July 24, 2010

Oh, what to do today?

I’ve got so much work to do for my classes, but do you ever get those days where you just wanna say **** it? Well, that’s how I feel today.

I found out that there would be no practices for the story-tellers today. Yay! Also, my first class of the day, which would start at 13:00, had been moved to 11:00, and then nothing until 18:00 when I go to see Jolin.

What to do, what to do…

Actually, I had fun in my class this morning. We got through a lot of material in the hour or so that I was with them. We were chatting about a bunch of things, when the topic came up about singing. I know, this really isn’t what we do in class, but whatever… as long as the students are talking in English, I can carry on a conversation about anything.

When I was younger, and you may think this to be funny, but that’s okay, I wanted to be a singer. When I was in school, my favourite subject was music. I loved music. Throughout my elementary and high school years, I learned to play the trombone, tuba, baritone, flute, clarinet, oboe, and guitar. The guitar lessons were something I really enjoyed, but after the second year, for whatever reason, the lessons were dropped. It was too bad, because quite honestly, I really did enjoy it.

For many years I sang in the choirs at school and in church. Again, as time went on and I moved around, the music sort of took a back burner, but I, as with many people, just never really lost the love of music. I’ve heard it said that music is the universal language, and I tend to agree. It doesn’t really matter what music you listen to, music is part of every culture in one way or another.

On my iPhone, I have downloaded a file that contained 1000 of the top hits of all time. All time… considering that these songs are only about from the 60’s onward, ‘all time’ is not really accurate. That was the name of the file. Nonetheless, there are a few songs on there that I really, really enjoy.

It is nothing for me to be driving to my next class, listening to the iPod songs. In fact, more often than not, I’ll be singing along with the songs. I stop at red lights and sort of forget that I am still singing. People will look at me. I don’t care. There are a lot stranger things happening on the roads of this country than people singing along to music. Maybe they’re just fascinated with the fact that I’m singing in English! Hahha…

In this class, two of the students (brother and sister), are heading off to San Francisco next week for a choral gathering or something. I’m not exactly sure what they are doing, but it involves some sort of singing. Ted doesn’t seem to interested in that part of it… he’s more interested in just visiting the USA! His sister, Regina, is more into it. So, she asks me what kind of music I like.

I told them about my iPhone iPod songs. Then, she asked me what my favourite song is. Well, that is tough. With these songs, there are so many that over the 40 or 50 years covered by this file, that there are a lot of my ‘favourite’ songs. I start looking through the list. Finally, I stopped at ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Then, she wanted me to sing. OMG!

You know, without thinking about it at times, when I have the students doing some work in class, I know that I tend to either hum or softly sing songs. It’s just who I am. It could be a tune that is stuck in my head. It could be a tune to pass a couple of minutes. Doesn’t matter. The kids seem to get a kick out of it, or they are just laughing at me. Again, what little 12 and 13-year-olds think about me doesn’t bother me in the least.

So, I start to play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. After a few seconds, I start singing. They are sort of giggling, but after a few more seconds, I’m starting to get into it. I know this song like the back of my hand. It may not be my number one favourite song, but it is up there.

I don’t honestly think that the kids really understood the meaning of the words, and in a way, it’s a good thing. I think they were more amazed at the singing and how I was doing. The giggling turned to actually paying attention. Once I realized that they were actually LISTENING and not bored, well, then I get a little embarrassed.

When I go to KTV, it’s sort of the same thing. Usually, I am the only foreigner with a group of Taiwan people. So, of course, they always want to hear me sing an English song. Thank goodness that the songs have the lyrics. Sometimes, even though I may know the song, I’m not always 100% sure of the words.

Anyway, one of the songs that I have learned to sing along with at KTV, and rather well I must add, is ‘BEN’, an old Michael Jackson song. When the song (and I) finish, I’m always a tad embarrassed. Not because of singing in front of people I know, but more because they were actually listening.

So many times at KTV, while anyone is singing, others are talking. The only time people stop talking, is when the singer is actually singing quite well. I guess it puts people into a state of awe. I’ve never really had any formal singing training, other than school. But when you know a song, and have learned to sing it well, people, and it doesn’t matter what language the song is sung in, people will listen.

The kids were quite impressed. I could tell that they weren’t just saying it to make me feel good. That’s not their style. I could see in their faces that they were a bit stunned that I could actually sing!

Class continued… hahah…

Later on, I had a nap (something I haven’t done in a while), then off to see Jolin, and back home for the night. A rather uneventful day, but a somewhat relaxing day. However, the weekend is now half over. A couple of classes tomorrow, and then the week begins again.

Six more weeks and counting!!



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