June 9, 2010

Well, another day, another day…

Today was the day to try the other two grade 8 classes to start a blog. The first class was a little reluctant, as I expected. However, towards the end of class, it seems that I may have somewhat, won them over. We’ll see. They’ve decided to call their blog, “Family Sky Blog”. Some of their earlier ideas didn’t sit too well. How they came up with this name, or better yet, agreed on this name, is beyond me. My task is to guide and monitor.

The second class seemed a bit more, how shall I say, eager… When given the first task of coming up with a name, this took less than 5 minutes to come up with, vote, and decision made. They’ve agreed on, “Super Carrot Man Blog”. Okay, so maybe I don’t know as much about teenagers as I believe I do.

The links to all four of my classes blogs are on the right of this page. Under the heading, “BLOGROLL”, you will see: “C.J. WATERMELON”, “BOY’S GENERATION”, “FAMILY SKY”, and “SUPER CARROT MAN” blogs. It’s easy to access them… just tap the link, and away you go. As I mentioned yesterday, feel free to post comments to any of the students. For the most part, their names are in the title of their blog entry, or at the end of their entry.

Another part of today that I actually enjoyed, was the opportunity to judge some students participating in an English speech contest, or story-telling contest. I actually enjoy judging these contests, however, I do tend to be a bit, oh heck, a lot critical. Yes, I realize that these students are trying their best. They want to prove that their abilities in the English language are as good as they believe.

I think that some of these students only enter these contests and activities to receive the document that proves that they participated. They are not all that interested in winning the contest. Just the fact that they participated where their fellow classmates didn’t, is what matters. For that, I am disappointed. I had another student at another school who also had a contest to compete in today. Apparently, this student is considered one of the best English speakers in their school.

This student had been given the stories to review and practice with over two weeks ago. This particular contest is held a bit differently. The student is called to the front, and they choose one of three stories presented. They don’t know which one they have received until they open the rolled up paper. Then, they read the story.

The only problem with this student, is that they hadn’t looked at two of the three stories. What happens if one of the two are chosen? This student is so sure that they will choose the story that they practiced, and not one of the other two. How to explain that there is a 66.7% of getting one of the others?

When I first started helping students with these story-telling contests, was about 7 years ago. I noticed from those early year students, that this English story-telling was not only an honour, but a privilege. They practiced and practiced to make sure to say the words properly, and get the correct feeling and syntax into their speaking. Over these past few years, I’ve noticed that the quality level has really dropped.

So this year, with all the students that I’ve been asked to help, I’m now approaching 30 students. Good thing I’m not a judge in any of these final contests!

However, I must say this, of all these students, there are a handful that I am really honoured and privileged in having a small part in their future. I feel and hope that these students use their English in their respective lives. Jonas, Vanessa, Wayne, Lynn, just to name a few of the students I feel have great potential this year. There are a few more, and I will support them and let them know my feelings.

I may be a tough teacher at times, but when warranted, I will put my full support behind anyone that gives their all. I try at all times, to give my all in whatever I do. Whether it be helping a student, or planning my lessons. Therefore, I appreciate it when I see someone else, student or friend, giving their all.

In future entries, I’m looking forward to giving you the good news of who has won their respective contests.



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2 responses to “June 9, 2010

  1. Scott

    There are no links on the right to your students’ blogs.
    Just fyi – don’t know how to get them.

    • Scott

      Not on this page when directed from Facebook.
      Had to click your name at the top to get the side panel.
      Just so others know to do this.

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