June 3, 2010

Here we are, the day after the day before!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had had a seizure yesterday.

So, as per my wanting, I had my dinner last night, and was sound asleep by 10pm. One of the earlier bedtimes I’ve ever had! There were no classes this morning at the junior high school, and all I had was the kindergarteners. So, set the alarms for 8:30, and get a night’s sleep.

That must have done something. I woke up this morning more rested than I have ever felt. I rarely, RARELY ever sleep for 10 hours in a row! 6 or 7, sure, but not 10! The only problem with sleeping that soundly for that long, is the feeling of being ‘stiff’. All my muscles and joints are not really sore, just stiff today. I think that will dissipate as the day goes on.

I remember how I was laying in bed last night as I was drifting off, and it was the same position I was in this morning. Then again, with 5 cats pressing up against you, it’s hard to move around anyway.

As today would have it, it’s been a pissy day. Raining all morning. By the time I left for class, it had pretty much died down. I still wore my raincoat anyway, just in case. Driving to work was a little more cautious than normal. First, I’ve been more cautious since the accident on May 20. Today is raining, so the roads are a bit slippery – more reason for caution. And, since yesterday’s little episode, even more cautious on top of that! At a few points, I thought it would have been easier just to walk to work!

All in all though, things are getting back to normal. I feel good today, no disorientation, my hand is coming along nicely, and the kids were in good spirits. Let’s just hope the rest of the day goes as well!

I’ve been trying to think of anything of late that caused yesterday’s seizure. I remember the doctors in Canada asking me the same thing. What could possibly have caused something like a seizure after so long a hiatus. My day is pretty much routine, as with most people. Get up, feed the cats (or kids), make the coffee, go to work, come home. Do any tasks that need to be done, watch a little T.V., then bed, only to start the whole process over the next day.

The only variable out of this routine, has been the accident. Honestly, I can’t see that that had anything to do with it, especially two weeks later. My sleeping was a bit disturbed for the first couple of nights. I’m a more careful of idiots when I’m driving. Maybe it’s just a build up of several things. The brain finally said, “Okay, hold it a minute! We need to relax.”

That being the case, I hope the brain has had it’s little rest now.

I’m so looking forward to a holiday.


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One response to “June 3, 2010

  1. Robin

    I hope your brain (and your body!) are well rested now and back to normal. I’ll have to catch up on your blog to find out about this ‘accident’ though!

    Hoping it wasn’t anything too serious….

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