April 12, 2010

There comes a point in everyone’s life, whether you like it or not, where you say to yourself, that you are better. You deserve it. I’ve ‘done my time’, now it’s ME time!

I kind of like causing problems, but not in the way that deliberately hurts anyone. I like to get people to think about their own lives, to understand MY life, and to question some of the crap they believe in. I’m not asking that you agree with me, but I want you to think. Use that grey matter under your scalp!

I remember as a younger person, thinking that ‘old’ people were stupid. They didn’t know anything. They grew up in an age where things were different, easier, not as complicated. Now, as I reach this ‘old’ life, I realize that yeah, I grew up in an age that was different, easier, and not as complicated. I’m now an adult. Have been for most of my life now. But now, I’m an older adult… a more mature adult… one who has ‘seen the world’, so-to-speak.

Although, I still get a chance to go back to my ‘younger year’ thinking. For instance, when I’m driving. I’ll see some old fart who could probably walk faster than s/he’s driving. I watch this person drive aimlessly along the busy roadway, as if no one else was around. They go through red lights like they weren’t there. They can barely see over their steering wheel, or better yet, looking THROUGH the thing! They’re looking for an address on both sides of the road, weaving from one lane to another without a care in the world.

I go into a shop here in Taiwan. Now, I know, and before all my Taiwan friends go ballistic on me, I know I don’t speak Chinese. I know not everyone speaks English. But it has been my experience that there is SOMEONE who can speak my language. As well, I can speak a little Chinese, so between the two of us, we should be able to communicate. What kills me the most, is when this ‘English’ employee comes out, eager to use his/her English, and then has no idea what I’m saying. I use hand signals, my translator app, draw pictures, show examples of other products… and still, they have no idea what I’m talking about.

Periodically, I will go to a tea shop. I ask, in Chinese, for a cup of oolong tea, little ice, half sweet, no bag. Now, if it’s a guy, generally, he’ll understand. Maybe once or twice, I’ll get green tea, but, hey, at least he got most of it right. If it’s a girl, for some reason, they just don’t understand. They have no idea what I’m asking for (considering ALL they sell is tea!), they don’t know how much ice or sweet I want, and I just give up, and go to the shop next door.

Once in a while, I’ll be fortunate enough to have a ‘real, live translator’ (aka person who speaks both languages) with me. Depending on the person, this can either be a blessing, or a disease. One of my friends that I’ve depended on translation for many years, has no understanding of computers, whatsoever. A computer to him is as confusing as it is to someone twice MY age! He knows nothing.

I have tried over the years, to get a computer that can do what I need it to do. In a nutshell, this is what I use it for: internet access, word processing, spreadsheet, and playing the odd downloaded movie or TV show. How difficult can that be? I also need storage space, because I keep all my lesson plans, photographs, flashcards (pictures of things), and I want to have enough memory so I can run one or two printers simultaneously, and still not compromise download speed.

Less than two years ago, I bought a ‘brand new’ laptop computer. It was being sold as a ‘desktop’ replacement. My previous dinosaur had 16GB hard drive, flat screen monitor, 2MB RAM… I know, to some of you, this is like a foreign language. Anyway, this one was supposed to be the epitome of all laptops. Yes, it is a little larger, not as convenient to carry around, but it was supposed to be the best of the best!

80GB hard drive, 16MB RAM, wireless accessibility, 8 USB ports… What gets me riled up was before the first year was up, the screen was starting to literally, fall out! My friend found the company’s office here in Tainan, took it in, and about 5 days later, got the computer back, with the monitor safely repaired, and instead of 4 screws holding it in place, there are now 8! Cool.

I love the idea of having a mousepad, instead of an actual mouse. But, the more I play on Facebook, and in particular, the games (okay, so I do like games), I’ve noticed that the mousepad is becoming less responsive, and is now shiny from overuse. So, I’ve opted to get a USB mouse. I do have a mouse, but apparently, the connection on my computer is not compatible with the mouse’s connector. I kept saying that, but for some reason, no one believes me until they see it.

I want to hook it up to my new 42″ flatscreen TV. Again, I’m told that my computer has HDMI connection. I keep saying no. They shake their heads thinking that I don’t know what they’re talking about. I keep saying NO! It has a completely different type of connector for an external monitor/TV. I tried to look at all the laptops in the store, and you think I could find one with MY type of connection? Of course not.

I go with my friend Cliff and purchase a USB mouse. Now, it is supposed to be ‘plug and play’. Once the mouse is connected, the computer searches, understands, and voila, external mouse. But no. It won’t work. Must be my computer. After much searching and frustration on my part, as well as Cliff (sorry), I find out that my computer is at least 4 years old! When it comes to the life of computers in Taiwan, 1 computer year is like 25 human years! Seriously! And not just with computers, but ANYTHING related to computers – mouse, monitors, connectors, printers, modems… So, I have a computer that is twice my age. 7 times older than any of my cats lives! In fact, it’s older than the 1/2 lifespan of a fruit fly!

I decide to try this mouse on the other computer here at home. It is a desktop model. Now, I know that this particular computer is old. Again, if you go by 1:25, then that computer is about how ‘olde’ I want to live to be! It’s reaching the ripe old age of about 200! The monitor itself is about 75 years old. So, of course, a piece of equipment that is, as my father would say, ‘older than dirt’, won’t understand these younger kids (aka USB mouse). The computer gives the same response as my laptop. I don’t understand the device. It is not compatible!

So, I was basically told that Macs are better than PCs. Whatever. The mouse was taken to two other computers (age unknown) to see if they would work – one being a laptop, the other a PC. Apparently, it won’t work in either. So, what does that tell me?

Well, since I’m already going to be chastised about this blog entry, what can I say. The mouse is, as I suspected, a dud. It doesn’t work. It probably will never work. And if it does, then it’s definitely not a ‘plug and play’ unit for just ANY computer. It probably needs its own kind! What kind? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

I just want a mouse.


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  1. Bilbet

    If you don’t get the mouse I sent by mail, let me know and I’ll email you one. Oh, by the way he has 4 legs so that should help.

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