March 28, 2010

Well, today is going to be another one of those busy Sundays…

First, as always, got up at 5:30, fed the wee beasts, and realized, I have no coffee in the house! This has only happened one other time in recorded history, that MY house has not had even INSTANT coffee contained therein! Thank goodness there’s a McDonalds just around the corner from my place. Not the greatest coffee by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, but in a pinch…

Trying to explain to the kid I want three (3), count them, “3” cups of coffee to go. I know how to say 3, cup, and coffee in Chinese. This was not difficult, but she couldn’t understand anything I was saying. I know it was just after 5:30, but come on. Finally, the person who puts together the sandwiches in the kitchen area comes out, I say again, IN CHINESE what I want, she blah blahs something to the kid, and I get my 3 cups of coffee.

Okay. Task 1 out of the way. Task 1.5, that will be a little more difficult today, but I’ll try to swing it. Get coffee today so I have some tomorrow morning. It’s like the water I have delivered. I always call them when I’m about 1/2 through the final 20 litre bottle. By the time they deliver it, I’ve been without water for a day. I call (i.e.) Thursday morning around 9am, and they can’t deliver until Friday after 2pm. I’ve now begun to call them when I put the last FULL bottle on the dispenser.

You can order something online, from a mysterious company located in Taipei, and have it delivered that afternoon. But, request something IN THE SAME CITY for the same day, and it’s nearly impossible. I order ground coffee, and it takes a day to get ready. At least I know the procedure… they only roast the amount and type of coffee when you ask for it. Not like other places where the coffee has been roasted and ready for you. So, the waiting time I can understand. It’s me. I was ordering five bags of coffee at a time. Now, I order six, and when I open the sixth bag, then I order more. My only problem is that I have to get in there. And so far, when I’ve opened the last bag, it’s either been on my busiest day of the week, so I can’t get in to see them, or on a Friday, and then I have to wait until Monday.

Okay, enough. Now for Tasks 2 through 6. Private class at 9am. Once I finish that, then it’s off to a wedding lunch feast, somewhere north of Tainan, about an hour scooter ride away. Good thing that Task 4 cancelled his class today. I was wondering where the feast was, but wasn’t told until last night. Task 5 is a wedding dinner tonight at 6:50pm. Yes, 6:50. Not 6:30, not 7:00 – 6:50. Some Taiwan or Chinese custom I’m still trying to get a translation for. Everyone knows about this ‘tradition’, but can’t explain it to me. No problem, I’ll get there at 6:45 so I can see what happens at 6:50. Don’t want to be late!

Task 6, will be to finish off all my lesson plans and get ready for tomorrow, ALREADY! The good thing about the next couple of days though, is that I have a six hour break in the afternoons after my kindergarten class. Gives me time to collect more eggs on FarmVille, and beat the pants off Marie!

Well, the sun is out, it looks like it will be another beautiful day in the south of Taiwan. I’m actually looking forward to getting out of the city for a few hours. Kind of a blessing in disguise going to this lunch time feast. It’s not raining, it’s not cold (at least for me!), and it will be a nice peaceful journey through the farming area of Tainan county. Guess it’s time to go take my shower, and get ready for the day.



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2 responses to “March 28, 2010

  1. Lori

    Interesting system about ordering your coffee. What is grocery shopping like for you? Anything different/strange/challenging that we might like to hear about? You must not buy much at one time if you have to transport everything by scooter.

  2. Marie

    Hope you have a great day. While you`re out and about I`m harvesting eggs. Hahahaha

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