May 24, 2010

Well, after a somewhat long weekend, I think things are starting to get better.

Saturday, a trip to the police station

Sunday, a trip to the police station.

Today, Monday, back to normal. Classes this morning. I guess the kids knew I was in a better mood and didn’t want to disturb that today. I gave them the first part of a two-part test (for MY classes), they did that without so much as a complaint, and actually, their marks show that they are starting to get better. I do believe the average went up.

After giving my 10 minute ‘inspirational’ talk about driving a scooter in Taiwan and what the consequences could be if one gets into an accident, I let them have the remainder of the class to themselves. Made for a better class today.

After my little kindergarteners, Janice and I went over to meet with JOHN (see previous two days blog entries). Again, I thought he was going to start crying, but he didn’t. I signed his paper and mine, Janice told me to count the money – RIGHT THERE on the street! Okay. Shook his hand, thank you, then off in our directions.

Went over to the mechanic to see about getting the mirror and brake handle fixed. Unfortunately, not something that could be done today. The parts are ordered and will be repaired tomorrow. Price tag: 1000nt. A trip over to the computer shop where I got this new computer.

On the first day, I was able to get the cam working. I chatted with my friend, Cliff, in China, and then after that – nothing! I tried everything I could think of to get the damn thing to work. Nothing. Anyway, go over there, and I show him the view. He presses a couple of buttons, and voila! Cam vision! He showed me how to get it working. That’s the problem not reading and/or understanding this language. All the brochures are in Chinese, and to have someone explain every function – well, is almost impossible.

Okay. So far the morning has gone along tickety-boo! No problems, no hassles – somethings up!

Make a pit stop at the bank and get rid of the money. Well, not get rid of it, but give it to someone that can keep it for me! Hahah… don’t need to be carrying around 40 grand all day! In and out. Less than five minutes. It actually took longer to fill in the paper than waiting for a teller to deposit the cash!

Okay. Off to pay a couple of bills, then a trip to the police station. I was told that I should come back to sign the paperwork at the police station. No prob. Get there, and no, as long I signed JOHN’s copy, that’s all that was required. Okay, that done. Stop at the drug store to get some more Ibuprofen for my hand pain, and home.

I made it out of the house and home again, without a hitch. I guess that with what I’ve been through in the past few days, ANYTHING would have to be better!

That ‘sub-chapter’ is now finished and closed. The only other ‘sub-chapter’ on the go, is the wall. I really do want to finish it, but until BOTH my hands are back up and running properly, the remaining 4 or 5 levels are going to have to wait. My left hand is still a bit sore and swollen, but it seems to be okay. Still hard to grasp things, but the typing is getting better. I figure it’s better to keep working it, rather than babying it. Keep the hand muscles working so speed up the recovery. Once the swelling and pain have subsided, a good knuckle cracking, and I’ll be fine!

The other hand is also healing nicely. Although it is fun to play in the mud (cement), one, namely ME, must realize that it is more than just mud. I really did a number on two of my fingers. Scraped the skin right off. It’s been a little raw since last week, but now, a lot better. Back to using the stick to stir again. Or perhaps invest in a good pair of heavy-duty rubber gloves.

All my class work is up-to-date, and now it’s just the printing. Being able to take the computer upstairs with the wifi, makes doing lesson plans a lot more comfortable. I can also watch T.V. at the same time!

For anyone who looks at the pictures called, “View from the Roof II”, you will notice that the skies over Tainan were a little cloudy yesterday. Yes, for the first time in about 5 months, we had a good rainstorm yesterday. It held off until I got home before the rains came down. As well, for the first time I can remember in about 3 years, there was also thunder and lightening.

I realize that in Ontario this is nothing. I actually like the lightening and thunderstorms. Well there were a couple of thunder claps that scared the cats yesterday. Funny. Ignatius and Cornelia were sleeping on my lap, when there was a VERY loud clap of thunder. Seemed like it was right above us! Anyway, the two of the jump straight up and out of my lap, fur standing on end, looking all around. Looked at the plants today and they seem a lot happier. Their leaves are looking good. I have been trying to water them all about every other day, but I guess rain water is better for them.

Well, it’s about 2pm here in Taiwan. Now that my day is mostly complete, and all my work is done, may as well go for a little nap. Two more classes tonight and then I’m done for the day.


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