July 15, 2010

Another day, another day…

I talked about SKYPE and Facebook yesterday. Well, lo and behold, at 5:30 this morning, I come downstairs, after feeding the kids (aka cats), make my coffee, turn on the ‘puter (as my dad calls it), and beep-beep-beep-BEEP, there is Gary! Hahaha…

A little bit of technology, the idea of $0, and you can connect with anyone, anywhere on the planet, anytime! Gotta love it!

I know that this entry, again, is backdated, but it keeps with my desire on this blog, to keep a daily blog, no matter what. Just me.

I’ve still been at my wits end trying to get air tickets back to Canada. My father asked me if I had a teleporter. Man, if this was the 24th century, I’d definitely have invested in one of those puppies long before. However, we’re only in the 21st century. Will have to wait until I get a little older, and a few more bucks in my bank account before THAT is a reality!

I was discussing with Gary about visiting him. I know, he’s going to go ‘doolally’ on me about this, but hey, I have broad shoulders! I never really realized just how big Canada was. Sure, when I moved from Ottawa to Windsor several years ago, I knew that it would take a good 10 hours to drive it (driving cautiously and within speed limits that is!!). Then, when I moved out to BC, and drove the truck with all my belongings as well as two other people’s life, you begin to get the idea of just how big Canada really is!

Trying to explain this to people in Taiwan though, and not just Taiwan, but almost anywhere, it kind of boggles the mind.

Countless times, while visiting New York or Las Vegas, people would ask me the most stupidest question I have ever been asked. Mind you, there are a lot of stupid people out there on this blue marble. Nonetheless. Sitting at a blackjack table on one of my earliest visits to the city that never sleeps – Las Vegas – the dealer and I were chatting. Once established that I was living in Ottawa, that went over like a lead balloon.

This person had no idea what an “Ottawa” was. I tried to explain, without laughing too much, that Ottawa was the capital city of our country, it still produced a blank stare from me. So, then to explain that Ottawa was about 4 hours drive north of Toronto. Ding ding! Lights came on. Toronto. This dealer knew Toronto. Good.

The next statement to me was, or maybe it was a question: “Oh, I have a friend in Toronto, maybe you know him/her (doesn’t matter)?” Then, the dealer began to give me the name. At the time, of course, it was my turn for a blank stare. I looked at the dealer, and asked if he knew someone I knew in New York city!

Since living in Taiwan, a few times I have been asked the same thing. Only from a Vancouver point of view. So now, I just say I’m from Canada. When they ask the city, I say Vancouver. Occasionally, I get the same response. Oh, I have friends in Vancouver, maybe you know them!

Are people really that mentally challenged that they think everyone in Canada knows each other!? Hell, I have relatives I don’t even know. What on God’s green earth would make you think that I would know all 31,000,000 people in Canada personally? Do these people think that all Canadians are a) related or b) just good friends?

Now though, I get to use the Taiwan thing. When asked, I will ask if they know someone I know in Taipei or Kao-hsiung. The only thing is, a few times, I have been caught on this one. It really is amazing how many people know each other in this country! Seriously!

Back to Canada.

Chatting with Gary, I kind of made up my mind that I would try to visit him while I was there. My first thought was to take a bus. Uh huh. Do you realize how long a bus ride it is from London, ON to Sydney, NS? Minimum, 36 hours! 36 HOURS!! At first, and I must admit, I was stunned. How the hell could it take 36 hours to travel from Ontario, through Quebec, New Brunswick and then to Nova Scotia? I was always under the impression that New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were two of our smaller provinces. Apparently, they are not as small as I have imagined!

Okay, so “Ix-nay on the bus, eh!” Next option – train.

The closest one can get to where I want to go, is Halifax. Okay, so Halifax it is. I’m told there ain’t no way Gary will travel for 10 hours to get me at the train station in Halifax! Now, again, I’m sort of shaking my head. 10 hours to drive from his place to the train station in Halifax. I can drive from Ottawa to Windsor in less time, and Ontario is one of the larger provinces in our country!

I’m starting to get a good sense of just how massive Canada is! Even our smaller provinces are huge. Here in Taiwan, one can drive from the extreme northern tip to the extreme southern tip of this country in about 8-9 hours – 10 if you take your time! You can travel the longest route in this COUNTRY in less time than it takes to cross our third smallest province! To get an idea of just how big Taiwan is, the land area of Taiwan, including ALL the islands under Taiwan’s jurisdiction, is a little smaller than Vancouver Island.

We have what, 31,000,000 people (give or take) in Canada? Taiwan is just a tad over 23,000,000. So, basically, take every single person in Canada, shove them all on Vancouver Island, and you’ll get the idea of what Taiwan is like. No wonder it is not uncommon for people to know someone in another city!

So now it’s back to square one. I still want to head down to Nova Scotia while I’m there, but it’s going to have to be by plane. There is no way in hell, I’m going to travel for 36 hours on a bus, Gary is not going to drive for 20, wait, 40 hours total to pick me up and return me back to Halifax for a 20-26 hours train ride. Four days will be spent in travel time alone. So, plane it’s gotta be!

Anyone hear of any good seat sales between Toronto and Sydney (NOVA SCOTIA, not Australia) in September, let me know!



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2 responses to “July 15, 2010

  1. Marie

    Oh Bill, I was laughing at this one. Once when we were on Grainville Island we met a group of deaf mutes and when they found out we were from Ontario they said they had family/friends in Toronto and proceeded to ask us if we knew so and so. OMG WTF??? I just said no, sorry I don’t. I mean, I know alot of people but what are the odds that I would know Joe Blow????
    So, Nova Scotia eh??? Have fun. it’s beautiful country but wouldn’t want to live there. Dave is from Stellarton which is 2 hours from Halifax. Hope you find a sale soon and also hoping you might be able to swing down to Windsor. If not, I understand completely. Honest, I do

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