March 24, 2010 – Supplementary

This is a supplement to my March 24, 2010 blog, however, is not the same topic.

Over the past few weeks on Facebook, and in particular to FarmVille, ‘farmers’ have been collecting virtual ‘gold’ to add to their pot.  As I had been a late arrival for the Valentine promotion, in my group of FarmVille friends, I ranked 9.  Not that I’m an overly competitive person, since I believe in one way or another, everyone is, I decided to try to get to number 1 in my group of friends.

I will believe that I have a lot of good friends and family.  Whether or not they enjoyed it as much as I did, I can only hope they did.  I also do not believe, that since I only have 31 neighbours, that I would have the record for number of pieces of gold collected… I’m not that naive.  There are other users that have hundreds and even thousands of friends that can assist them in their quest.  However, yes, I did get to number 1 in my group of neighbours.

My first goal was to tie a friend of mine, here in Tainan.  He had collected 357 Valentines.  I was a little in awe of the number.  In my group of friends, the top 3 were:

Ton Yi                              357 Valentines

Marie Boucher Nugent         333 Valentines

Diane Young                      214 Valentines

So, I wanted to beat Ton Yi!  Right from the start, I was in competition with Cheryl Weber, a cousin of mine (or second cousin(?)).  Every time I was a few ahead, she would get a few more, and be ahead of me.  This carried for quite a while at the beginning.  Again, I was in awe that someone else was going for top dog as well.  So, this was my first bit of fun competition.

Over the next couple of weeks, I slowly got ahead of her, and she couldn’t keep up.  I believe I shared a castle or some other prize with her.  We chatted for a bit, and seemed like we both had fun jockeying back and forth.  Okay, so now let’s see if I could get 357 or better, 358 pieces of gold.  Sure enough, within a couple of days, I was chatting with Ton Yi, letting him know that I had a lot more gold than he had had valentines.  Again, it was fun.  But now what??

Since this exchanging of gold doesn’t cost anyone anything, I decided to set a goal of 500 pieces.  Then a message was received.  The gold would stop on March 23!  Okay, I felt like the sprinter who is told he has only 50 m to go!  At 450 pieces, I sent a message saying that I was going to try for 500 pieces before the deadline.  The first piece of gold I was sent, was from one of my neighbours, Ted Shih.  As it turned out, by the ‘closing time’, I have collected 544 pieces of gold.  Not only reaching my goal, but surpassing, thanks in all, to my neighbours in FarmVille.

Below, in no particular order, are the number of pieces of gold I received from my neighbours, once I started keeping track at 450:

Ted Shih                            5

Sharon Yates                      3

Marie Boucher Nugent          7

Leo Chen                           2

Scott Jacklin (didi)               5

Ilyda Chen                         8

Patricia Ellis-McCoy              3

Cheryl Weber                      4

Betty Ellis (aka Uncle Bob)    4

Robin Harvey                      5

Ton Yi                               3

Lori Patterson                     5

Lucas Harey                       1

Rosalia Jacklin-Mills              2

Rylee Livingston                  3

Sandra Ackwood-Livingston   3

Sarah Ellis                          3

Mary Ellen Jacklin                2

Diane Young                       5

Waverly Livingston               1

Anthony Millar                     2

Ray Chen                           4

Dave Nugent                      2

Andy Chen                         2

Vicky Chou                         1

Joey (student)                    1

Anonymous                        8   (pieces of gold that were received in my mailbox, but did not have a name attached to them.)

Whether you sent 1 piece, or 5 pieces, made and makes no difference to me.  You all helped as much as you wanted, and for that, one final great big, THANK YOU.

Now, I wonder what the next task will be…  544!  A large number to beat!


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One response to “March 24, 2010 – Supplementary

  1. Robin

    Isn’t it amazing how much entertainment you can find with a free online game? Maybe a little addictive, but it was a lot of fun. I wonder what it would be like to play Monopoly with you, in person? 😉

    Next up…. Easter in Farmville!!!

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