April 6, 2010

Okay, so I’m addicted!

I don’t care who you are, what you do, how old you are – we all have at least one addiction. Something that we just HAVE TO have or have to do.

Dictionary.com has many definitions of addiction, but this is the one that I think is the most accurate to most people:

addiction (ə-dĭk’shən) Pronunciation Key
1. A physical or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, such as a drug or alcohol. In physical addiction, the body adapts to the substance being used and gradually requires increased amounts to reproduce the effects originally produced by smaller doses. See more at withdrawal.

2. A habitual or compulsive involvement in an activity, such as gambling.

I know my sister is addicted to Chocolate! My students are addicted to online games. My mother is addicted to virtual poker. My cat, Cornelia, is addicted to food. People in Taiwan are addicted to driving scooters. Many people are addicted to coffee. I, well, I have an addiction as well!

“Hello, my name is Bill and I’m an addict.”

[insert many people saying, “Hello, Bill.”]

“I drink coffee.”

I love coffee. I crave coffee. I can’t go a day with coffee. My blood is brown! Coffee (caffeine) has to be my number 1 addiction. My second, has to be this bloody computer.

I spend so much time on this thing. Yes, it is what I need to get my daily work completed: lesson plans, email, etc. But since signing onto Facebook, I have been addicted to some of their online games. I love these games. I adore these games. I need these games!

As you are aware by now, my morning usually begins around 5:00 or so. The first thing I do, is well, a trip to the washroom, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear that. I think everyone does that anyway! What other time of the 24-hour day can you go for 6 hours without a trip to the washroom??

Nonetheless, the next trip is downstairs to make coffee. I can be sicker than a dog, not have enough sleep, get woken up in the middle of the night, whatever the excuse, and yet when 6:00am rolls around, I NEED THAT CUP OF COFFEE!! There have only been MAYBE two times in my life where I have not had coffee in the morning, for whatever reason. A few weeks ago, I ran out of coffee at home, but I put on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and without even looking ‘presentable’, drove over to McDonalds to get a couple of cups of coffee. Not the greatest java on the planet, but in a pinch…

For this, I blame my parents! From the time I can remember, my parents have always been coffee drinkers. I remember many a morning waking up to the intoxicating scent of freshly brewed coffee. I remember my parents putting two or three teaspoons of coffee in my glass of milk as a kid. What was their problem?? I wanted MORE!!

Later on, they bought a coffee urn. Not just a little thing either. A 100-cup coffee maker that would bubble and burble and shake, and eventually, 100 cups were ready for the day. Now, I love coffee. If you haven’t figured that out by now, you’re not reading this blog! There is no way, not even for me, that I could drink 100 cups, let alone 50 cups or even 25 cups of coffee in one day. Oh, I’ve tried, believe you me, I’ve tried. Sitting at a blackjack table in Las Vegas, in the wee hours of the morning, sipping on a nice hot cup of liquid gold!

I remember that by the end of the day, while the news was on at 11pm, mom and dad, and any of us kids if we dared, would have a cup of coffee for the final time in that 24-hour period. The coffee by then was, well how can I describe it in one word – MOLASSES! Not the sweet lovely stuff you put into Christmas cake, but the bitter, vile, strong stuff that makes your toes curl! The usual amount of ‘whitener’ that my parents would put in their coffee, wouldn’t make a dent on the shade of BLACK that coffee was.

I no doubt believe, that even to this day, they probably drink a few more cups than me. Although I blame them for this addiction, I’m glad this is one addiction that they passed down.

Over the years of my adulthood, I’ve become a little more refined in my coffee experience. I do not like instant coffee. Period, end of conversation. To me, this is not coffee. I do not like ‘chickory’ coffee, whatever the hell that is! I do not like coffee substitutes. I do not like decaffeinated coffee, not that there’s much difference anyway.

The comics you see of a restaurant running out of the ‘red-handled’ coffee, and telling the customer they’ll get more, then you see them pouring ‘black-handled’ coffee into the ‘red-handled’ pot behind the counter – YES, boys and girls, this happens. Believe me, it happens. I’ve done it! I’ve also poured ‘red-handled’ coffee into the ‘black-handled’ coffee, and I’ve never had a complaint. Unless you drink your coffee black, no ‘whiteners’ or sweeteners, you’d never notice the flavour difference anyway.

I’ve gone from ‘double double’ to nothing. I drink my coffee black. I also like fresh coffee. There is nothing worse, when you drink your coffee ‘straight up’, then getting a burnt cup of coffee. Coffee that has been sitting on the heater too long. The shop here in Taiwan where I presently get my coffee, roasts each bag of coffee beans when I order it. They even grind it up for me. It takes me about 5 days to go through 2kg of coffee! I spend a lot of money on coffee, compared to some other things, but I love this stuff.

I was told and read that when coming to Taiwan, many people don’t drink coffee. This, however, has not been my experience. The more that Taiwanese people want to embrace the ‘western’ culture, the more they crave this liquid gold. Hell, even Starbucks has several outlets in Tainan. I’m actually waiting for Tim Horton’s to get here! “RRRRoll up the rrrrim to win!!

Speaking of coffee, my cup is empty – OMG! Whew! There’s still enough for a couple more cups in the pot! Gotta go!



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2 responses to “April 6, 2010

  1. Bilbet

    I would have replied sooner but I had to have another coffee first. Yes I still drink too much but we are down to 2-3 regular size pots a day.

    I find it more medicinal than chicken soup which I don’t like anyway. Coffee or nothing – tea is used when there is no chance of getting coffee.

    Coffee with coffeemate – no flavoured stuff and cream is a no no for a diabetic anyhow.

    When you have another cup, think of me with mine and I’ll do the same.

  2. Robin

    I remember that coffee urn while growing up. I remember having to make mom and dad (and anyone who visited) cups of coffee and that may have been why I never drank it.

    Nope. Not even when going to university. Not even when working the midnight shift at — wait for it — Tim Hortons, then going to my morning classes at Western. Never.

    I also have had jobs at Second Cup (though flavoured coffees did smell good, I never tried them) and Marvellous Muffins, where coffee was served. But I have not drank coffee, or tea for that matter, at any point in my life.

    Guess that’s why I’m addicted to chocolate. Gotta get my caffeine somehow! 😉

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