May 7, 2010

You know, Facebook is an interesting website. Really!

I don’t know how many users around the globe use this program. But there are a lot. I was interested the other day, looking at some of my ‘friends’. Periodically, as I’m sure we all do (don’t deny it), we look at who THEIR friends are! Sometimes, as in the case of Family Feud, some of my ‘friends’ who are strictly Family Feud friends, I look to see who their friends are, to possibly have more Family Feud friends. Why not! That’s how I got to 600,000 points!! HAHA

I also marvel at the different things people ‘like’. Periodically, there will be a message that someone likes [a group], whatever that ‘group’ may be. Such as, “DEADBEAT DADS SHOULD BE NEUTERED”.

Now, I can understand this statement. And for all you dads out there who ARE deadbeats, yes, I agree! However, since we are in the 21st century, and we are supposed to be more enlightened, equal opportunity, non-sexist, etc., etc., why is there not a group called, “DEADBEAT MOMS SHOULD BE SPAYED”?? Oh, you say. How can you be so crass to think that a woman can be a deadbeat mom!?

Have you never watched T.V.? Have you never seen a newspaper? Have you never listened to a radio?

There have been, more times than enough, articles in the media about woman and children. Those that leave their newly born child in a garbage can in a public washroom. Moms that get so angry with their baby, they shake them, literally, to death! There are those whose husbands/boyfriends left them, they go into a downward spiral, drinking, drug abuse, etc., that causes their young child/children to basically fend for themselves. I’m not a parent, but I have seen this and read this, in the media.

We as a society, have taken great pains, especially in Canada (I can’t speak for America, because, well, I’m not American) to avoid sexism at all costs. Words that we learned as children are no longer acceptable. Policeman has been changed to police officer. Fireman has been changed to fire fighter. Hell, doctor doesn’t necessarily mean a man anymore – a woman is just as capable of being a doctor, as a man is of being a nurse!

So why, do we still tolerate one-sided insults. As a man, I do agree that there are some idiot male persons out there. But, over my 48 years, I have also met some idiot woman! Equal opportunity. If a man can screw up royally, then why not a woman? If a man can help to extinguish a fire, why can’t a woman? Why do all the brunts of jokes and sarcasm always have to be aimed at men?

Okay, so for years, and years, and years, long before my existence, and up until the early 70’s or so, men were the people that were considered the leaders, the fighters, the ones to get things done. Woman, unfortunately, in MOST cases, were delegated to running the home. So, women starting fighting back. They demanded their rightful spot in society. As we’ve seen over the years, more and more women are entering the workforce, leading countries, owning businesses. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander!

Fair enough. And I applaud countries and cultures that are willing to change their views. There are still countries and cultures that view woman as nothing more than property. Hell, even in some ‘modern’ cultures, woman are still delegated to 2nd or 3rd chair. I’ve seen it here in Taiwan. A married couple is driving around town. Number one SON is allowed to ‘play’ and jump around in the front seat, while his mom and sister are in the back seat. Mom is supposed to handle all the household and child needs, while husband is the breadwinner! A woman’s ‘wedding feast’ is ALWAYS smaller than her husband’s, because that is the way things are. Period. End of conversation.

Now, I am not one to tell a culture or a people how to run their life. I can barely keep MY life in check, without having to worry about a whole country! However, recognizing that woman are just as capable of running a business or a country as a man, is the first step to being a progressive society. To say that a woman is second or third in line to her CHILDREN is f****** insane, in my opinion.

So, back to the equality. Since I do agree that men and women are on equal footing, then the brunt of jokes and sarcasm should also be on equal footing.

We don’t like when we hear jokes about another people or culture. We don’t appreciate racist remarks. We frown on people who still make jokes about a people or culture. So why are we still tolerant about jokes or cynicism about whether you are a man or a woman?

As much as I may agree with, “DEADBEAT DADS SHOULD BE NEUTERED”, then I also have to agree with, “DEADBEAT MOMS SHOULD BE SPAYED”!



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