June 14, 2010

Okay, so here it is almost June 15! That’s okay, because now I feel like I’ve caught up.

This past weekend was rain, rain, rain. Not typhoon, just lots of rain. It’s kind of depressing sometimes. Here in Taiwan, and in particular, Tainan, we go for months without so much as a drop of water from the heavens. Then, something happens, and we get non-stop rain for days on end. So which is worse…

I think that is why I kind of like four-season weather. Maybe I’m a great fan of snow, but at least it added a bit of variety to the year. However, what would be ‘perfect’? Or better yet, what would “I” consider to be perfect weather. How about this… nice sunny skies, with a few puffy white clouds during the day. At night, once we’re all tucked up and sound asleep, the rain can fall as long as hard as it wants – as long as it stops around 6:00am!

The one thing that I’ve always wanted to do on a rainy day, like yesterday, is to snuggle up in bed, watch T.V. all day, and basically, do nothing. But I just don’t have that in me. I’ve tried, lord knows, I’ve tried. I think I’ve figured out why. First off, I’m not one to just lie around in bed. I get very uncomfortable. Even at night, while I sit on my bed, watching T.V., I can’t sit in one position for too long. I’ve tried once in a while to have a nap in the afternoon. Usually an hour is about my limit.

The other thing that doesn’t permit me to have lounge around for too long, are my babies – the cats. They are no longer kittens. So when four or five of them decide that they want to sleep on the bed, well, it doesn’t leave a heck of a lot of room for me. Some mornings when I wake up, it’s difficult to move around the bed. Not because I’m tired or the muscles haven’t started to loosen up yet, it’s because I’m entombed in my bed. The cats are lying around me encasing me. When they snuggle against me, it feels like I’m vacuum sealed! Any attempt I make at movement gets one of two reactions. One is a growl or two. The second is the sudden jumping around and running around that never ends until there’s food in their dishes!

This is also why I would never take a holiday to a place where there’s nothing to do but lie on a beach or by the pool sipping margaritas all day. Whoa, hold the phone. Sitting on a beach with margaritas… hmm, sounds like a trip to Mexico. Okay, so maybe that one would be okay. As long as there’s nachos with lots of jalapenos!

So, back to the lying in bed. How many pillows do you have on your bed? Rhetorical question, since I don’t really want an answer. For the record, I believe I have 8. I know that somewhere around this house there are a few more, but I only use 8. I know, sounds kind of crazy, right? A couple of them I bought here in Taiwan at some department store. I don’t know what it is about Taiwan and comfort when it comes to bedding. Back in Canada, I loved my bed. It was comfortable, the down comforter was light and warm in winter, and yet surprisingly cool in summer. My pillows were fluffy and yet didn’t give me a sore a neck.

These first couple of pillows are filled with a cement-type product, I swear. They are rock hard. I’ve tried to take out this batting and fluff it up, and restuff the pillows, but after a couple of months, they’re back to being great support for the computer! A while back, I was in Kao-hsiung and decided to go over to IKEA.

They had some down-filled pillows on sale, so like everything else I do, I picked up four of them. I don’t know how I was able to ride back from Kao-hsiung on the scooter with all the stuff I’d picked up at IKEA, but the pillows made it back. These four pillows are perfect. About a month or so later, I happened to be back in Kao-hsiung with my friend Cliff. Again, I noticed that they had pillows on sale, so I picked up four more. This now brought my total to 8.

However, these two pillows are TOO soft. I can practically scrunch them up, and put them in my pocket, that’s how soft they are. No support whatsoever. Then I found out that these pillows are people who sleep on their tummies. I didn’t even realize that pillows were made in different ways for the ways people sleep! I’m a side sleeper. Sometimes I sleep on my back, but that’s usually during the afternoon naps.

Well, this was a rather interesting article, wouldn’t you say?

Oh, and by the way, the rain seems to have stopped for now. And my students’ writings are coming along great. I’ve given them topics to help with their writings for now. Keep up the good work! It does get easier.

One of them today, asked me, “How many words?” I knew what he was asking, but to get a point across, I jokingly said, “948. No, no, 10,651. No wait, 1,455,456!” They all looked at me. I told them all this student asked was, “How many words?”, so I gave an answer. Then, oh, you meant for writing in the blog?! My question back was, “How many can you write? Wait!” Then I wrote “x 100” on the board, and covered it. Then I asked this student to give me his answer. How many words could he write. The answer back was, “100”, so I uncovered the “x 100”! Hahhaha – 10,000 words!

I think they kind of got my point, that it wasn’t so important the number of words. However, I did tell them that at their level, 100 words is not a lot to ask. Also, whether they write 95 words or 110, I’m not going to count. I just want them to write.


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