March 24, 2010

Okay, so here comes another blog where I’m probably not going to hear the end of it.  But you know something, I like playing ‘devils advocate’ sometimes, but I also enjoy defending my own views.  After all, these writings are my opinions, and no one elses.  I’m not writing them to convince you that I am right or seeking your approval, nor am I wanting you to prove me wrong.  That being said, here’s another issue that I’m ‘passionate’ about.

I was chatting (for quite a while actually) last night with my father.  We talked about this, and that, and the next thing… you know.  Then he asked if I’d heard about the avalanches in British Columbia, somewhere near Revelstoke.  Let’s start this out by saying that Taiwan does not issue a lot of Canadian news.  Hell, most students have no idea where or what Canada is, so why would the news agencies publish any news.  Even the Winter Olympics, an event seen all across this planet, was barely mentioned here.  The only other way I get any information is what I see on Yahoo! or what may be mentioned during chat sessions.

Apparently some hell-seekers decided it was a good thing to go skiing or snowboarding or some stupid-ass thing in the mountains around Revelstoke.  This caused an (or more, not sure) avalanche, possibly killing these people.  Oh boo-hoo!  This comment is not aimed at my father for sharing this, but to the idiots who were killed (possibly).

Every year we hear about some of the most insane things that people do, and are killed.  Then, candlelight vigils are held, government agencies and volunteer organizations are criticized, there is a public outcry that not enough is being done to stop the meaningless death of young people.  Wake up folks!

There is only so much that these various organizations can do.  Signs are posted, bulletins are issued on the Weather Network and T.V. stations, notices are placed in ads, are available at the various tourists sites, and just common sense should tell you, that when the weather is getting warmer, that there are bound to be avalanches in the mountains.  And it’s not just the mountains, but camp sites in the summer, ice-fishing, car accidents… there are a multitude of ‘accidents’ that happen every year that COULD HAVE been avoided.  But hey, ‘Goober’ challenges his idiot frat brother ‘Dinglebrain’, to do some inane act, and of course, ‘Dinglebrain’ must do it, else he be called a wuss, or worse.

Okay, so these two fine young gentlemen, who are the apple in their mother’s eyes, decide to head to Revelstoke, f*** around on dangerous mountains, probably laughing at the posted warnings as they head down the hill.  Suddenly, they hear the rumble of what must be an awesome, and DEFINITELY once-in-a-lifetime (or in their case, LAST-in-a-lifetime) sound, and the next thing they know, they’re popsicles.

My feeling at this point, again, is too bad, so sad.  Once the snow melts, place a net across the raging river of melted snow and ice, and gather up what left of their pathetic, asinine shells of a body, pack it up in a plastic bag, and ship it back to the parents or other ‘loved one’ who thought this idiot was the ‘apple of their eye’!  Why waste all our resources, literally thousands of dollars, and the risk the lives of rescue workers and volunteers, just because some idiot has decided to do something that (and unfortunately, it mostly guys) he should have known was dangerous and could possibly get him killed.  Of course, if nothing is done, then it would send out a message that Canada doesn’t care about its citizens enough to help in times of need.  Bullcrap!

Let’s take a couple of other examples of lunacy that, unfortunately, I just can’t get worked up over or cry for these people:

The ones who, knowing that California gets flash forest fires every year, still build their homes as close to the danger area as possible.

The ones who, knowing that typhoons carry lots of rain, and the resulting downpour, sends their homes, that they’ve decided to build, on the side of a mountain, flowing down river.

The ones that think, or believe, that people drive too slowly on the road, and have to put their vehicle into overdrive, just to get to the next red light.

The ones who decide to take their teeny-tiny little sailboat out into the ocean for an afternoon sail.

The ones who decide to build a raging bonfire at the campsite during the hottest, driest time of the summer.

The ones who decide to go for a hike into the most remote part of the forest or mountain.

Etc., etc., etc.

You know, the list goes on and on.  I value my life.  I honestly do.  It may not be the perfect life.  It may not be what you consider to be a good life.  I treasure each and every moment that I am here on this planet.  I may not be able to change the world.  I probably won’t become famous.  I certainly won’t be rich.  I may only know 110 people on Facebook, while others have thousands.

When I hear and read about people who don’t take their life seriously, I have no feelings for them.  On the other hand, when their stupid act involves the untimely death of someone else, then I have a problem.  Okay, it may not be politically correct, but the old adage of ‘an eye for an eye’, at times, I feel, is well-warranted.

You decide to get drunk, hop in the car and go for a joyride down main street and kill someone, then I say, you stand on the road, and we’ll send someone in a car to run you over.  None of this, put them in jail, and after a few years good behaviour, let them out.  NO!  You’ve killed someone.  You have no respect for others lives.  Why should I respect yours?  Alternately, you’ve decided to go against all the warnings and do something stupid, thus causing an avalanche and possibly burying you for the next thousand years.  Fine!  See you then!



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3 responses to “March 24, 2010

  1. Bilbet

    I could not have put it any better. Point: when we were in Denbigh there were 4 skidoo nuts (stupid ones I might add) who decided to drive their vehicles across Skugog Lake even though the ice was breaking up. Kerplunk, one through the ice, #2 races out to save him – kerplunk.
    # 3 & 4 were going to be the heros – kerplunk – splash. Final result, 2 drowned and 2 were rescued by volunteer firemen, risking their lives to do so.

    Did we feel sorry for them – not a chance in hell. Our sympathies went to the volunteers who were the heros. It drives me insane to think that firemen etc. risk their lives for idiots and could be killed in the process.

  2. I agree. There are always the daring people out there that when fired up with drugs and booze, think they are invinceable. Unfortunately many times it’s an innocent bystander that pays the price.

  3. This is NOT a comment from me. This is a comment I received on Facebook, and I would like to have it added here. Thank you Marie…

    Marie Boucher Nugent The idiots in BC were on snowmobiles. Duh!!!!! What were they thinking? Or were they? And don’t get me started on drunk drivers. Dave has a nephwe who was killed along with 3 friends by a drunk driver. 2 things I preach about most are drinking and driving and smoking.

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