May 25, 2010

You ever have one of those days that, well, nothing happens?

Today was one of those days. Nothing out of the ordinary… no accidents… no problems… just a lot of time trying to get my new computer and iPhone up and running.

Had a very good class this morning. My favourite grade eight class and I had a conversation about MY last Thursday. I ended up giving a ‘Beginning Driving 001’ course (hahah).

Other than that, did discover something pretty cool about my iPhone. There is a feature called ‘internet tethering’. I’ve tried this out before, but with no luck. It was on Cliff’s Apple laptop. Took him quite a while to get things hooked up and it still didn’t work.

I hook it up to this new computer, pressed a couple of buttons, and voila… internet access on my computer! Almost like having wireless or WiFi access.

I must admit that it is a bit slow, but when there is no hard line or WiFi access around, using the iPhone as the wireless internet access is very acceptable.

There is a couple of sayings about ‘3’. “Everything comes in threes” and “Third times a charm”. Hopefully, considering this iPhone is the third one I’ve had in less than a year, this is the one that will last.

Before the iPhone was actually released in Taiwan last year, Cliff showed me a lot of clips on YouTube about the iPhone. He sort of convinced me that I should (and needed) the iPhone. I secretly, well not so secretly, thought that HE actually wanted it. Now he’s more interested in the iPad.

Anyway, Chung-hua Telecom, the ‘Bell Canada’ of Taiwan, wouldn’t release the iPhone on the date promised. Apparently, they hadn’t received enough orders, so were going to wait. I think it was probably more likely that the 3G telecom system wasn’t operational. Whatever the reason, it was finally released about a month late.

About 3 months later, my iPhone wasn’t working. Took it in to be repaired. After about 7 hours, I finally got it back. 5 months later, not working again. Replaced for the second time. I still wanted the black one that I had originally ordered, but they still gave me the white one. Who cares. As long as it works this time.

So, this being a rather short blog, is very unlike me, as you know. Perhaps something will happen tomorrow.


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  1. Cliff

    I am not really interested in iPad…i am more interested in iPhone 4th generation which will be coming out in june…….

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