April 27, 2010

Well, today I did something I rarely ever do.

Many people in Taiwan do it.

Over the past few months, I’ve had a chance to do it several times.

I must say, I’m not really into it, but it’s alright.

I think my sister might be a little envious of me.

Even the cats are enjoying this – so it seems. They often do it with me!

No, it is not illegal.

In fact, many businesses encourage (or tolerate, not sure which) it!

Yes, boys and girls, I had a nap!

Napping is, in my opinion, a Taiwan pastime! It seems everyone and anyone you speak to, takes naps. You go into a place of business after lunch hour feeding time, and most people are sleeping. I firmly believe it is because people don’t like to sleep at night.

When I ask students what time they go to bed and wake up, many of them get less sleep than me! I remember a woman a few years ago, a minister in our community, Mary McInally. She always said she only got 3 hours of sleep each night. She apparently didn’t use an alarm clock, she just went to sleep, and woke up. Kudos! I’m kind of the same way, but I need about 5-6 hours. I must still be younger than she was!

I’ve never really been one to sleep in. I’ll blame that partly on my parents, but more so, on mom! Sorry, mom. My mother is an early riser as well. I understand why she does. It is quiet, you can get a lot of extra work done, you can have your coffee, read the paper, get caught up on email, I can get lesson plans completed, play a few games on Facebook, gather up all the gifts that others didn’t take, see the sunrise, listen to the birds…

Usually, due to work, I always have to be up and at it by at least 8:00am. Nothing new there, most people do. I found over the years, that waking up at 7:30 didn’t afford me the time to properly wake up. So, I’ve trained myself to go to bed no later than 12:00am, and my biological clock will wake me up at around 5-5:30. Years ago, I remember visiting my parents in Denbigh, Ontario. This is just one of those particular times that I remember my mom waking me up.

I lived in Ottawa, and a few weekends, I would go visit them. At around 7:00am, mom would be, not gently either, banging on the door. I guess she didn’t like me sleeping in. During summer vacations, I remember mom banging on the doors telling us kids to get up. There were things to do. We weren’t going to stay in bed all day!

There is something to this napping though. The good thing is that, at times, I do feel tired. I try to avoid taking a nap, because it throws off my sleep pattern. It takes longer to get to sleep at night. Again, an extra half hour or hour isn’t going to make a difference you say. Well, for me, it does.

I’ve got my body trained to wake up at 5:00. It survives quite well on 5 hours sleep. If I go to bed at, say 1:00am (not too uncommon), then that means it’s 6:00 am before the biological clock rings. Then, I feel rushed. I know I’m not, but the amount of things that I do in the morning, require a certain amount of time – about 2.5 hours. Make coffee, feed the cats, shower, clean up lesson plans… this all takes time. Throw that time off, and the next thing, I’m rushed to get it all done in a shorter amount of time, or worse, to complete it during the lunch time.

The bad thing I find about napping, is the feeling when I wake up. It’s just like waking up in the morning. It takes the ole bod of mine a while to get going. When I take a nap, I have to watch the time I set the alarm for. I need about a half hour to fully wake up again. One hour is much better!

So, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, I have this opportunity to take a nap. When the opportunity affords me, then I try. About once a week I’ve been getting into this ‘napping’ thing. The cats snuggle with me, I turn on the air conditioner, close the drapes, and set the alarm. I don’t know how long it takes me to actually fall asleep, but it doesn’t take long. The next thing I know, the alarm is going off.

Well, now the sleepiness has worn off. I’m ready to face my evening of class. I feel refreshed, somewhat.

Now, how long will it take me to get to sleep tonight?


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One response to “April 27, 2010

  1. Bilbet

    Good article. I still haven’t got into the nap thing. I always figure I’d lose too much valuable time. There will be plenty of time to lay down later.
    I have never used an alarm clock – ever. Your dad just has to tell me when he wants to leave for a trip the night before and I will wake up at the exact time. Why? Never figured it out. Otherwise I am still up early although I did sleep in an extra hour or so but felt lousy the rest of the day.
    Mornings are the best times of the day. Have a good one.

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