May 19, 2010

I received a message on Facebook, as probably many others, about joining a cause. Now, some of the requests that are sent, well, some are silly, some are interesting, and then there some that demand action.

All the information I can find about this particular cause, is about a police officer, a K9 officer at that, who allowed his partner, a dog, to starve to death! What kind of small-minded, idiotic person, and ESPECIALLY a law enforcement officer, would do this?? What does that say to the public about our law enforcement officers in general? How will this reflect on him, as not only a police officer, but HIS office he works out of?

Now, please get this through your heads. I am not putting down ALL K9 officers. Yes, this particular one is a bad apple. However, his fellow officers should be fuming over this. The policing system tries to keep hush-hush anything that can tarnish it’s reputation, anywhere! Rarely, do we ever see or hear about anything bad happening in the law enforcement industry.

Somehow, this information got out. My problem with this is, over the years, we have seen an increase in animal cruelty cases being brought to justice. Even in a country like Taiwan, where the majority of the population doesn’t like cats, and therefore, treat them as nothing more than one would treat a cockroach, its comforting to see people brought to justice, fined, jail sentences administered for out and out cruelty towards ANY creature.

We are brought up with the saying that “… dogs are man’s best friend…” Well, if that be true, then why would you allow your best friend to starve to death! Would you allow your child to starve to death? Would you allow your partner to starve to death?

The following is my post, not only on my profile page of Facebook, but also on the CAUSES page of Facebook. I really do urge any of you, cat lover, dog lover, bird lover, human lover, – whatever, to join this cause.

I get real emotional when it comes to the welfare of our pets. I think that if you are unable to care for an animal, of any sort – human included – you should not be allowed to have one. I feel that it is the responsibility of not only our law enforcement agencies, humane societies, veterinarians, etc., but also you and I, to take responsibility. We will not hesitate to call Social Services if we feel a child is being neglected. Why not an animal?

I feel that I am a good caregiver when it comes to my pets, in my case, my cats. All my life, I’ve been around animals at one point or another. Growing up, we always had a variety of dogs, cats, fish, turtles, birds… you name it. However, I don’t remember a time, EVER, that our family pet, or MY family pet, ever starved! In fact, in some of my younger years, because of my strong belief of owning a pet, there would be a day or two, where I would forgo dinner, so that I would have something to give my cat! Now, in my later years, I’m not so strapped for cash. My priority is still with the little creatures that I have consciously decided to care for until they pass on.

My cats are not able to go out and get a job. They are not able to open a can of food. They are not able to turn on the tap for a drink of water. That is my responsibility, and I accept that responsibility. At any point, should I be unable to care for these cats, then I will damn well make sure, that they will still be cared for, one way or another!

You don’t have to be an animal lover or a dog lover or a cat lover, to see that this officer is, in my opinion, the lowest of the lowest! There is no justice that can be given him, for what he has done. I feel sorry for all his fellow K9 officers across the United States and Canada, and anywhere for that matter, who now have to PROVE themselves worthy. I just hope that the policing offices across the world see this article, and make sure that their K9 officers are properly taking care of their dogs.

Whether it be pride, or ignorance, or just not wanting to admit that you are unable to care for a police dog, is not a crime in itself. Get over yourself. Ask for help. I’m sure that if he’d just swallowed his pig-headed, egotistical attitude, asked his fellow officers or police department, friends, relatives – someone would have helped him.

So, I as I mentioned above, here is my posting to the causes page.


How interesting… the article is no longer available to readers (see:

From what I’ve read and watched over the years, is that a K9 officer and his dog become very close. Let’s put it into HUMAN terms.

You are a husband. You decide to let your wife starve to death. Is that right? Is that acceptable? What is the matter with people?

I am personally, not a dog lover. I’m a ‘cat person’. However, it matters not whether you like or dislike dogs or cats or any other creature on this planet.

This officer was entrusted with the life of another creature. He and the dog built a career together. The dog depended on this officer for his well being. The same as having a child.

Not only is the officer an asshole, but so is his police department. How long does it take for a creature, ANY creature to starve to death? An hour? A day? A week?

Why did his office not know what was happening? Why did they not intervene? They should have been aware that the officer was neglecting his dog.

In my opinion, not only should the officer be given a fine, but he should be remanded to doing community service – working for the Humane Society, publicity to explain to people the importance of animal care. His office should also take some responsibility for their employee’s action.

They should be held accountable, and again, be required to sponsor community awareness on animal cruelty.

We have learned since small children, that police officers are people to look up to. They are our guardians. They catch the bad person, and enforce justice. What kind of message is being sent out to all those little children in our communities across the country who want to be police officers? That is okay to be cruel to another creature??

We know about some of the justice that was served hundreds of years ago. You stole, your hands would be cut off. You lied, your tongue removed. Understandable, we cannot administer this kind of justice today, however, to force this officer to starve for as long as it would take his dog to starve to death, in my opinion, would be justice served.




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