August 4, 2010

Well, here I go again, with problems…

I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with me and computers. I’ve been having problems again with trying to get things done.

Facebook is slow. FarmVille keeps crashing. My website is unresponsive at times. What the heck is going on??

As for FarmVille, I’ve tried to chalk it up to maintenance. Every time that I’ve noticed, in the past, that FarmVille slows down and crashes, there is something new introduced. Now it seems that there is a new thing, something about a bakery, a spa, and a winery. Okay, so that is the problem.

As far as Facebook itself, I’m not sure. Could it be because of rumours from the past? Going back a few months ago, I noticed that people were talking about Facebook wanting to charge users to use the system. Since July 1st has been and gone, and there is still no sign of being charged to use the site, I guess that it was all just rumour.

However, I have noticed that things are running slower and slower on Facebook. Could it be because more and more people are using the system? I suppose that could be a good reason. Really, how many people now use Facebook? Thousands? Millions?

When you see some people have thousands of ‘friends’, it becomes clear that there are a lot of people around the world using Facebook. That in itself, is a good thing. It tends to bring the world a little closer. However, realistically, how many people do we really truly know?

I, myself, have over 190 ‘friends’. I’ve looked over my list of friends. Everyone that I have as friends, are either ‘friends’ or ‘relatives’. There are a few, whose names are in Chinese, that I do not know. I may actually know who they are, but since there are no pictures that helps me identify them, I have started to delete these people.

Also, for some reason, which I’m at odds to figure out, there are some people who have become ‘friends’ even though I have not ‘confirmed’ them! How do people do this? The better question is, WHY?

I’ve seen a couple of videos about internet security. Watching what you post on Facebook. I’ve even been scrutinized about the fact that I have my phone number (?) posted on Facebook. Okay, that may not be a wise thing to do, but I have thought about it. First, it is a cell phone number, so unless you have a GPS tracking system, the chances of you finding out where I am is fairly minimal. Secondly, if you want to call my cell phone number, hey, it’s your dime! Especially if you are calling from another country!

I like Facebook. I like FarmVille. I like the idea that I can keep in touch with my family and friends this way. However, there are other systems that are just as accessible, and probably better. SKYPE, is one system that I’m starting to get more familiar with.

The great thing about SKYPE, in my opinion, is that I have an app on my iPhone. For those friends that I have on SKYPE, I can call them and it is just like making a free phone call, anywhere around the world. It does use WiFi service though, so from what I understand, I am only available when I am in a WiFi area.

What really gets my goat, is that other systems seem to run a lot smoother. Take Yahoo! as an example. I use ‘’ to access my email. Whenever I go onto ‘’, it seems to take forever to get the system up and running. ‘’ does not have a lot of pop-ups or flashing lights, or moving parts. It’s a nice calm screen. For anyone who wants to see the difference, log onto ‘’. This is the Taiwan site for Yahoo!

When I lot onto this site, there are flashing lights, little moving parts, characters running all over the place, scrolling messages… all the things that actually slow down computers! However, it loads a lot faster on my computer than something that has no ‘moving parts’! Why?

I’ve talked about the problems I’ve had with computers and cell phones and printers in Taiwan in previous blogs. And now, here I go again. I’m really hoping this time, that it has to do with the websites themselves. I would really like to know that other people are having the same sort of problems as I have. At least it would make me feel that I’m not the only one who experiences this.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch someone else, using a much smaller computer than mine, access FarmVille. It pops up on their computer so fast, it almost makes me dizzy! Then they switch over to Facebook, and the same thing. So, I decided to see what would happen if I used their computer.

Guess what?!

They log off their accounts, and I log on. The system slows down. Flash crashes. It seems to take forever for FarmVille to load. Now, explain to me… is it me or perhaps my username? Why is it, that even with someone else’s computer, my stuff is slow. When they log on, it speeds up again.

I watch the kids at Giraffe when they are on the Giraffe website. They are able to go from screen to screen with no problem. I get on the computer, to check my email or just to load in my blog site, and what happens, it slows down!

So, that tells me it’s not the computer. So, it’s either ME or my logon (username/password). If anyone has ANY explanation, enlighten me!


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