April 13, 2010

Okay, so I want to sleep in tomorrow morning… like THAT will happen!

I think everyone, whether they want to admit or not, has at least one obsession. I, myself, have several. Cats, coffee, writing, good chocolate, coffee, work, never spending coins, coffee…

Another obsession that has overtaken me, completely by surprise actually, is Facebook. I know, I talk about it all the time in my blogs. I am obsessed with collecting the Easter Eggs on FarmVille. The event previous, I was obsessed with collecting gold. Now, I’m obsessed with Family Feud. Maybe because I kind of enjoyed the game show when I watched it on television back in Canada. Remember, Richard Dawson was the host?

Now that I’ve got the hang of the thing, and thanks to my second or third cousin, or whatever relation we are, Lori Patterson, I now can’t wait to play this particular game. I find myself going through messages, loading older messages, just looking for a chance to ‘help’ someone with Fast Money! As is always the case, it was difficult going at the beginning. Lori was sailing past me with her high scores. Suddenly, I don’t know… did she lose interest? Is her computer down? Is her internet connection not working properly?

Whatever happened, I suddenly found myself sailing past her. I’m now over 50,000 points ahead of her. She’s got a lot of ground to make up to catch up to me. And, so does Mike Delion. He laughed at me at how I was gaining points quickly. Now, with my group of friends, he’s in number 2 place, far behind me, but still. For someone who laughed at me!

Another obsession I have is this damn MR. STALLION. Ever since FarmVille introduced the ‘wandering stallion’, I’ve been giving him a hard time. The first time I ‘let him stay the night’, the next morning he was gone, and I had a baby foal to deal with! So, I was angry at him! How dare he take advantage of my poor little horses! Well, I decided to give him a second chance… then a third. One morning, I woke and he was gone. Instead of a little foal, he left coin! Yes, cash for his night!

Now, if you go back on my messages, you will see the story that I’ve been creating about MR. STALLION. The party nights, the apology yesterday… it’s becoming an obsession. I also get a kick out of writing these little mini-stories about him. After his stay the other night, he again, had left coin, gave an apology about his behaviour the time before, and how the chickens and cows were okay with apology, but were going to keep an eye on him. Now, what to do for the next story. I have two different ways that this story can unfold. I also think I can drag it out for quite a while, either way. However, if you have any ideas, please feel free to suggest. All suggestions become the property, well, of me, but if I decide to use your suggestion, I will definitely give credit where credit is due. Hahahah… seriously!

And speaking of giving credit, I’d like to share just a little of this with you. When I got up this morning, I saw a small, but very nice comment from Elaine Reynard. I can only assume that she has read some, if not all, the stories I’ve written about MR. STALLION:

The chickens were a little more cautious last night. I guess when they saw MR. STALLION show, they made a little racket – cursing, yelling – but the cows calmed them down and decided to give MR. STALLION a second chance. Apparently, he snuggled up in a corner, and fell asleep, giving everyone a good nights rest. He graciously paid for his stay (1000 coin), apologized for his behaviour last time, thanked the chickens and cows for giving him another chance. Okay, so maybe he really isn’t that bad. But he has to gain our respect again! Anyway, the chickens were glad for a quiet night, since it was the end of the weekend, and decided to leave a few WHITE MYSTERY EGGS for everyone. Enjoy, and MR. STALLION – good boy!

William just found some White Mystery Eggs and wants to say thank you!
William just harvested their chicken coop and found some White Mystery Eggs, and wants to thank their friends for feeding the chickens!
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Elaine Reynard you are an awsome writer . .KUDOS
12 hours ago ·

It’s always a pleasure, as a writer (professional or amateur), to know that someone is reading what you write. It doesn’t have to be a lot of people. Knowing that you have a ‘following’, gives you the impetus to carry on that writing. What an incredible way to say what is on your mind, to express your feelings, to share a bit of you with the world, than through your writing.

For anyone who is thinking that no one would be interested in what you have to say, I say, believe in yourself. It matters not what others think of you. It matters not whether they agree with you. I have found that writing something that may be considered controversial, or something that is near and dear to you, or even just talking about your day, gets the juices flowing. The one trap that I don’t want to fall into though, is the constant complaining.

Yes, I do my share of complaining. But that’s not what I use my writing for. It is an outlet.

When there’s no one around to listen, do I still write?



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2 responses to “April 13, 2010

  1. Marie

    Yes, you still write. How else would I know what’s going on in your life? And that Mr. Stallion of yours has become something of a stud and your horses have become tramps. There!! I said it out loud. Hahaha

  2. Lori

    I am still here and still trying to gain on Family Feud – and I hate to admit it but I think I am obsessed myself! Unfortunately, I don’t have any other friends playing on a regular basis and so I don’t have the opportunity to help multiple other players to gain points. So if I am falling behind you, I think I’m not doing too bad considering … I just need to hook a couple more people then — LOOK OUT!!! lol!

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