July 7, 2010

Wow, the days are just slipping by, aren’t they?!

I don’t know whether it’s just me, or whether there are others of you as well. I read, or rather SAW, an article on Yahoo.ca today about Lindsay Lohan. Okay, I’ve heard the name a few times, or perhaps just read it, but nonetheless, who the hell is she?

I don’t profess to be ‘up’ on the latest celebrity gossip. I could care less. I don’t know anyone famous. Hell, I don’t know anyone rich! I certainly don’t know any celebrities, or at least any personally. Sure, I know the names of some of my favourite actors and actresses, but that’s about it. I don’t know whether they are married, divorced, single, gay, straight, bi, where they live, how many kids they have, or their criminal records. I simply don’t care.

Some people live for this information. Crave it. Need to know it… ‘inquiring minds need to know’, right? Even as a kid, I barely knew anything about the so-called, rich and famous of my time. I knew the names of the music groups that I liked to listen to, but I didn’t really know who the actual singers were – well, except for ABBA! I knew the names of all the Brady family members, but only their stage names – well, except for Florence Henderson. Had it not been for Wesson Cooking Oil, I probably wouldn’t even know her name either!!

I guess it goes along with stuff like sports and cars. I couldn’t tell you anything about a car, except for the parts that I’ve had repaired or replaced over the years. I know the names and types of cars I’ve owned, but I couldn’t look at a car and tell you what it is, what year, model, make, engine size, etc., to save my life.

I certainly can’t tell you anything about sports. Sure, when I was a kid, for some reason I liked the Boston Bruins hockey team. I think it had something to do with my cousins and my mom. Not sure though, but something about my mom’s side of the family rings a bell. The only thing I really knew about the Bruins was a player named Bobby Orr. What position he played, number, how many goals a season he got, I have no idea. Again, I could care less.

It always amazes me when people throw out this type of information. Maybe my mind is working elsewhere, but I don’t mind knowing information about something that affects ME! If it has absolutely no bearing on my present life, then why bother retaining that knowledge?? Impress your friends? Your classmates? ‘The guys’?

I’ve been away from Canada for quite a while, and even before I left, I didn’t really notice either, but is the National Enquirer still around? I’m sure it is. And if it isn’t, I’m sure there are several other gossip tabloids around to satisfy the hunger of the ‘need to know’ people. Every once in a while, when a program has finished on T.V., I will search through the other channels to see what’s on. There is a program that airs here called (I believe) TMZ??

I’ve watched it for a few minutes until “Sex and the City” comes on. Thankfully, I usually only have to endure about 2 or 3 minutes of this crap. I know or at least understand, that when a person has made it to the status of being ‘rich and famous’, everyone and his aunt and uncle want to know everything about you. You have no personal life. Everything you do, everything you say, everything you eat, smell, everywhere you go… is captured on film. You see some of the ‘rich and famous’ being hounded with questions, they wear dark glasses (suppose to keep them anonymous or something), they hide their face…

I believe that as we grow up, the idea of being a famous movie star, or rock god, or whatever, enters our minds. The fame. The fortune. The fans. But when I see how these people react to the paparazzi and fans and news teams asking questions, taking pictures, etc., it really makes me wonder if that is really a great lifestyle? I suppose, if you can deal with all this and not be upset or offended, then hey, why not.

And then along comes someone like this Lindsay Lohan character. I posted a note on my Facebook asking who she was. I knew that I would get some reaction, but wasn’t really prepared for the onslaught that I did get! Why do people even care who she is?

The more we talk about her and keep her name in the papers and want to know who she is, she is living the life of a famous person. Doesn’t matter what kind of news coverage she is getting, the fact is, her name is out there. Oh well, I guess I’ll just never get into this whole celebrity need-to-know stuff. Am I better for it? I don’t know. As I mentioned above, she has no bearing on my life, she is not a friend of mine, I have no idea who she is, and therefore, quite frankly, I could care less about her.

I have plenty of other things to occupy my mind and thoughts. I’ve got hundreds of relatives names to brush up on, relationships, etc. I have over 400 students to keep track of. These people affect me somehow. To me, these are the celebrities in my life. These are the famous people I want to know and know about!


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  1. Pat

    I am much the same as you. I have certain ” celebrities ” that I like, but only in the context of seeing another movie with them in it or do they have another song? Could give a rats ass who they snuggle in bed or how much they paid for for their house. Bottom line is that deep down the are just like anyone else..they eat, the sleep, and they poop..just like us ordinary folks. My parents were BIG TIME hockey fans. There was no question of answering the phone or the door during a hockey game. ( you never wanted to sit next to Mom during a match ’cause you could be badly injured by swinging fists ). Wish we could meet up in September but our youngest is getting married on Sept. 11. Will have to hook up on chat sometime.I enjoy your blog Cuz !

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