August 6, 2010

For anyone who’s ever written, albeit a book, a blog, an essay, whatever, we come across something called ‘writer’s block’.

Be honest, those of you (in particular) with blogs. You ever get one of those days where either you want to say too many things, but just don’t know where to start? Or how about those days when absolutely nothing comes to mind?

I go through those days. Looking over some of my past blog entries, even now, I can see where I didn’t really have anything to say. The day I did music links. The day I rant on about something quite meaningless.

I suppose in a way, it’s my own fault. I figured that, with the amount I talk, and the things I see, hear, do, witness, in Taiwan, there would be an endless supply of stories. However, you may not believe it, even I have those ‘off days’.

Suddenly, I get a message from They have something called “Plinky”. In a nutshell, what this little program is all about, is giving you, the blog writer, a subject to write about. I suppose in a small way, I am a real-life “Plinky”. Whenever my students have a problem getting started on writing, I have an almost endless supply of topics to help get them going. Maybe I should pull one of my own ‘topics’!

SO, instead of pulling one of MY topics, I decided to give this “Plinky” thing a go. The topic it gave me, was one that is actually quite interesting – “Swear words: Are you pro or con?” Hmmmm… very very interesting…

Okay. We all grow up, I hope, with the morals of our parents and other influential people. We are told not to swear. Not to use those bad words. Sometimes, we’re punished for using them. Why? Where would we have learned these words if we didn’t hear it from these people in the first place?

As we’re growing up, we’re encouraged to repeat and say the words so as to learn to talk. Then, suddenly, you say a particular word, and if you’re really young, it is cute. If you ‘ought to know better’, then it is not so funny.

Please note: even though I will TRY to refrain from using these words, this is my personal blog. There are times that I use some of these words in my entries. I would like to encourage any parents in particular, to monitor, or at least look over any entry first, before allowing your younger folk to read my blogs. I’m not saying that every entry using these words, but they do pop up here and there.

Okay, let’s begin with something simple. Take a moment, and either write out, or just think, about all the swear words you know. Now, think about how many of these you use, either in thought or in actual speech, each day.

Anyone who says that they never use such words, I would like to question that sentiment. Everyone, at some point, either says or thinks such thoughts. Perhaps as an adult, you’ve tried to never have such thoughts. But until you reached that point, guaranteed, you have said something that someone else would consider a swear word, at least ONCE!

Okay, so now that you’ve done that little exercise, try this one. Below are a few pictures. How many of these pictures represent the words that you wrote down or thought about.

I realize and apologize for the size of these pictures. I’m sure if I searched enough, I could find bigger pictures, but I’m sure you can figure them out. There is really no need for me to explain them to you.

Or maybe…

Naw. Okay. So the topic asks whether I am ‘pro’ or ‘con’ for using swear words. I guess, it depends on the circumstances. For the most part, I am only human. I don’t profess to be a god or a self-righteous person by any stretch of my or anyone’s imagination. I, like everyone else, has good days, and bad days.

When that idiot [Is that a swear word? I guess depends on the emphasis…] plowed into me on May 20, yes, I’m sure a few ‘less than gentlemanly’ words came a pouring out of this pie-hole! Some other situations that cause these words to come flowing…

Every time I bump my shin on the corner of my bed.
Every time I step in a pile of cat barf in the middle of the night.
The time I hammered my thumb rather than the nail.
The day I forgot about my new class starting.
The morning I wake up late for work.
The time the cats knocked over my coffee all over my lap.
The episode of “Survivor” when ‘Boston Rob’ was voted off.
The one time I placed a $100 wager on a hand of blackjack – and lost.
The day I dislocated my toe (even though the words weren’t actually spoken but thought!).
Every time I have to take another printer in to be repaired.
The day I got the largest electric bill I have ever seen in Taiwan.

The list could go on and on. This is but a sample. So, I suppose one could argue that I am ‘pro’ swear words. Sometimes, these words are the only words that come to mind in a desperate or unfortunate situation. They seem to encompass all one’s anger into one simple word or phrase.

On the flipside, I would have to say, that where I would definitely, without hesitation, no if’s, and’s, or but’s, be ‘con’ to swear words, is when I hear a young child using these words. I’m not talking about a teenager, or pre-teen, but those that are pre-school or just entering school aged children. This bothers me.

It is difficult enough for children to learn to use their language correctly as it is. By having parents or other grown-ups using these words around impressionable minds, is in my opinion, irresponsible of these people.

Why would anyone think that it is alright or ‘cute’ to hear their little four-year-old using the ‘four-letter words’? I realize times have changed. We don’t live in a Utopian world yet (or ever for that matter). However, why teach or allow such use of our language to be spoken by these young people? They will learn these words, on their own, later on. Why encourage it?

Swear words: Are you pro or con? I’m trying to think of the @#$%^&* word that means that I am both pro and con!


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  1. Mom Jacklin

    Damn couldn’t find a web site with a list of swear words. My theory is, if it’s in the dictionary it’s an ok word. I’ve never seen a censored dictionary. Enough said.

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