July 6, 2010

Giraffe Story-telling Competition, Part IV

My final entry about the Giraffe Story-telling Competition, will focus on Nadia. She is the youngest winner at the bushiban level, to compete in this year’s competition. The four students, once again, are: May (The Quirky Queen), Wayne (The Truth About Hansel and Gretel), Jonas (Lizzy the Lion), and Nadia (Froggy Gets Dressed).

Nadia (Froggy Gets Dressed)

On June 25, 2010, Nadia had two spotlights that night. The first was her graduation from kindergarten. The second, was winning the youngest level of story-telling.

Now, I must admit here, that I have had very little impact on her learning or telling this story. I have had the pleasure of teaching her English in kindergarten for the past 3 years, but not too much involvement in her learning this story. I leave all that credit to her mother, another teacher at Giraffe, Christine.

Nadia is another one of these students who has no fear on stage. She has no fear of people. She is just as comfortable on stage, as off. She also has no problems speaking English. Again, I have to give a lot of this credit to her mother.

I’ve noticed on more than one occasion, that students who are fortunate enough to have one or two parents who speak English (or even teach English), have no problems speaking with foreigners. They seem just as comfortable using this language, as they do their own. These are the students who do very well in English class.

With her mother’s help, Nadia has learned the technique of being on stage, and talking to an audience. She has learned how to use the stage to her benefit. She has learned how to use the motions, and emotions, to get the audience to pay attention. This is a tough hurdle to overcome for anyone.

Her story, is about a little frog who wants to go outside and play in the snow, however, he keeps forgetting to put on certain clothing items.

Nadia has obviously rehearsed this story so much at home. She’s got the story down pat. She’s got the actions down to a tee! Again, a lot of this credit has to go back to her mother. Each time I’ve had the pleasure of watching her perform this story, I have to giggle. There have only been a couple of suggestions that I have given to her mom about her speaking, but since the students will use microphones, I don’t think that that will be a problem.

A couple of years ago, at the Taipei competition, there was a little girl who told a story about a cat or something, using different colours. This little girl was incredible. However, I don’t think that girl can hold a candle to Nadia’s performance. I think if Nadia had done this story alongside this other girl back then, it would have been a real competition. I would still have to say that Nadia would have done much better, since she uses the stage, and shows a lot of facial reactions and emotions.

I look forward to watching her on stage this weekend. I have no doubt that Nadia will be another one of our ‘stars’! Good luck on Sunday, Nadia!


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