June 2, 2010

Well, today was a rather interesting, and somewhat scary day.

You will probably notice that I’m actually not writing this on June 2, but June 3. Why? Well, follow along…

Let’s go back in time again.

Several years ago, 13 or 14 years, I was living in Ottawa. I was working at Consumers Distributing. As a Christmas gift to myself, I decided to buy a Sega Entertainment unit (aka, video games). Sega and Nintendo at the time were in sort of a war to see who could come out with the most games. Something like VHS and Beta.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly this piece of equipment. When we were kids, mom and dad had purchased the original video game for the T.V. Pong, I believe it was called. Consisted of a little ball being bounced back and forth on a black and white display on your television. Okay, by todays standards, it was pretty basic, but again, it was in its infancy.

By the time Sega and Nintendo had come around, games were a lot more colourful and full of action. Again, nothing compared to the hacking and blood smears you see on today’s video games, but entertaining, nonetheless.

After about a year of owning this thing, one of the games I really liked was Super Mario Brothers. I can get the app for my iPhone, but it kind of conjures up images of one less than interesting night.

My friend and I were playing a two-person game. When one would finish their round, pass the controller over, and the other continue with his game. The last thing I remember was him giving me the controller. The next minute, some big burly lady was standing in my face yelling at me if I knew who I was. Where was I? What day is it? I remember pushing myself further into the couch trying to escape this mad woman.

To say I was disoriented is an understatement. I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t talk, and, yes, a little scared. After that, I was asked (and helped) down to a waiting ambulance. From there, taken to the hospital.

Apparently, to my recollection and knowledge, I had had an epileptic seizure! Up until that time, the only person I knew who had seizures was my sister. So, here it is with me.

After a few hours rest and the doctor having a look at me, I was given a referral and a prescription. From that point on, I’ve been taking this medication, albeit, not as often as I suppose I should.

Everything seemed to be going fine. After moving here to Tainan early in 2003, I was sitting in front of the computer. Since this computer had been previously owned, there was definitely something wrong with it. It became slower and slower over time, and oftentimes, it wouldn’t even work. I distinctly remember one evening getting thoroughly ticked off, slammed my fist on the chair, and the next thing I remember, I’m lying in bed.

A friend of mine who was over, didn’t know what was going on, picked me up and laid me down. I thought at that time, the medication was controlling any seizures, but I guess not. And, since I was on medication, I didn’t feel there was a need to tell him what MAY happen.

Back to Canada. When I got to Vancouver, I made an appointment with my doctor. I explained what had happened, and since he was a bit reluctant to change my medication, he simply increased the dosage.

Now, I’m not one for taking medication. I would rather my body fight off a cold or other ailment. I learned that from my mother, who I suppose, got it from our family doctor way back when. Several of us had had the flu or something. The doctor told my mother he could prescribe medication, and we would be better in about 7 days. Or, we could just let our bodies heal, and we’d be better in about a week. Hmm. So what does that say about medications? To me, it says that they only mask the symptoms. Our bodies are amazing pieces of equipment. Short of dismemberment, our bodies are able to heal themselves.

Okay, so this isn’t so much an injury, as a ‘condition’. Some people want to say disease, but the dictionary does call it a ‘nervous disorder’. Think of it this way for those of your who have never had the pleasure… It’s like a short-circuit in the brain. A couple of wires get crossed, and voila… your flat on the floor.

Back to the story…

So here I am, 2003, having had my second EVER seizure. However, there was one thing that I could recall from having had that seizure. I knew what was happening up to that point. I knew what my head and body were feeling. A good thing to remember or not, it has perhaps come in handy over the years since.

There have been a couple of other times where I suddenly started to feel disoriented and ‘out of sync’. Immediately pop another pill, and an hour later or so, back to normal. But yesterday was a bit different…

I had just woken up at my normal 5am or so. As I was walking up to the roof, I could feel the ‘disorientation’ a bit, but nothing that would seem strange. Most mornings, until I’ve had my caffeine shot, I feel this way. Anyway, snapped the pics, fed the cats, got the coffee ready, and sat down at the computer. Same old, same old.

This morning however, my junior high school had cancelled first class for graduation. I only had my second class. I went upstairs, took my shower, and was really not ‘with it’. Got dressed, gathered my books for the class, and headed downstairs. By the time I got to the scooter, I remember putting the key in, opening the front gate, and then standing beside the scooter looking around. Everything seemed to be in a dream. The next thing I know, I wake up and am laying on the ground beside the scooter. My helmet on, gate wide open…

I closed everything, and went back upstairs. My legs were sore, my neck was sore, my arms were sore… I called over to the school to speak with either my supervisor or one of the other teachers. However, no answer. Left a message to have them call me. Took another pill, and laid down.

Finally, someone did call me back, and I explained what had happened. Tomorrow no classes again, so after my afternoon classes, it’ll be dinner, and bed. Get a good night’s sleep, and see how things are in the morning.

The one thing that I am grateful for, is that I know when these things are going to happen. It’s like a little warning bell goes off. Am I worried about driving? Damn right. But for me, there is no other way of getting around this city to all my classes. It’s not like we have a great public transit system. Sure, but not close enough to my various locations. So, just listen to my bod, and stock up when things seem ‘out of sync’.


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