May 12, 2010

Sometimes, you just have to ‘nudge’ people…

I took it upon myself, more as a personal challenge, to write a blog entry every day. Okay, so some days I falter a bit, and just barely make the ‘date’ deadline. Other times, I have tried to create the blog a day early, or do two blogs in one day!

Mom mentioned a while back that I was born with the ‘gift of gab’. I suppose. There is, in my opinion and I suppose my life, a lot to talk about. I never tire of talking. It’s also part of my JOB!

It took a while to get into this blog thing though. I had heard about blogs over a year ago, just never ‘got into them’. I probably had the same thought running through my head, that most people have. Who would want to read what I have to say? Well, surprisingly, MANY people. I guess some people just enjoy reading. Others probably have nothing better to do. All the games are played, the farm is caught up, and no more credits on the slots. So, why not read a couple of blogs.

As I say, it took a while for me to get into it. Not just the writing, but the reading. My mother went through a period of “… who reads it anyway?” I tried and succeeded, in sort of convincing her that it doesn’t matter who or how many people read your blog. It’s an outlet for you. Your ideas. Your praises. Your complaints. YOU!

So, I started getting into the whole blog thing. My mother closed off (apparently) one blog site, and opted for using this one, I kind of like it because it gives me statistics – how many people log on, read which entries, and I’ve noticed that, at times, it helps me to decide what to write about. It seems that the more entertaining, or more personal blog entries, tend to get the most ‘hits’. Fair enough.

My father has a blog. My mother now operates two blogs. My sister has a blog. There are millions and millions of blogs out there, but these are the only ones that I really know about. If other of my friends or readers have blogs, please let me know. I’ll be happy to add your link to my site.

Back to my father. Oh, and by the way, I’ll be hitting on my sister next!!

The last time my father had written in his blog was April 14. Okay, so a lot has happened in the family since then. There’s the planned trip to Quebec and his sister’s memorial service. I was kind of expecting to see some comments about either of these. But, I guess with some people, either the impetus wasn’t there to write, he didn’t feel like writing, or it just sort of slipped his mind. Whatever the reason, I ‘nudged’ him a little yesterday.

I sent a message, and was surprised that someone else also replied, when he was going to write again. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his blog. He has kept with the theme of his youth. For those that don’t know, my father is 68 years old. It’s great to see that he can remember so much about his life as a teenager. It also gives me a better idea of who he is. As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s one thing to think of your parents as, well, parents. It’s also great to know that they are people! They were once young. Had their own adventures.

Now, my mother on the other hand, has opted to have two blogs. One is for her day-to-day thoughts, and the other, I kind of figured, was her stories of her youth, growing up in Quebec.

Hmmm… Somewhere over the past month, both blogs seem to be kind of the same thing. I guess whichever one she opens first, is the one she writes in. Now, I’m definitely not the person to enforce rules or regulations when it comes to freedom of expression. And, as much as I’ve enjoyed reading dad’s stories of his youth, I’ve also enjoyed reading stories of mom’s younger years. However mom, I think you’ve mixed up the two blogs.

I also enjoy reading your stories of your present life. But you are not living in Quebec – yet! I suppose there are people that read only one or the other of your blogs, so to post on either is up to you. But I get confused when I pull up the Quebec blog and read about a Jacklin Family Reunion in Ontario.

Again, these are your blogs. They are for you to do with as you please. I am not a ‘blog police officer’. I will just have to adjust myself to read whatever you wish to publish, and be satisfied with that. The main thing is, at least you are writing. You are getting your insights, your thoughts, your feelings, etc., out there for anyone who wants to read them. And besides, it’s kind of cool seeing the stats, right??

NOW, on to my sister. Kind of the same thing as Dad.

I realize that she has a family, a job, other things in her life that takes away from her writing. Her last entry in her blog was April 7. I really liked that entry, as with some of the others that she has written. She will know that by the comments that I have posted.

However, Robin, I really would like to read more. I thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughts on life as well. Your ‘shunpiker’ trip would have been a great entry in your blog – pictures and all! I would have liked to see a follow-up to the Earth Day event at the school. I would have loved to read about how you are coping with your new schedule. I would love to have read more about the boys’ bowling tournaments. I would really like to know about your ‘… stupid, little woman…’ neighbour and the trials and tribulations with your cats!

Again, as I mentioned about mom, I’m not the ‘blog police’. I can’t force or enforce any rules or regulations regarding blogs. These are yours to do with as you please. However, and I’m not trying to be pushy here, I really want to read more from you. I think you are an amazing woman, juggling all aspects of your life. I realize that time is precious to you. You don’t always have the freedom to sit down for 30 minutes to write something.

I realize that not everyone has the ‘gift of gab’, and that if I do, well, so be it. I use my blogs to get out of my system, what’s on my mind. I know not everyone writes as much as I do. I don’t expect anyone to. Perhaps, Robin, you could get the boys to write in your blog once in a while. Get them to talk about their life. Use the blog more as a ‘family’ blog, rather than a person one. That could relieve some of the pressure off you to write. And who knows, maybe they would actually get into it.

Have fun with your blog. I know they are not easy. I know sometimes we get those ‘brain farts’, and don’t know what to write about. I’ll make you all a deal – well, except for mom, who NEVER seems to be out of writing ideas. If you don’t know what to write about, ask me. I’ll give you ideas. I go through the same thing with my students. They sometimes get the ‘brain farts’ and don’t know what they should write about. That’s where I come in. I give them three or four suggestions, help them out a bit, and off they go again.

My experience, especially with my students, is that once you start writing, it seems you have more to write. Break it up over three or four entries, and suddenly, it doesn’t seem that difficult.

Mom, dad, Robin… you are all amazing writers in your own way. Your topics, your thoughts, your complaints, vary as much as each of you. Keep on writing. I can’t speak for all your readers, but take comfort in knowing that at least ONE PERSON, on the other side of the world, is reading!



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3 responses to “May 12, 2010

  1. Yes, we do that nudge once in a while. Thanks.

  2. Bilbet

    Are thou picking on me? I have 2 so that is why I use 2. Sorry if there is confusion but it keeps you on your toes.
    I don’t want to play favourites and over use one blog. Wish there was a way to import from one blog to another but can’t find it. I could import from another blog site but not within the same site.

  3. Bilbet

    Disregard above importing – I’m so clever I figured it out myself. Soon I MIGHT have things arranged but no rush.

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