August 10, 2010

If I were a superhero, what special power would I want? Hmm… hard question. Let’s see what kind of special powers I know from superheros…

– can spin a web
– can climb walls

– very strong
– fly

Bionic Man
– run fast
– super sight

Over my lifetime, I have watched a lot of cartoons, movies, and television programs depicting superheroes. Some superheroes are good people, while, whether you like it or not, some have been the bad guy (or girl).

There are so many we’ve been exposed to over the years, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Even before my time, there were other superheroes that I don’t know. Some of the cartoon heroes I can recall are: Might Mouse, Superman, The Thing, and Batman.

One must remember that a lot of these superheroes started out as comic or cartoon heroes. Depending on the culture the location around the world, superheroes are different.

Here in Taiwan, even thought he is a Japanese invention, Doreamon could be considered a superhero. The most unsuspecting characters can be considered superheroes. They don’t need a special power or way of life, they just need to be who they are.

However, the question is what superpower would I want as a superhero.

I think for me, my ‘superpower’ would not only necessary as a superhero, but something that I would want personally. That being, teletransportation.

Why would I want teletransportation? I think back to shows like Bewitched. To wiggle your nose or as Tabatha did, literally wiggle your nose, and be transported to another time or space, wow! How exciting would that be?

It would be wonderful for a weekend off. Get away from life for a few days and not worry about work. At the same time, to be able to intervene at a specific time to stop a robbery or to intervene in a murder in progress, how powerful would that be?

I think at the same time, I’d like the body strength of Superman. That way, if trying to save someone from a bad person, Superman would be safe. But what kind of life would one have? You’d always be at the beck and call of every law enforcement agency in the country or the world. You wouldn’t have a personal life. Sure, in the movies (or cartoons), Superman and Batman have private lives. In reality though, would they?

How long would it take for people to realize who you were – either your true identity or superhero identity? For that matter, how long would it be before you started bragging about who you are? There are not a lot of people who can honestly say, that they could keep both lives separate. At some point, something will be said. Someone would see your tell-tale cape or garment in the laundry.

A few years ago, there was a program on T.V. called, “Space 1999”. This was about the possibility of living people living on the moon. It had a bit of “Star Trek” stuff in it. As this was a ‘futuristic’ show for the time, as far as I know, we are not living on the moon to date.

There was one character on the show who could transform herself into other beings. For the times, this was kind of cool. Watching the shows now though, it seems a bit silly. Nonetheless, the idea of being able to transform oneself into some other type of being, could have it’s benefits. It may not be a ‘superhero’ by ‘superhero’ standards, but it could be interesting. Being able to turn yourself into a bird or a fish. It would make it easier to change back, as finding a place to ‘retransform’ would obviously be easier.

If you considered teletransportation, how do you know exactly where you will end up? You could appear in a crowd of people, the edge of a cliff, on top of a building. Unless you know every nook and cranny of each and every place you plan to visit, you’re taking quite a chance. The idea though is very cool.

I don’t think that being a superhero would be a great career. Being an ordinary person, who just happened to have a special ability – okay.


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