August 8, 2010

For anyone that doesn’t know, and for the most part, that would be my North American friends, August 8 is Father’s Day in Taiwan. A quick explanation. The number 8 in Chinese is pronounced “ba”. Therefore, August 8 is called “ba ba”. “Ba ba” is also the word for “dad” in Chinese. SO, “ba ba” is Father’s Day in Taiwan.

Happy “Ba ba”, “ba ba”!

Today also marks the last week before the National Story-Telling Contest in Taipei. Next Sunday, August 15, our three students will be performing their stories in front of other students from all over Taiwan, including the heads of Giraffe corporate.

So far, things seem to be going well. I guess it hasn’t really hit them yet. The three of them still seem to be excited about the contest.

As you may recall, May placed 2nd in her category in the regional contest, Jonas placed 3rd in his category, and Nadia placed 1st in her category. Next week, they are all vying for 1st in their respective categories.

We’ve been spending our nights practicing until almost 11pm each night. The only day that we have free is Sunday! Even Saturday, we’re getting them to practice until 3 or 4pm.

A couple of things that I’ve noticed more and more, is that, especially in the case of Jonas and May, is that they are listening to me more.

Where at the beginning of the process, both would look at Janice or their parents to get a ‘translation’ of what I was saying. As it gets closer to the date, the two of them seem to be listening to me more. They may not know all that I’m suggesting, but they are listening.

I really do hope for the best for all three of them. They have been practicing very hard for the past few months, and they are as ready as they will ever be.




These three videos were taped using my iPhone on the Friday a week before the competition. Other than costumes and a few prop changes, the stories themselves are as polished as they can be.

I wish all three good luck in next week’s competition.


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