July 2, 2010

Friday again.

Seems like the weeks are just zipping by. The year is now half over. Just like Wednesdays, everything is now on the way down… the countdown to a new year is closer.

In two months, I’ll be on a 3-week vacation to visit my family and friends. I’ve been calling around for some deals on airfare. It seems that prices go up and down in Taiwan when it comes to travel.

When I’ve spoken with the airlines directly, they tell me that I can get much better pricing if I go through a travel agent, rather than buy the ticket direct from them. However, they are able to tell me when low travel season is, and that just happens to be September.

So, try a few travel agents. I must not know the right agent, because the pricing I’m getting from these people is a little out of my league. In past years, I went through China Airlines directly and bought my ticket. I got a great seat, great service, and never had a problem. So, I think I’ll just do that again. There are only a couple of airlines that offer direct flights from Taipei to Toronto. One is Cathay Pacific out of Hong Kong, and the other is EVA (not exactly sure, but I think Taiwan).

You see, after a certain age, and for everyone that ‘age’ is different, you kind of want a different class of service. My first few trips between Canada and Taiwan, it was okay to go economy class. Most of that reason, was cost. After a while though, traveling for 14 hours sitting almost upright, becomes a bit tedious.

One of the last times back to Vancouver, I flew business class. Wow, what a difference. The seat reclined to a comfortable sleeping level. I had leg room. I had space. I could get up to go to the washroom, and not ask the people beside to get up, or even disturb them. In fact, I didn’t even have that problem, because there was no one in the seat next to me anyway!

The meals were served on actual dinnerware. Real knives, forks, and spoons. White linen table cloth. Appetizers. Salads. Drinks. Never having flown this class before, this was a real treat. I felt like a VIP, and not the kind of VIP that I usually refer people as. I honestly felt like a very important person. Granted, so did the 50 or 60 other business and first class passengers. But that didn’t deter my feelings.

I’ve also been doing a bit of alternate bookings, such as flying Taipei to Vancouver business class, and then Vancouver to Toronto economy. I figure the trip across the country will be easier to deal with economy, than the 14 or so hours across the Pacific Ocean.

However, this actually works out to more expensive. Flying within Canada is a lot more expensive now than it was 10 years ago. It almost seems at times, that I’ve been in a coma for 10 years. Now I’ve woken up, and things are a lot different.

I’m really looking forward to this trip home. It will be interesting to take a trip around London, the city I grew up in for most of my younger life. It will be cool to see all the homes I lived in, the schools I attended, the places I used to walk, and play. I laugh at times because my iPhone will hold over 42,000 photographs. I figure theres no way anyone can take that many pictures in a lifetime. I’m beginning to think that I will be taking a LOT of pictures. My chance at recalling some old memories.

The thing is, I can still see all the homes where we lived. I can still see the hallways of my schools. I can remember the streets and friends and places we, as kids, used to play. I’m sure things have changed a lot in the years since I’ve been there. How could it not?

Thanks to Google maps, and my dad in a way, for allowing me to view London on a street level, that up until a few years ago, was not possible. But taking pictures of all these places and putting them into permanent memory, will be interesting.

Well, back to the present day. I’ve got a few more memories to create. And a few memories to help create for others.


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