May 2, 2010

Today started out as a good day!

I woke up early, reset the alarm, and went back to sleep. I got a couple of extra hours sleep before my first class. My usual class at 11:00 am, Ting and Cathy, had cancelled due to they are writing a math exam. So, I asked Jeff, my 2:00 pm private, if he wanted to have class earlier. Sure, he agreed, so we had class at 9:30 am.

When I got up, I realized that I had forgotten to take the laundry out of the tub. So, go and rewash the laundry – not too bad, only a couple of pillow cases and sheets from the bed. Then I see it! I shook my head, chuckled to myself, and decided to ignore it. If anything is mentioned, I was going to pretend that I thought the wind was responsible. But how, right? Oh, wait, you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Okay, let’s go back about a month or so…

Well, put on some eerie music. Something that will help you go back in time… way back… farther… Okay, here it is, the end of February 2010!! HA, thought I meant to the dawn of mankind, right? Well, this could very well be one of those kinds of stories.

Allow me to step out of February 2010 for a moment. I want to go back to October 2008. Okay, actually, a little bit farther. There we go, June 2008!!

I was living, obviously, in Tainan, on Weimin Street. I had a great home there! The only problem with this wonderful, fantastic, HUGE home was that it was a bit too expensive. Living in downtown, like any other city, is expensive. Also, over time, the street became busier, there were new buildings being built in the area… so, I was looking for a quieter place to reside. Alas, my employers here in Tainan, mentioned to me that their first home, a wedding present given to the husband by his parents, was really doing nothing but ‘collecting dust’ and being used as a storage space. Four floors of a house, and it was being used as storage! They told me that, if I wanted, I could live in this house, rather than trying to find something in Tainan. Fair enough. The rent was reasonable, the location, well, is okay now, the quietness of the area, and the fact that I know many of the people IN the area, helped me decide that perhaps this was ‘a plan’.

I was told I could move in in July, but due to repairs and renovations (have a look at my video on Facebook (cut and paste):, and you will see what I mean, I couldn’t move in until later. I didn’t actually move in until September or October, can’t remember. Nonetheless, flash forward to July 2009. I’ve had a few problems with a doctor’s wife who lives next door. He never drives, or at least, I’ve never seen him drive. She does. And, I personally think she shouldn’t. I’ve watched her for 15 minutes (at least) trying to drive her car BACKWARDS into their parking area in front of their home.

She complained because I had plants in front of my home. They were beautiful plants. Watered often, green, old leaves and flowers picked off and recycled… what was the problem? Well, in my opinion, it took away from her being able to use the street to park her boat! In fact, one day when I was cleaning my front out after the plants had gone upstairs (get to that in a sec…), she was in the process of maneuvering this U-boat into her parking place. I stood at the front of my home, ON THE HOME’S PROPERTY, not the street, and watched her in amazement.

Also, since I had done something that she was vehemently upset about, that being the plants in front of MY home, I moved them all to the roof. Nonetheless, in the process of going forward, backing up, going forward, backing up – I swear, 15 minutes of this lunacy – she finally got the car in a position in which she ran into me. Had I not been there, she would have driven into the gate. What an idiot! She does NOT deserve to drive, nor have a driver’s license – but only if she were in Canada! I still do believe that many people get driver’s licenses as a prize in their instant noodles….

Okay, so before this, I had spoken with my ‘landlords’, their parents, the sister who lived next door, about having a rooftop deck installed. All three agreed it was a great idea. I showed them my plans, got their approvals, PAID for it myself, and now, it’s great! For people, it’s safe, but for cats, well, a whole other story – look back about Eloise!!

Now, no one at the time told me that Angela, the sister next door, was planning on moving out. Again, because the house was given to her, she shouldn’t sell it, but rather rent it out. Fair enough. It’s her place, not mine. Besides, I’m renting her brother’s home! Angela moves in with mom and dad. Next door, a woman is going to move in in February 2010.

She actually started moving in January. I guess Angela had told her that I have cats. OMG! She might have said that I was an international bomb terrorist or something. The woman hated me from Day -20! She told Angela that her daughter was violently allergic to cats. At least, that’s what I was told. She had shortness of breath, would sneeze, get itchy, cry, couldn’t sleep… I thought, wow, I’ve never heard of this kind of allergic reaction before. Since I’m not a medical professional, I couldn’t comment either way. I said I would do my best to block off the upstairs so that the cats would not be in contact with the child.

I come home from work a couple of days later, and see the child chasing the street cats… the cats that I feed in the mornings. The cats were hiding among the trash in front of the buildings, and here she was, chasing them, calling them… wow, ‘violently allergic’ to cats! Hmmm… Then, I notice they have a dog!

Now, I am not a dog person. I don’t HATE dogs, I just don’t like them. They, in my opinion, are too much work. To me, dogs are stupid! Sorry, all you dog-loving people, but I have heard many terrible things over 48 years about cats and cat people. So don’t give me a ‘holier than thou’ attitude about dogs. I will admit though, there are a couple of breeds of dog that, if push came to shove, I would consider. My first choice being a beagle. After that, well, there is no second choice! I’d rather have all my teeth pulled out WITHOUT anesthesia than have a dog in my home. HOWEVER, I am not mean to dogs. I tolerate them. I will pat them. I just don’t like dogs.

So, the child that is ‘violently allergic’ to cats, tame, indoor cats at that, is not affected by feral cats or dogs in her home. Interesting. My understanding of being allergic to cats and dogs, is not the hair, but rather the saliva from the animal preening itself, that is, licking its fur to keep clean.

Okay, so the situation of the plants is now resolved. A new neighbour situation regarding the cats, is now resolved. Then the roof incident with yet another neighbour, had the world crumbling beneath their very feet! That situation is now resolved.

Now back to the new neighbour.

You know, there are people on this planet who need to have problems. They need to always have something to complain about. They need to involve anyone and everyone who will listen, otherwise they feel their lives have no meaning.

Now, I am not a difficult person to deal with. I TRY very hard to get along with people. I don’t like conflict of any sort, because it just causes stress that personally, I don’t need or want. If you have a problem with me, TALK TO ME! Don’t tell everyone in the neighbourhood! TALK TO ME!! Don’t exaggerate stories. TALK TO ME!!! Chances are, if you TALK TO ME (or have a translator present), situations can be worked out and agreements be made. But, if you don’t TALK TO ME, then something simple can get blown out of proportion. You get pissed off, I get pissed off, you start LOOKING for things to get pissed off about, I start considering REVENGE!

TALK TO ME!! A couple of questions on Family Feud (on Facebook) are relevant here. 1) What is Bill’s arch enemy? Answer: My temper! 2) What is a major cause of marital problems? Answer: Not talking to each other. Well, first, not TALKING TO ME is a good way to get you on my bad side. Especially if I have to hear from it 2nd or 3rd hand from someone that has no bearing on our situation. Second, when you keep poking me (figuratively speaking), then my temper gets the better of me. I try to control it, but, maybe it has something to do with a bit of Irish and French Canadian blood, it becomes hot. There’s no other word for it.

What happened today? The needle that broke the camel’s back? Let me calm down, and write about it tomorrow. I’ve written lots today. This warrants a “Part II”…

End of Part I


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