traffic on the road. How difficult is it really, to cross over to the proper side (right side) of the roadway?

Windowshopping! Now this one really gets me. First off, I wonder how people can drive while their head is twisted 90 or more degrees off the direction they are travelling. Now, I’m not saying that everyone should have a compass with them, but I do think that a 45 degree angle, looking at the shops is not too much a problem. It’s when you are twisting your head around almost in the “Linda Blair” style, that I begin to get nervous as a driver. When I can look into your eyes, and you are IN FRONT of me, that is a little much!

A belief, or so it seems, with especially the older generations here in Taiwan, is that using your lights wastes gasoline. Now, if you think about it realistically folks, what do you think would happen if the ELECTRICAL system and the FUEL system were somehow connected? From my science classes in school, mixing electricity and gasoline could (and usually will) result in a big ball of heat, fire, and an explosion that could probably take out a city block or two! Don’t you think that vehicle manufacturers over the years have figured that out? Also, FYI, lights run off the battery – not gasoline! The days of gasoline-powered lights went out with what, the MODEL T!!

Many times over the years, I have had the opportunity, or the only way to go, of walking on the roadway. Now, it was always pumped into my brain as a youngster, that if that is the only way to walk, then one should walk FACING traffic – especially at night time. This way, the oncoming vehicles can see you. Also, you should wear light-coloured clothing so that the vehicles lights reflect better, thus the driver seeing you. More often than not, people like to wear dark-coloured clothing at night. Why? I have no idea. And, they like to walk WITH the traffic. Still haven’t figured that one out yet. However, more often than not, I am unable to see the people walking on the same side as I am travelling, until I’m almost on top of them!

Then, to make matters worse, many times they will be toting a child with them. Children are small. If you think it’s difficult to see an adult, it’s even more so trying to see a child! What parent, in their right mind, whether walking WITH or AGAINST traffic, would allow their small child to be walking closest to the vehicular traffic? They must be the same parents that allow their children to ride on a scooter without a helmet! Kids are resilient, aren’t they?

I suppose I spend a lot of time on the roadways here in Taiwan. Most of the comments above involve traffic in one way or another.

I just have to question people’s logistical thinking sometimes when it comes to the highways and byways of the land. When you’ve got a city like Tainan or any city for that matter, where there are millions of tons of metal rolling around on pavement, why do people take such senseless risks with their lives or the lives of their friends and loved ones? The more people, the more drivers, the more insanity!


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