July 22, 2010

Well, ‘hump-day’ is over, but it didn’t finish without a problem.

Yesterday afternoon, we had one of the craziest thunderstorms that I have seen in a long time.

I was supposed to have a kindergarten class at Giraffe at 2:30pm. Around 1:30 or so, I called over and had the class moved to another time – Friday morning. Two months ago I was in a scooter accident when the weather was actually kind of nice. As with any other place I’ve had the pleasure of driving, when the weather is less than perfect, people tend to ‘forget’ how to drive. Take Canada for example. As soon as that first big snowfall begins, where the snow actually stays on the ground, people still drive around as though the roads were clear. Little wonder there are so many accidents and fatalities at the beginning of winter than through the season.

Well, the same thing in Taiwan. I don’t care what people say, Taiwan people are insane drivers to start with. They jump lights, pass others on the wrong side, they drive as if they had to be where they are going, 10 minutes earlier, they weave in and out of traffic, most people don’t use mirrors to see what is behind them, and in many cases, the mirrors are pointed up to the sky anyway! I’m not saying that North American drivers are any better. Read my father’s blog about “‘Scarey’ Drivers”, and this will confirm that.

Nonetheless, with the rain we were getting, driving would have been a bit treacherous. One thing I remember someone saying once about rain and the roads that we drive on, is that water and oil don’t mix. We all know that. We took science in school. Hell, wash your pans that you just cooked bacon in, and you’ll see the oil sitting on top of the dishwater! Same thing with roadways.

The pavement that we drive on is an oil-based product. Water is not absorbed by the pavement. In fact, if the rain is heavy enough, there is a ‘sheet’ of water basically floating on top of the pavement. When you drive, your tires are not properly touching the pavement… there is always a thin layer of water between your tires and the road surface. However, as with most things in life, people don’t realize this, or better yet, don’t care. They are on the road, look out for them!

Besides moving the class to another day, I had a couple of other problems occur. One, because of (and I can only assume this, not prove it) the moisture in the air, my iPhone apparently got a drop of moisture into an area that normally wouldn’t get moisture. I found this out today. Second, the printer problem again!

After class at Chang-rong, of which today was two more new classes, my first trip was to the printer shop. I gave them the computer chip that controls the ink. It wasn’t recognizing three of the four colours. They mentioned something about some part that wasn’t on the chip. However, I took out exactly what was in the printer to get the exchange. Whatever. Got home with it, installed it, and now the printer is working again – hopefully for 3 weeks this time!!

The next trip was over to the iPhone repair shop. Without going into too much detail, basically, because the person at the shop said that a drop of water may have gotten into the phone, the phone could not be replaced. If I wanted a new one, it would cost me close to 10,000nt! Kind of figures.

The money that was put down to get this phone, has now been exhausted, and I am now paying the phone bill. The warranty still has a couple of months on it. However, water damage is not covered under warranty. Interesting considering that over half the months in Taiwan are rainy months!

Okay, so brought the thing home. Saved everything to the computer – contacts, pictures, messages, etc. – and then restored the iPhone to its original factory settings. As I anticipated, this cleared everything off the iPhone. Thank goodness I saved everything to the computer.

After a few attempts, I was finally able to get the phone working properly again. Then I did a backup or ‘sync’ with the computer, and lo and beheld, everything is back to normal – so far!

I can’t prove or disprove this, but I think it may have been something with the weather. First, the probability that some water got into the place the repairman had suggested, is almost impossible. Second, the iPhone is always plugged into my computer for a couple of reasons. One, so I know where it is when I’m at home, and second, that it keeps it charged up all the time. The computer acts as a sort of charger for the iPhone’s battery.

I think that perhaps a few of those lightening strikes yesterday may have affected the electrical system in Tainan. Of course, I’m no expert, but that is all I can figure. It may have screwed the iPhone up somehow – maybe an electrical surge of sorts.

By evening time, the iPhone was working okay. Now, as long as I can restore the latest photos and videos to the phone, I’ll be happy. Even though the pictures and videos are on the computer, I don’t have a program on the computer to ‘read’ these files. Maybe in the morning I’ll be able to get this worked out. Chang-rong has cancelled the classes tomorrow morning, so I have a bit of free time to ‘experiment’.

Cross your fingers…


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