June 13, 2010

Okay, so June 13 was Sunday, and here I am on Monday finally getting to it…

This is turning out to be more of a daily log or diary, than just writing about my opinions. Unfortunately, Sunday was such a pissy day, raining all day, that there really wasn’t a lot to write about.

I wanted to get some work done around the house, but then with a couple of classes, and the humidity, it really wasn’t worth it. Just sat in front of the computer, got class stuff done, and had the air con on, not only for the coolness, but to get rid of some of the moisture.

I’m also starting a few more classes this week, as well as a few being dropped or reshuffled. This is kind of early in the school season for this type of thing, but hey, work is work, and I try to accommodate as much as possible.

At one school, a teacher is leaving. Whatever the reason for the departure, is not really my concern. This teacher did take the time to inform me that should I decide to leave a job, give the employer at least a month’s notice. I appreciate the words of concern, however, I’m not a kid!

I have been working for a long time. There have only been two times in my life, where I have given less than an adequate amount of notice before departing my job. Once was about 20 or more years ago. I was working for an art shop in Ottawa. I had been working with them for over a year, and when they decided to hire someone outside the organization, which is not unusual I suppose, it made a lot of people within the organization a bit ticked off. And, this new person had never been in sales and especially retail sales in their life. She was a friend of one of the owners sons. Go figure.

Anyway, I had already reapplied with the federal government. I had gotten word that I was hired, and was asked to report for my new post at the beginning of the following month. I think it was only two weeks, but it could have been three. I had given my notice, however, this new person would not accept my resignation. I tried to explain that I was going back to the work that I had done prior to working here – well, not exactly the same job, but back with a previous employer. She still wouldn’t accept my resignation. I kept reminding her, and reminding her, that it was not an optional thing. I remember talking to her almost every day for the weeks prior, but she still wanted me to stay with them.

Finally, the fateful day arrived. I finished at 5pm. At 6pm, I started to close up shop. The manager of the store hadn’t shown up (as was normal) for her shift at 5pm, so I had no alternative. My job was finished, I was no longer employed and was leaving. There was no way that the art shop was going to pay for my overtime anyway, so the doors started to close. Finally, the manager showed up just as I was turning the key. She was mad, but it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Another fateful job was with a casino. I was originally hired as a supervisor. About two months after the opening, the management changed. One of the duty managers, who happened to be new, decided to change things around. She was from Alberta, if I remember correctly. She and the other two had decided that anyone who was not a native resident of British Columbia, would be demoted to dealers (the lowest level) and have to ‘prove’ their abilities. It mattered not that I had already been working in casinos for approximately 25 years of my life. Yes, those times were part-time, but it shouldn’t diminish the fact that I had more experience than any two of these duty managers combined!

I was therefore demoted, eventually, to a dual position. Sounds like a fair position, but not really. If you think about the word dual, it would seem to indicate that you would work just as many hours as a supervisor as you did dealer. However, it usually meant that you were only called on to do supervisor work when no other supervisor was available.

In my previous casino positions, I had done the dealer thing, the supervisor thing, the casino manager thing, the security thing, the surveillance thing… but all those ‘things’ meant nothing to these airheads.

On several occasions, I had gone to each of the duty managers to inform them that there was a problem with some of the dealers and supervisors. They were, for lack of better words, ripping off the casino. It doesn’t matter how they were doing it, it was being done. In the casino world, even if there is a hint of something going on, it usually means it’s a lot worse. Ripping off a casino is not something that those involved want spread around. It is kept very hush hush…

After so many years of working in various casinos in Ontario, I became accustomed to spotting when there were problems. Normally, a report would be made, and the matter would be taken care of. A problem in a casino can be akin to a cavity in your tooth. It may just look like a little black dot, but under the surface, the tooth is gone. If there is even a hint of suspicion, than the underlying problem is a lot worse.

One Saturday morning, I was scheduled to be a supervisor. The duty manager decided at the last minute to switch me with another dual, thus, he would be the supervisor, and I’d be the dealer. I thought this a bit strange, as he was one of the people I had indicated as being part of the problem. During my first break, I went to see the duty manager. She basically chewed me up one side and down the other asking who I thought I was making accusations about other staff. I was to get back to the floor, and complete my shift. I told her, that I would not deal in the same pit where this person was supervising. A little arguing back and forth, and I took off my badge, handed over my license, and basically walked off the premises.

I have never been back since. That was almost 12 years ago.

About 6 months after my walking off, the casino was investigated. No, I did not make the complaint, but I sure wish I had. It was discovered that 2 of the 3 duty managers, several security and surveillance staff, and over a dozen supervisors and dealers were all involved in a scam of the casino. Well hell, no wonder they didn’t want me making problems! The people who I trusted as being MY supervisors were the ring-leaders!

Getting back to my work life, I’m not the kind of person who leaves a job – just because. When an other opportunity comes along, I have always explained the situation. I give adequate notice, and then leave it up to the business to allow an early departure. As with most people, changes happen all the time. I do however agree, that if the business requires a certain notification period, then the employee should also be entitled to that notification period as well.

However, for any of my present employers who are reading this, no, I am not leaving any time soon. Yes, I will be going home to Canada in September, but I believe everyone that needs to know has already been made aware. And I will be back!


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