May 5, 2010



Today, at least in Taiwan, is my little brother’s birthday. My little brother turns 32 today! Happy birthday, didi.

I remember when little Scott came home from the hospital with mom. He was so little. It always amazes me how small we really are when we are born. Even with my cats, I always marvel at how small a creature is when it is born. To think that this tiny being, whether human or cat, grows up and becomes an ‘adult’.

My little brother is 16 years younger than me. Even growing up, he would not have really known me. I moved into my first apartment when I was 17. I moved to Ottawa a couple of years later. By the time this young boy had any memory of things, I was already out of the family home, living my own life. Sure, I visited a few times over the years. Sure, he saw pictures of this ‘stranger’ who he was told was his older brother.

I remember holding him in my arms when he was a baby. I remember helping to give him his bottle. I remember changing his diapers! But there is a very long stretch that I don’t remember him!

Mom (center of pic) is holding 'baby' Scott on his christening

When he would have been about 20 or so, I had already moved to British Columbia, and now Taiwan. For most of his childhood, he may have seen me a dozen times. We never really had a chance to see each other, or to chat. The internet was not as widespread as it is now. Phone calls were not an option, as cellphones were not in everyday use. Any calls we would or could have made, would have been a little expensive – for both of us.

Now, as I have gotten to know him a little better, I see a totally different person. No longer am I chatting with a little boy, a teenager, a young adult. I chat with a father, husband, adult – but still my little brother. He has his own life, with his own feelings, aspirations, joys, etc.

Didi and his daughter, my niece, Chloe

I hope one day soon, to get to ‘meet’ my little brother again. Sure, chatting online is fine, but it doesn’t afford one the opportunity of seeing, emotion, connection, that one gets face-to-face. I know we will recognize each other, but on another level, we will be like strangers to each other, and yet, family!

I realize that 32 is not considered a ‘milestone’ year in one’s life, however, for me, 48 will be a milestone year in MY life. This was the year, that I got reconnected to my little brother.

I love you with all my heart, didi, and I cannot wait until the day I can finally give you a big hug! You are the last of the kids in our family. You are the baby, and yet, not. No matter what happens, where we are, what we do, you will always be, my family!

Have a shot of Black Velvet, straight up, and know that I am wishing you the best on your 32nd birthday!


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One response to “May 5, 2010

  1. Scott J.

    Thank you gege!! I cannot wait to “meet” you again either. And for you to meet Bex and Chloe too (and Chlole’s little sibling).

    It will be a great day but for now I will continue to enjoy trading TM treasures with you, join in your farming co-ops, and reading your blogs. Love you too, biggest brother of mine.

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