July 5, 2010

Giraffe Story-telling Competition, Part III

Okay, so some people may say to me that this is kind of like cheating. I’ve used my blog for three days now, talking about the various students in the story-telling contest. I’ll reiterate again… this is my blog, I can write about what I want, and you are entitled to your opinion, I appreciate that, but, hey…

I’ve written two blogs so far. On July 3, I wrote about May. On July 4, I wrote about Wayne. Today, I’ll continue. The four students from our bushiban who are competing in the regional competition on Sunday, July 11 are: May (The Quirky Queen), Wayne (The Truth About Hansel and Gretel), Jonas (Lizzy the Lion), and Nadia (Froggy Gets Dressed).

Jonas (Lizzy the Lion)

Jonas is an interesting character. If I’m not mistaken, he was in the national competition last year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to Taipei last year, and I’m not sure how he did. For some reason, I think he got first place. I should check on that!

I worked with him a little bit last year, but because of his age and language abilities, he isn’t really able to listen to me in English. Sure, he is able to recite the story. However, up until recently, he has never been in my classes.

This little guy has so much energy, he makes ME tired. Whatever critiques I have of his performance, Janice relates back to him in Chinese. A few times I have helped him by showing him what he can do to make his story more interesting. The great thing about this guy, is he reminds to a certain degree, of May. He listens. He practices, not only at the bushiban, but at home. His teacher, Sabrina, also has to be commended.

He does, however, have a bit of a problem with the long ‘a’ sound, just as Wayne does. His story is about a little lion cub named Lizzy. Lizzy wants a mane, like her brothers. However, when he says the word ‘mane’, it comes out as ‘man’. I have to laugh sometimes when he’s doing his practices. Back a few months ago, I posted the stories on my blog. If you search back, and re-read this story, substituting ‘man’ for ‘mane’, then perhaps you’ll understand why I think it’s funny.

Nonetheless, Janice and I, as well as his parents at home, have been helping him to get this long ‘a’ sound proper. I know, just from working with him this year, that he will do his best.

During his time of practices, which are becoming more and more often since the regional contest is on Sunday, I can see that he is getting more tired of the story. However, once he begins, he puts his ‘all’ into the story. He is still a very young kid. But I can see that he will do these competitions for a couple more years, and hopefully, bring back first place each time!

The one thing that I did notice at the bushiban competition a couple of weeks ago, and this could either have been intentional or just by chance, when he came on stage, he looked like a little lion cub! His hair was a bit short (obviously, had had a haircut), but it was standing straight up! He actually looked like he had a mane!

He is not afraid of anything. He is definitely very comfortable on stage in front of people. Where most kids his age are very shy, or ‘pretend’ to be shy, he does NOT have that problem. He gets up there, and commands the attention of the audience. I know he will do very well this weekend. I will be very surprised if he doesn’t get first place. I look forward to helping him get that top prize in August in Taipei!

Good luck, Jonas.

(Part IV, continued July 6, 2010)


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