May 18, 2010

Okay, so again, I’m ahead a bit.

The 18th is going to be a kooky day. Too many little things to get done. Classes, have pictures done with the kindergarten kids, finish the “Great Wall of Jinhua Road”…

Yes, once the sun was a bit out of the way, I continued with my wall!

Now, I must say something here. I don’t know whether it was May 16 or 17, I was referring to the contractor who installed the divider. I may have made in error in judgement. I actually think this old coot was my ‘… stupid, little woman…’ neighbour’s father! This guy is probably, if I am to use my father as a reference (he, by the way is 68 this year), must be pushing 100!! His wife, whom I’ve seen, if these are the right people, is probably late 50’s. Well one thing he definitely ain’t, is MY father!

As I’ve said, dad may not be an expert at anything, but damn, he tries. And when he puts his mind into something, guaranteed he will put his all. None of this ‘bamboo divider’ crap. The house may crumble, but under all that rubble, they will find the barbeque my father built. In a hundred years, when the owner of their house goes digging in the yard, what will they find! A chunk of cement the size of a car, holding up FLAG POLE! Yes folks, ‘more is more’! I’m sure mom will attest this as well. I kind of like to think I take after my dad in this case.

My barbeque will be the same. Should there ever be an earthquake or other disaster that brings down this house, I’ll be able to come by later on, pick up my barbeque, and put it at my new home. Hell, I may even grab the wall, too!

And speaking of THE WALL, I added a few more layers today. Here’s a couple of ‘Day 2’ pictures.

In the first picture, you can see that I’ve added some ‘decoration’ to an otherwise, drab, red (cement) brick wall. This is more for aesthetics, but also to save on some of the bricks. You see, I only have enough bricks left to complete the top row as it looks (2 more), then five more rows above that (4 bricks per row). So, these are cement bricks, used for foundations or chimneys. The name of them escapes right now. They are friggin’ heavy buggers! I’ve been carrying these things around for god knows how long, and didn’t really know what to use them for. Well, now I do!

In the second picture, you will see one propped against THE WALL. This is just support until the cement (glue between the bricks) dries. I actually think it looks rather nice. As I was listening to my music, putting this stuff up today, I was thinking that this little area could be a nice little ‘breakfast nook’ on the balcony! It’s shaded, it’s otherwise, useless, but now with the decorative blocks, it’s a nice little area to relax with a drink and a smoke, while waiting for the washer to stop!!

Also while this is going on, my ‘… stupid, little woman …’ neighbour’s dog is yapping like a chihuahua! It’s some kind of ugly poodle-looking thing. I know, I know… people think the uglier the dog, the cuter. I just think, the uglier the dog, the uglier the dog! As well, she’s trying to give her English classes.

Now this ‘… stupid, little woman …’ mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she didn’t speak English. She didn’t understand me. Until I told her to her face that she was a ‘… stupid, little woman …’. Suddenly, her English improved. Nonetheless, I can hear her in her class of kids saying, “My birthday is today. My birthday is today.” over and over. After about 10 times, kids repeating, then I heard her say, “When is your birthday? My birthday is today.” Again, repetition and repeat. Now I’m no language expert, but I do know English. And I do know this lesson! Hell, I have the book!

After about an hour, typical length for a class, things get quiet – well, almost. Still the yapping from the mutt. Then, chattering from behind the wall. A slamming of a door. A door opening, more chattering. Another slam. More yapping.

About 4:30pm, I finished the second bag of cement, and took the pictures. I walked into my home, and just as I was closing my door, I could her door opening, and her going on and on and on… I go out, just to be nosy, and I see her going into the house. Standing on the other side, is this old man. This is why I believe he is her father. You wouldn’t call a contractor back just to show him what I’m doing!

He looks at me, smiles, and gives me the thumbs up! What the hay? He pats the wall, gives me two thumbs up, then looks behind him nervously, and looks back and nods his head with a smile. I understand. Then, and this is the funniest part, he points back into the house (meaning to her, obviously), and then gives the ‘crazy’ signal! Anyone living or has lived in Taiwan, will know the sign. I just smiled back at him, gave him the okay symbol, and walked back into my house.

All this hasn’t come without a price. And I’m not talking about the monetary cost. Once this wall is complete, there will be no way for her to go up to her water tank on the roof, without having someone come through my house, or the other neighbour. She wants to be a bitch about all this, so be it. I can be as well!

For me, it’s the physical labour of it all. My hands are getting sore, I’ve got sores on my fingertips, and my back is killing me. But in the end, it will be SOOOOO worth it. As I was mixing up the last half of the second bag of cement, I was in a bit of pain. As I said, my fingertips are blistered and torn up a bit. Actually just typing this is painful. It’s taking all my will power not to scream out!

It was warm on the balcony, and I could feel the sweat drip off my head into the cement. My fingertips were bleeding a bit. No tears though, but I now understand the phrase, “Blood, sweat, and tears…” went into making this wall.

Okay, so “… two out of three ain’t bad …“!



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3 responses to “May 18, 2010

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  2. Bilbet

    Congratulations on a job well done. Your dad will be proud as I am.
    By the way, you were right, with the horrendous winds last week we are still enjoying the canopy. It held up better than most of the trees around here.

  3. You might even have a spot to put up a hammock.

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