July 17, 2010

Another weekend has begun…

Saturdays, at least in the past few months, have been one of my busier days of the week. Over the past couple of weeks, this has now dwindled down to just a couple of classes.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is actually a good thing. For so many years, the only way I’ve had a Saturday as a day of rest, is when it is a holiday, or if I cancel the classes for a particular reason – which is rare to say the least.

I’m now down to only two classes on Saturday. Yay! And even this is only every two weeks. I have a class of advanced students at Giraffe, whom I see for 1 hour every other week, and a private student every week. Since the Giraffe Regional Story-telling Contest last week, Saturday is now somewhat freed up!

Other than these two classes, the day was rather a wasted day. I spent most of the time fixing up some files for school. Got all my lesson planning caught up, and of course, played around on Facebook for a while.

This evening was a different story. I don’t know why, but whenever I get into the mode of cleaning, I can’t stop until it is all complete. It takes me a while to get into this mode though. I had already planned yesterday, to get some housework done – laundry, kitty litter, mop floors, etc. Of course, I didn’t get to it all during the day.

Around 8pm, I was finally up to my eyeballs in cat fur! My cats don’t go outside as often anymore, because of Eloise’s little stunt a few months back. Even still, they are basically house cats anyway. The weather in Taiwan all year, in my opinion, is hot to moderate. The cats, unlike my babies back in Canada, don’t go through the building up of fur and shedding in the spring. So what happens? They shed all the time.

Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, we humans do this all the time as well. Don’t believe me? Look at your hairbrush sometime!! Anyway, I usually brush the cats every other day or so. They all seem to enjoy it to some extent. Saves them from having to do it themselves. I end up with, as Gary called it, carpeting on the floor! Okay, so it’s not quite that bad, but it did make me laugh! He suggested that I just leave it alone, and soon I’d have broadloomed floors! Ugh!

I remember reading one time, a few years back, a Garfield cartoon. I don’t remember exactly what it was about, but there was a line about ‘… the hairs that never land…” I understand this. With 6 cats, there are a lot of ‘… hairs that never land…” floating around the house. It’s next to impossible to keep up with the cleaning up of hair.

House cleaning time! Or at least the top couple of floors. When all was finished, I had swept the two top floors, mopped the fourth floor, not once, not twice, but three times! This is just habit I suppose, and all those years of working in restaurants and bars. Wet mop, then ‘scrub’ wet mop, then dry mop. I realize that it is time-consuming, but man do the floors feel nice afterward. While this is all happening, I did all the laundry. Four loads in all. Cleaned the bathroom, gathered up all the garbage… 2:00am, and the last of the laundry was being hung out to dry. Collapse!

I’ve tried and tried to get a grip on this. It took me about 6 years to get into the habit of completing my lesson plans a week in advance. I still, for the most part, get this done as soon as the day is finished, or at the very least, the next morning. I hate seeing work piled up on my desk. I’ve even tried, successfully, to complete the following weeks lesson plan, while the students are completing a bit of work in class. Only takes a couple of minutes to do it, then all I have to do is print the plan when I get home.

But house cleaning. I keep saying to myself, that when I get home at night, all I really need to do is sweep the floors while the cats are eating, and I could have clean floors every day. Yeah, right. Procrastination at it’s best! A couple more years, and I MAY have that down pat. But for now, I guess it’ll still be a “Sunday” task for me.

I still think it would be HIGHLY worth it to have someone else come in, once a week, to sweep and mop my floors. This is a service I would gladly pay for. I’ll still do the laundry and clean the cat dishes and boxes… but just to have someone do the floors… heaven!


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