May 11, 2010

Another scorcher day!

But then, who in Ontario wants to hear about the plights of it being too hot in Taiwan?!

I noticed that it is 2C in Ottawa, 10C in Vancouver, 3C in London, 7C in Windsor, 1C in Listowel and 30C in Tainan, at about 3:00pm Taiwan time (3:00 am Ontario, 12:00 am BC). Sorry folks, or should I be the one that’s sorry!!

I have to share this with someone. Might as well be my readers…

I enjoy listening to Jeanne Robertson (see April 29, 2010 blog entry) talking about sending a man to a grocery store. She refers to her husband as “Left Brain”. I think this is hilarious.

I think there are actually more “Left Brain” people out there than you can imagine. Or perhaps, “NO BRAIN” people!!

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not the smartest person in the world. Otherwise, I’d be up there with Stephen Hawking discussion quantum physics or some other boring subject. However, I am definitely not the most stupid either! I know when something is beyond my capabilities. I know when enough is enough. I know when to step back, and let someone else do what they’re good at.

I remember as a kid living on Elias Street in London. Even though I never said anything, I always marvelled at the fact that my father was pretty good at doing things. “A ‘Jacklin’ of all trades, but a professional of none!” Like that, huh?! He built a barbeque in our back yard, so on summer nights, we could have ‘orchard toast’, mom and dad called it. I didn’t care much for the cracked wheat bread, and to this day, still won’t eat it, but it was fun. He also built a roof over the top of our back patio. Okay, so one winter it came crashing down, but he built it! He built a makeshift freezer out the kitchen window so mom could put the food in from freezer orders she would get. He (and us kids) would build a skating rink in the backyard during the winter.

The list goes on, and on, and on, and on… I think that, when I look back and remember some of the things dad used to do, I kind of felt like I could them as well. So, as I grew older, moving into new apartments, I would change little things to suit my tastes. Change on/off switches to touch pads. Change light fixtures to ones I liked. I’ve even done things like changing the faucets in the bathroom, changing over electrical outlets, and building my own barbeque on the roof of my home I presently live in!

Okay, so they are not perfect, but I haven’t electrocuted myself, nor have have I damage the plumbing, and that barbeque will still be in one piece when the building is finally demolished!

My neighbour, as I mentioned about a week ago, is an idiotic, little speck of a woman. There are other words I could use, but I think that for her intelligence level, this may be more than she can handle. She says she speaks no English, but when I called her a “… stupid, little woman…”, wow, she suddenly learned my language!

When the rooftop deck was being built, and by the way, I paid for it out of my own money, I had asked that the separator wall between my place and the neighbour be removed. This would allow the neighbours at the time, to use the roof as well. The invitation was always open. There is firewood, a barbeque, lots of sitting space, and plants. Right now though, it’s a little messy, because I haven’t had a lot of time to go up to the roof to do any clean-up.

Nonetheless. This “… stupid, little woman…” didn’t like the idea of the two balconies not being separated. People live so close together in this country, that privacy is something everyone treasures. I do as well. But why not make the best of a situation? Why not try to get along with your neighbour and make life a little bit more interesting and happier, rather than trying to alienate yourselves. Ah, Taiwan.

After our little ‘scuttle’ last weekend (must have been the heat, or ‘that time of the month for her’ (sorry, ladies)), but she wanted the space between our two homes blocked off. I figured what the hell. Better than putting up with her stupid rantings and ravings. My homeowners told me that Angela (the homeowner next door, not the ‘… stupid, little woman…’), would have something built. I figured they would have it all bricked in or something. Fair enough. I know my masonry skills are pretty good, and I ‘volunteered’ to brick her in myself!!

So, today, 9 days later or so, the workman comes to put up the barrier. I hear all the racket upstairs and go to see what’s going on now. He, in his broken English, was telling me how the division was going to look. Okay. Not my concern, as I’m quite happy the way it is! He had with him a couple of bamboo folding screens, that I figured he was going to lay down to catch falling cement or something.

Anyway, I go off to class. A couple of hours later, I decide to go see how the work is progressing. I figured on seeing a wall half finished. But, to my surprise, all I see are two bamboo folding screen, nailed (and I use that term loosely) to the wall! A wire is twisted around a couple more nails, and the folding screen is supposed to slide along it! OMG!! Now, I’m not expert. I will never admit that. BUT, I think, over the next few days, I will be building a brick wall on this side of the folding screens. There is no way, that this ‘structure’ is going to satisfy her. And if it does, then she his even MORE of a ‘… stupid, little woman…” than I presently give her credit for.

I attach a few photos I took. Please, judge for yourself. I could see me doing this shoddy a job about 30 years ago, when I was still a teenager. But to know that this was done by a ‘professional’ contractor??!! Crazy, man!


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One response to “May 11, 2010

  1. Jayme

    Oh, how hilariously Taiwan 🙂 Did you really expect more?

    I think it was Niko, who was being electrocuted everytime he closed the window. Rather than fix the electrical problem, his landlord gave him a pair of rubber shoes and told him to move the bed under the window so he would have a soft place to land when it knocked him over!

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