June 12, 2010

So today is another one of those ‘entertainment’ days…

It sames lately that a lot of my friends on Facebook have been posting their favourite music videos. So, here goes:

First off, is one that way too many people have posted links to. The only thing with Facebook is that after a certain amount of time, it seems that the messages disappear and can no longer be retrieved. Or, simply that too many messages are sent out, that eventually the system just sort of purges older messages.

Many years ago in my youth, Madonna was the hot item. Everyone I knew listened to her music. I must admit, that I sort of got tired of listening to her music. However, now I don’t mind. Today though, Lady Gaga is the one to watch. I call her a few things which doesn’t win me brownie points with my friends, but then again, I don’t have to like what ‘everyone’ else likes.

I finally decided, after a lot of hype, to watch this video. I still think she/he/it is a Madonna ‘wannabe’, and I will still call her/him/it, “Lady Gag-gag”:

This one is from me. Ever since I heard this woman perform this song, I was in awe. Susan Boyle won “Britain’s Got Talent 2009”, and this is one of the songs she sang. It is an oldie, but a goodie. And her spin is incredible!

This next one is a link from my little brother (‘didi’). He says, and I quote, “I’m pulling a Raeside….haha.”

This one is from Ken Heavilin. Apparently a bride and groom requested this song at their wedding reception. I didn’t even know there was a music video made!

One of my co-workers has this posted, Ton Yi. It states that he was tagged in the video, but be damned if I can see him!

(You may have to ‘cut and paste’ this one.)

This one is kind of fun to watch. It was reposted (shared) by Jordy Chen.

… and another courtesy of Jordy Chen.

(You may have to ‘cut and paste’ this one.)

Thank you, Cliff. This one is real!

(You may have to ‘cut and paste’ this one.)

I won’t embarrass the individual who posted this link (haha)!

One of my students in Class 8-5 at Chong-rong likes this video.

And one of his classmates likes this song, although it really isn’t a ‘music video’…

One final one for Paula Paylo Crocilla. Her son found this, and since she is a major Black Hawks fans, I thought it would be fun to post it just for her.


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  1. stranger

    mostly old fashioned except the first one

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