July 16, 2010

Well, finally!!

Okay, so there’s always something that kind of gets me going. This one, well, is about what I’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks – trying to get home in September.

What month is this, anyway – July? I thought so. I have been trying for the past two weeks to find a decent enough price to get home. I mean, I don’t mind spending my money on something I really like. In fact, many, many moons ago, when I was first living in Ottawa, I got a cat. I can hear you now – what the hell does a cat have to do with finding an airline ticket! I’ll get there… be patient.

I had decided, on some level, that I wanted a cat. He was an orange and white, beautiful little male kitten. I had actually gotten two – he and his sister, but in a previous apartment, my neighbour had moved out, and mysteriously, the little girl had disappeared at EXACTLY the same time. Two and two is four, right?

Anyway, it was early in my life in Ottawa. It was early in my ‘working’ life. I didn’t make a lot of money, but, since I had decided to have a cat, I also decided that, no matter what, I would take care of this little creature. Make sure that he always had water, food, clean litter, and a safe environment. That cat, Mhoram, ended up being with me for 19 years! He had a good life, and even today, when I think about this cat, I still feel a little sad that he is no longer in my life.

Nonetheless, as I said, I don’t mind spending my hard earned money, on something that I want. And I can bet that any one of you reading this, would feel the same way. Maybe our ‘things’ are different, but we all think alike. We spend the most amount on the things that we want.

Well, after several trips back to Canada a few years back, I had decided that, to fly across the Pacific Ocean, it is just TOO long a flight to sit in economy class. Also, I am not a child any more. I feel that as I get older, I deserve a bit of the good life, so-to-speak. Business class may not be first class, but the seats are bigger, it’s quieter, the service is wonderful… so that is what I wanted to come home.

Checking with all the airlines flying from Taiwan to Canada, even if they do fly to other countries or direct, the pricing to Toronto is, in one word – INSANE! I don’t mind spending my money, but come on! The lowest price I could find was way back in May. Korean Airlines had a seat sale at the time. I kick myself for not finding SOME way of paying for my ticket then, but time just zipped by, and now the sale is gone.

The lowest price I can find, for business class now, is about 2 months salary. Considering that I only have 2 months to go before I arrive in Canada, it really doesn’t make any sense. Sure, I won’t spend a lot in Canada, since I (hope) will be staying with family. The next most amount of money one spends on a holiday is usually hotel stay. Meals coming in a close third, and of course, all those little ‘things’ you want to get for people when you return.

The problem is now, there are, apparently, through 5 different airlines, flying at least 3 or 4 trips a day to Canada, every day of the week, no more seats available. Oh sure, if I want to spend 4 months salary on a seat, I can have one! HA! As soon as someone I know wins the lottery SOMEWHERE, then I’ll book that seat. Until then, well, now I have to find an alternate way to get home. As I mentioned yesterday, dad had asked if I had a teleporter! I suppose I could throw on a bathing suit, but since I’m a bit nervous of sharks, swimming is kind of out of the question.

At one point, I was looking at sites like Kayak and Travelocity. You can’t book a seat FROM Taiwan to Canada or the States, but you can book the other way (North America TO Taiwan return). I then noticed that Delta had a very low price.

Go on their site. Enter the information. Of course, flying into Toronto was going to be expensive. Then it dawned on me. Why am I struggling so much to get into CANADA? Windsor is just across the river from Detroit – the United States! Why not see if Delta flies into Detroit! Well, I’ll be damned. Of course they do. And the cost is about 1/2 of the flight that would carry on to Toronto! In other words, the flight from Taipei, through Tokyo, and into Detroit would cost the same as the flight from Detroit to Toronto! How crazy is that??

MSN chat to dad. Hey, do you and mom mind picking me up in Detroit? Oh, no passports. Okay, what about Windsor?? No problem? You’ll just go to the casino and wait? Good idea!

Gist of it – I’ll be flying into Detroit, and hopefully, take a taxi from the airport to the Windsor Casino. Maybe, I could see if Dave and Marie would consider picking me up at the airport!

So, for anyone interested, I’ll be arriving in Detroit, September 7, at approximately 1:30pm, Delta flight 276 (or 275). The flight actually will be coming from Narita Airport in Japan. You cannot imagine how incredibly relieved I am! Whenever I have traveled, ever, I always like to plan ahead. I like knowing that I have a seat/ticket. I like knowing that I can get back. I don’t like waiting for the last minute. If it was only a flight from say, Toronto to Las Vegas, stand-by would be fine – but not flying half-way around the world.

So definitely, one way or another, I will be in Windsor at the very least, the day I arrive, and the day I leave! I’m hoping that at least one other time during my time in Canada, to get down to Windsor again. Now, if I can only find a good deal from Toronto to Sydney, then I’ll be happy. It’s still early, and the trip to the east coast is flexible, so there’s still lots of time to look.

My ticket is booked, and paid for. The return is also included. The only problem – hmm – economy class. Considering that this ticket is only going to cost me about 3 weeks salary as opposed to 2 months salary, I can deal with it – THIS TIME!


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