April 11, 2010

Rachel has left the building.

My roommate, Sias, if I haven’t already mentioned (and having written so many blogs, my mind is ‘blogged’!), is also an English teacher here in Tainan. He works for ‘another’ school. Even though we have the same type of job, we can’t really share a lot of the same information, experiences, or lesson plans. His school has their way, and I have mine. Nonetheless, he is from South Africa. He has been teaching in Taiwan, to my knowledge, for the past couple of years.

This year, his wife decided to visit him for a holiday. Unfortunately, she came at a time when there’s still classes, so Sias wasn’t able to take as much time out of his day to be host. Many times, especially during the mornings, they would be out and about the city and surrounding areas. Weekends, since Sias has that time off, they would go on trips outside Tainan. Last week, they took a couple of days and went to Taipei overnight. So, for only having three or four weeks holiday, she was able to see a good portion of what Taiwan has to offer.

Some afternoons, while Sias was away, Rachel would have a nap or watch TV, and later on, come into the office and do some computer stuff (probably play games, hahah). Nonetheless, we would chat for a while, and she would tell me what it’s been like for her, the places she’s seen, the people she’s met, etc. It was nice, actually, getting to know her.

I only saw her briefly yesterday morning, during my quick break home. I was arriving, while they were heading out on a final run around the city. After that, I didn’t really get a chance to say goodbye.

As a thank you for her staying here, she gave me a bag of South African coffee. Cool. I’m not sure whether she got it here in Taiwan or at home, but I suspect she brought it with her. There is absolutely NO CHINESE anywhere on the package. So this morning, I decided to try this coffee. Actually, very tasty. A bit strong, but that is exactly how I like my coffee – a bit of ‘punch’ to it!

Thank you, Rachel, for the gift. You picked something that I would definitely enjoy. I hope you had a good trip, sorry I couldn’t see you off, but I’m sure we’ll chat again in the future. After all, your husband lives in the same building!



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2 responses to “April 11, 2010

  1. Bilbet

    I’m sure you both enjoyed one another’s company. That was a nice gesture on her part and a nice goodbye from you.

  2. Bilbet

    See I DO read your blogs – all of them even the back to back ones.

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