August 1, 2010

Reality T.V. To be or not to be…

You know, there are a lot of us ‘older’ people in the world who must feel that our time has passed. Perhaps that’s why we tend to ‘feel’ old. The world sees us as old, and when that happens, how can we not agree?

I’ve started watching American Idol, Season 9 these past few days. Granted, this program aired earlier in the year, and since I’m in Taiwan and we don’t get this program here, I’m watching old shows. How appropriate!

For any of you that watched this season’s shows, you may have noticed there was an older gentleman who tried out for the show. If I remember correctly, he was 62 years old. He sang a song he called “Pants on the Floor”.

This person showed the viewers that you’re never to old to do anything – even sing a ridiculous song! In fact, sometimes, it seems that the older one gets, the more eccentric one becomes. To this end, people begin to think that it is funny.

Once it was determined that he was just a little beyond the age limit of the contest, there was a clip of him in the holding area outside the audition room. He was on the floor doing some sort of move to go along with his song. He was doing something that most younger people wouldn’t even attempt.

I listen to what some of these young kids say during their interviews on the program, and at times, it kind of makes me laugh. One girl, who is 16 (I believe), talks about being on American Idol has been her life-long dream. Life-long dream? At 16? When the program started, she was what, 6??

I kind of fall into a category of people we call what, middle-aged. OMG – I never thought I’d ever use THAT phrase to describe myself. I’m not a kid, a teenager, a young adult, nor a senior. I’m too old do compete on a programs like American Idol and yet not old enough to retire and take up gardening!

Then again, I wonder whether I would really want to try out. If given the opportunity, would I be good enough to make the cut. Or would I have Simon thanking me and showing me the door? Saying, by some stroke of genius or luck I were to qualify, would I want to compete in a contest like this?

Another program that I always liked to try out for, is Amazing Race. At least that would be one show that I could be considered old enough to do. Here in Taiwan, for a couple of seasons, they a show called Amazing Race Asia. I actually sent in my application, but of course I didn’t get a response. Considering that it was open to just about everyone in the Eastern hemisphere, the chances of my one application being looked at were slim to nil. Oh well.

The show that I’m always in awe of, is Big Brother. I suppose any activity, or in these cases, television programs, where you must spend 24 hours a day non-stop with one or a group of people, stress and nerves begin to take over.

As much as these shows seem interesting enough, I couldn’t imagine traveling around the world or living with the same group of people, non-stop, for two or three or more months, with no break.

Sure, people live together. Sure we go on holidays and are constantly around the person or persons we travel with. But remember, these are short periods. I don’t care how close a friend you are, or how much you say you ‘get along’ with a sibling or other relative, put two people together, living, breathing, thinking, making decisions, all the time without a break, and see how long the ‘friendship’ lasts! Certainly, once the show or contest is finished, and you’ve had a bit of time apart, then people get back to the way things were previously.

So, would I like to do a reality-type show? All depends. Would the ‘prize’ be enough of an attraction? Personally, I think that there isn’t enough cash in the world. So, I suppose the ultimate answer is, no.

But wouldn’t it fun, just to try out and be considered?


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